Sawan Somwar Vrat 2022 Date: Start Date, End Date, and List of Sawan Somwar

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Sawan Somwar Vrat 2022 Date : शुभ योग के साथ शुरू हो रहा है सावन, जानिए कब है सावन का पहला सोमवार

Sawan somwar Vrat 2022: Do you guys know about Savan Somvar?

When sawan somvar is celebrated and What is the reason behind the vrat of sawan somvar?

Here we have explained everything about this vrat, vidhi to celebrate the sawan somvar, and the auspicious muhurat to celebrate sawan somvar vrat in 2022?


Before diving deep into the details let me first tell you about the month in which we celebrate the Sawan somvar vrat.

As you all know, according to the Hindu calendar, the names of months are different.

Sawan is the fifth month of the Hindu calendar. According to the English names of months, Sawan lies between July and August.

The fifth month of the Hindu calendar is considered to be the month of Sawan and this comes in the rainy season. Sawan month is starting from the full moon day of Ashadh month i.e. the next day of Guru Purnima. 

Guru Purnima is celebrated by Buddhists, Hindus, and Jains who all celebrate Guru Purnima on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Shakha Samavat each year.

Thousands of followers worship and give thanks to their gurus for enlightenment during Sawan month, which honors the virtue of spiritual gurus and teachers. The holiday of Guru Purnima honors our teachers, who illuminate our thoughts.

Since ancient times, they have had a special place in the lives of their devotees. The significance of Gurus and the exceptional link between a Guru and his Shishya are emphasized in all of Hinduism’s sacred texts (disciple).

Sawan month is starting on 14th July and will end on 12th August according to the Hindu calendar. Rudrabhishek of Shivling in the month of Sawan also has special significance. Worshipping Lord Shiva this month gives desired results.

The entire Sawan Month is considered important for the worship of Lord Shiva. And lord shiva is referred to as the strongest person. He forms the Trinity, which oversees the processes of birth, sustenance, and death, along with Brahma and Vishnu.

Shiva is frequently referred to as the “destroyer,” yet he is the one who exterminates the impurities hiding in human minds. This year, when will the beginning of Sawan be and how many Mondays will there be, we know about it.

By worshipping Lord Shiva and keeping a fast during this month, Shiva worshippers receive the fulfillment of all their aspirations. Because of this, Shiva devotees eagerly anticipate this month every year.

During the month of Sawan, Lord Shiva is worshipped with devotion and reverence. However, the Monday that falls in the Sawan month has special importance.

Regarding the Sawan Somwari fast, there is a misunderstanding among people as to how many Mondays would fall in Sawan this year. Know when Sawan begins and when the Sawan Somwari fast will be observed this year.

This Time 4 Mondays in sawan

This year, Sawan Month begins on Thursday, July 14. According to Makar Sankranti, on the other hand, Sawan begins on July 16. There will be 4 Mondays in Sawan overall, but those who observe the Sankranti fast will observe 5 Somvari fasts. That means devotees who observe Makar Sankranti have to fast 5 somvar.

First day of Sawan month, which is the day after Guru Purnima, is the Ashadh month’s (30 June-28 July) full moon day. The first day of Sawan month is July 14 and ends on August 12.


The first Monday of Sawan is scheduled for July 18, followed by the second Monday on July 25, the third Monday in August, and the fourth Monday in August. Additionally, Sawan month’s Shivratri falls on July 26, 2022. After Sawan month concludes, Bhadrapada month will start.

But these occasions are vital to acknowledge. Recognizing all of these is vital. without any comprehension of the day. We shouldn’t carry on. You will see that Lord Shiva is considered one of the angrier Devas when we consider him (God). As he’s the one who truly has the spirit of humbleness.

Let us look at the date of somwar lies in the month of Sawan or the date of Sawan Somvar:

Sawan Somwar Vrat 2022: First Somwar 

The first Monday or pehla somwar is on 18 July 2022. There is a yoga class called Ravi on this day. The practice of any mantra is more profitable in this yoga, according to the scriptures.

Chanting the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra and reading the Shiva Purana would be very helpful for achieving your goals in this yoga. In Ravi Yoga, honoring the Shiva family also eliminates all problems.

Second Somwar:

The 25th of July symbolizes Sawan’s second Monday. Along with the Monday fast, Pradosh fast also falls on this day. Due to Pradosh’s fasting, in this case, the second Monday fast also becomes much more significant.

The second Monday of Sawan is when the combination of Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga, Amrit Siddhi, and Dhruva Yoga is said to be formed, according to the Panchang.

Third Somwar:

On August 1, the third Monday of Sawan will be observed. Along with Lord Shiva, Ganeshji will be worshipped on this day because Varad Chaturthi falls on this day.

Fourth Somwar:

The eighth of August is the fourth Monday of the Sawan month. The final Monday of Sawan will be this one. The Sawan will conclude on August 11 after this. There is a special significance to the final Monday of Sawan.

Since many people don’t observe all of Monday’s fasts, they only observe the final one. In addition to this, fruits are obtained during every Monday fast.

 In 2022, 4 somwar will occur in Sawan month but if you consider the Sankranti then there will be 5 somwar and devotees should fast for 5 somwar in Sawan month.

Sawan ka Fifth Somwar:

By the way, Sawan has just four Mondays in it, per the Hindu calendar. However, those who observe a fast following the Sankranti calendar are required to abstain on 5 Mondays.

Because Sawan will start on July 16 and Bhadra Sankranti will end on August 17, according to Sankranti. In this case, the fifth and final Monday fast will be observed on August 15.

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Importance of Sawan Month:

Shiva means “Kalyan” in Sanskrit (welfare). Lord Shiva safeguards everyone’s well-being. According to the Shiv Purana, fasting every Monday throughout the month of Sawan results in Lord Shiva’s blessings and the removal of all problems. Sawan Somwar Vrat 2022:

In the month of Sawan, special worship is performed to prevent early death, promote longevity, and eradicate all illnesses.

Following the Vedas, worshipping Lord Shiva, reciting the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra, Rudrabhishek, etc. during the month of Sawan grants escape from debt, illness, difficulties, and grief.

By Lord Bholenath’s favor, it is thought that those devotees who worship and observe fast in the month of Sawan have all of their problems resolved.


The Importance of fasting on Monday has been stressed, particularly for single women and girls. On Mondays of Sawan, married ladies observe a fast in hopes of extending the lives of their husbands and granting unmarried girls’ wishes for a suitable partner. 

However, in addition, there are a few unique guidelines that must be followed to reap the benefits of fasting and worship on Sawan Monday. There are some important rules to follow on sawan somvar vrat. 

History and Significance of Sawan Somwar:

According to Hindu Puran, during the Samudra Manthan, the ocean becomes poisonous and the poison that comes from the ocean is going to cause disaster.

And for the welfare of the world, the lord shiva consumed the poison and stored it in their throat. And after that their devotees worship this day as lord shiva protects their followers and blesses them with a healthy and wealthy life.

One more Katha is famous for this festival is that in the month of Sawan, The universe’s creator, Lord Vishnu, spends four months in yoga Nidra. In such a case, God assumes control of the universe’s management.

As a result, Lord Shiva becomes the patron god of the month of Sawan, and his followers worship him all through the month. Every Monday this month is referred to as Shravan Somwar. Sawan is a particularly lucky month, hence Lord Shiva is revered at this time. It is accepted. Sawan Somwar Vrat 2022:

It is also believed that on this day, according to Hindu mythology holds that when the Sanat Kumaras questioned Mahadev about the origin of their passion for the month of Sawan, Lord Shiva replied that Goddess Sati had sworn to marry Mahadev in every incarnation when she abandoned her body with yogic strength in her father Daksha’s home.

Goddess Sati had a daughter named Parvati as her second child at the home of King Himachal and Queen Maina.

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Shiv Ji Pooja Vidhi in Sawan Somwar:

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At Brahma Muhurta, awaken precisely two hours before sunrise

Wear clean clothing or new cloth if possible and take a bath.


Sankalpa to align your thoughts and channel your energy according to the divine occasion

With Gangajal, purify the platform or puja Ghar, and cleanse your house with the holy waters.

Dhyana: Meditate and establish a spiritual connection with the Lord

Asana: Respectfully set the Lord Shiva statue (or Shiva Linga) on the chowki, or altar, which is made of wood and intended for puja.

Padya means to wash the Lord’s feet with water.

Arghya means to give the Lord water to wash his face and hands with.

Achaman, squirt some water onto your right palm and down it.

Snana means to give the Lord water for bathing. To do the Abhishek, you may use water, milk, Gangajal, honey, curd, ghee, etc.

Vastra: present the god Yagnopaveeth with a fresh piece of fabric, preferably white; present Lord Gandha with the holy grains Janeu and Akshat: present Chandan paste.

Pushpa: present Vilva leaves, Datura flowers, etc.

Now, Offer dhoop and incense sticks.

Offer an oil light in the deep

Offer Dakshina, coconut, fruits, pan supari, and bhog Naivedhya (cash).

Click here to view the lyrics to “Do Aarti.”

Stand up straight and circle to your right to do a parikrama or pradakshina.

Pushpanjali: Make pranam and present flowers.

On this auspicious day, Additionally, devotees do the Kanwar Yatra, which comprises collecting water from holy rivers and carrying Kanwars on their shoulders to Shivlings at nearby temples.


Thousands of sincere pilgrims make this journey each year. It’s also claimed that holy water shouldn’t be left on the ground or any other surface before being presented to Lord Shiva.

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