Hariyali Amavasya 2022: Sawan Amavasya Date And Muhurat

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Posted On: July 25, 2022

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Hariyali Amavasya 2022: In Hindu culture or Hinduism, all Hariyali Amavasya has significance. But the Amavasya in the month of Sawan is known to be very special. Sawan month is dedicated to Lord Shiva and also this is the favorite month for Shiva which is also the reason for the importance of Amavasya in the month of Sawan.

Hariyali Amavasya 2022 in the month of Sawan is known to be as Hariyali Amavasya. Hariyali Amavasya also shows the importance of the Environment. Planting in the month of Sawan and especially on Hariyali Amavasya is considered auspicious. The idea is that by planting a tree on Shravan Amavasya, all of life’s problems and flaws are eliminated, bringing happiness and wealth. 

The new moon day of the month of Sawan is revered in religious texts as a noteworthy occasion. Lord Bholenath holds the month of Sawan in the highest regard. 

The Shravan new moon is likewise seen as being crucial in such circumstances. On this day, charitable and Pind Daan works are performed for the ancestors. The ancestors are said to have attained salvation by taking a bath in the holy river on this day, giving Pind Daan to the ancestors, and carrying out Shradh Karma.


In addition, farmers see this occasion as significant. Farmers worship their farming implements on this day and ask God for a bountiful crop.

Date and Time for Hariyali Amavasya 2022

In 2022 Hariyali Amavasya is celebrated on Thursday, 28 July 2022

The Panchang states that Hariyali Amavasya is observed annually on the new moon of the month of Sawan (Sawan Amavasya 2022). 

The Hariyali Amavasya Tithi in 2022 will begin at 9.11 p.m. on Wednesday, July 27. On Thursday, July 28, at 11.24 p.mThe Amavasya Tithi also comes to a close.

In such a case, the Hariyali Amavasya fast shall be observed on July 28th following the date of Udaya.

Significance of Hariyali Amavasya 2022

Hariyali Amavasya is celebrated three days before the Hariyali Teej. Amavasya Hariyali On the day after Shivaratri of Krishna Paksha in the month of Sawan, Hariyali Amavasya takes place. Also, this month is the Monsoon which is very crucial for a good harvest of crops and to prevent drought.

According to Hindu legends, Sawan month is very auspicious for gaining the blessing from god and goddess.

Pitru Tarpan and Daan Punya exercises are also seen to be particularly gratifying to conduct on Hariyali Amavasya.

In the Hindu tradition, trees are also portrayed as deities, and during Hariyali Amavasya, people worship them. On this day, it is customary in some areas to worship the “Peepal” tree. Planting a seedling on Hariyali Amavasya is thought to be highly productive because this day signifies the beginning of the monsoon season.

On this day, plants and trees are specifically worshiped. On this day, it is very significant to worship the peepal and tulsi plants.

According to mythology, the Peepal tree is home to the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. On this day, planting saplings will grant all of your requests and solve all of your problems. Also on this day, it is believed that planting trees and plants like Peepal, Banyan, Banana, Lemon, Tulsi, and Amla have religious significance. As it is said that the deities reside on these trees. Therefore, by planting these trees and plants on this day, the deities are pleased and their blessings are obtained.

Amavasya day is dedicated to our ancestors. Therefore, on the day of Hariyali Amavasya, offering tarpan and pind daan to ancestors is also considered good.

What To Do On Hariyali Amavasya:

On this fortunate day, Lord Shiva is worshiped. Their prayers are concentrated on wishing for a prosperous monsoon season that would result in high-quality agricultural output. Nationwide Shiva temples organize a special day for Shiva Darshan. 

On the auspicious day of Hariyali Amavasya few are the things that should be done according to the Hindu legends:

  1. According to Hindu Puran, Hariyali Amavasya holds great importance and because of it Pitru Tarpan, pind daan, and Daan Punya should be done.
  2. On the auspicious day of Hariyali Amavasya, you should take a bath in a holy river and a holy place.
  3. On the Occasion of Hariyali Amavasya, one should recite the mantra “Om Namah Shivaya” as many times as they can.
  4. At the time of Sunrise, one should serve the water to the sun and recite the mantras of the sun.
  5. Keep the fast on the day of Hariyali Amavasya and by doing Pitru Tarpan, pray and fast for the soul of pitar.
  6. Feed the fish and the animals in ponds and rivers with the flour balls.
  7. Offer food and donate Dakshina to the Brahmins on the auspicious day of Hariyali Amavasya.
  8. Feed ants on the Peepal tree and any other trees with a mixture of sugar and flour.

In the northern Indian states of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, and Himachal Pradesh, Hariyali Amavasya is well-known. But in Maharashtra, it is referred to as Gatari Amavasya, in Andhra Pradesh, Chukkala Amavasya, in Tamil Nadu, Adi Amavasai, and Orissa, Chitalagi Amavasya.

Fairs On Hariyali Amavasya:

Lord Krishna worshipers do prayers at the Dwarkadhish temple in Mathura. People go to the Banke Bihari temple in Vrindavan to perform the same action. On the day of Hariyali Amavasya, the Phool Bangal Utsav concludes in this country. Jaipur also hosts a large-scale “puja.”

Three day fair is organized in Udaipur. The main dish that is cooked and served on the day of Hariyali Amavasya is Maalpua in plenty. Stalls of food rides for children and clothes and jewelry are set up in the fair.


According to tradition, the fair was initially established by Maharana Fateh Singh, who also designed the renowned Fatehpur Sagar. He saw that the Diwali Pond’s water was being squandered to a great extent and turned it into a reservoir to meet the demands of the populace. After it was finished, a fair was held on a moonless night during the rainy season, which later became known as the Hariyali Amavasya. In the end, the fair was organized by the rulers in power for the ordinary people. The fact that the ritual is being practiced today is astonishing.

Men are not permitted to enter the fair on this day. All of the women fervently pray for their families well-being. This is a holiday that has been declared for government offices and schools by the Udaipur Collector. In addition, there are cultural events planned by groups and schools to mark this day. Tree-planting ceremonies are done in many locations. A trip to this fair is highly anticipated. If you also want to know about pandits, then we the team of 99Pandit helps you in this case.

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