Hanuman Jayanti 2022: Foremost Things You Need To Know & Date, Time, Vidhi

What is the right time, date and Vidhi for Hanuman Jayanti 2022? Do you want to know the foremost things about Hanuman? So, here we have explained everything about Hanuman Ji. Which will help you to know about Hanuman Ji. Read the whole article about Hanuman Ji and when is the Hanuman Jayanti in 2022.

Hanuman’s birthday power time of the doer of the impossible Hanuman or Jayanti is a supremely powerful archetype. He is the 11th Rudra, the avatar of shiva and is capable of achieving anything.

About God Hanuman Ji

God Hanuman is renowned for his bravery, strength and pure devotion and his father Wayu. The winds God is connected to extraordinary wisdom and prana or life force energy. Though, it is believed that he can bestow these traits. To those who devote themselves to him, Hanuman Jayanti’s birthday is a 24-hour power period during which his energy is abundant. 


Hanuman can revitalize your spirits, bestow relief from suffering and the adverse effects of enemies and fill you with unconquerable courage and strength. To achieve success in your pursuits.

The Grand Invocation Of 08t Types of Boon Bestowing Hanuman

This year on hangman’s birthday will be invoking the unique 08 types of boon. Bestowing Hanuman with ashtamsa waratah anjaniya in a grand five-priest fire lab. To gain his potent blessings to overcome obstacles remove internal and external negatives. Boost physical and mental energy gain confidence and courage to face challenges and enemies and gain his divine protection. 

Divine persona of Hanuman as ashtamsa varada anjanaya. According to sacred texts, this majestic form of Hanuman is depicted with his right hand held in protection. Habana Madra’s pose symbolizes his ability to remove fears and protect all his left hand holding his mace Gada symbolizes. 

His ability to help win over inner negativities Goddess Lakshmi is believed to reside in the palm of ash tamsa, Bharata and Anjaneya. However, Hanuman’s long tail curled behind his back facing the north symbolizes wealth and growth.

So, his legs turned towards the south show his power to grant longevity as the south is the direction of the God of death Yama his comforting. And brilliant eyes are compared to the sun and the moon showcasing his compassion towards his devotees. 

The 08 Types Of Blessings of Hanuman on His Birthday.

The divine powers of Hanuman have been mentioned in the epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata and other sacred texts. According to traditional belief, Hanuman Jayanti’s birthday is the key time. When Hanuman’s energy is abundantly available to receive the below. 

  • Uncommon blessings grant protection from enemies. 
  • This helps overcome internal and external negativities. 
  • Eliminate suffering and improve well-being. 
  • Get rid of the fear of death and enjoy longevity to help enjoy growth, wealth and auspiciousness. 
  • This will clear bad karma (deeds)
  • Help gain the grace of eight Lakshmi’s ashta Lakshmi grant a fulfilling life. 

So, these are the foremost things that everyone should follow. These are the thighs that teach us so many things and provide us to learn more in our life. This becomes foremost for every person to walk on the right path and learn from our God and Goddess. 

What To Do When I Fast On Hanuman Jayanti?

However, Hanuman is also also known as Bajrang Bali, so, Hanuman Jayanti (birthday of Hamun) is celebrated in the month of Chetramas’s Purnima tithi. In some of the places, Hanuman Jayanti is also celebrated in the month of Kartik Maas 14th day. Therefore, people in India from Hindu families fast on this day. 

So, here are some of the things that you need to know: One who fasts on this day of Hanuman Jayanti. He/ she must sleep on the surface, not on the bed. Though, before sleeping they must chant the name of Hanuman Ji including God Ram and Goddess Sita Ji. 

After waking up in the ambrosial hours. The devotees should again do the same thing. Devotees must chant the name of Hanuman Ji, God Ram and Goddess Sita Ji. 


Thus, after having a bath, one must take Ganga Jal (Water from river Ganga) in his or her hand. Now put the ideal of God Hanuman in the East now chant the name of God Hanuman and worship him. 

Death Of Hanuman Ji

Hanuman Ji has never died because he was given the boon of being immortal by God Rama. They are immortal even today. When Lord Shri Ram Ji conquered Lanka, then once Hanuman Ji went to Shri Ram Ji to get the boon of his devotion.

When God Hanuman Jayanti Will Be Celebrated, Time Date?

So, here we have told you the right day and time for Hanuman Jayanti. This will help you prepare from now. Read below to know more.

God Hanuman Jayanti 2022 will be celebrated on 16 April, 20222 Saturday at 02:27:35 will start. And this will end on 17 April 2022 at 00:26:51.  

Here is the right time, date and Vidhi that you are looking for. This will help you to prepare the things for the upcoming birthday of God Hanuman.

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Moments To Remember From Hindu Goddesses and Gods.

Hindu religion is one of the oldest and world’s largest religions on the earth where many Hindu Goddesses and Gods have to give their teachings to human beings. Still, the Hindu religion is serving millions of human beings to meet their spirit to the almighty God, one that is living within us.

However, the Hindu Goddesses and Gods lay down their lives to save humanity from such devils that want to finish humanity from the earth. This all has been done just to save the lives of humanity and save the people from facing gross issues and problems that devils used to make to finish the humanity from the earth. 

In this article, we have included the sacrifice and other things of Hindu Goddesses and Gods that they have made to save humanity all the time.

Who are the Hindu Goddesses and Gods?

Hindu Goddesses and Gods are all those pure spirits that have served humanity all the time to give their teachings of almighty God that live within all of us. When you come to see the sacrifice of all our Goddesses and Gods, all of their sacrifices for humanity are countless that they have made to give to the generations of today.


There are 33 million Gods in Hinduism where all of them have given their different teachings to all of us so that we can follow them and in the end, we merge to the same pure soul of God from where we all have come by following all the teachings of God.

All the teachings that they give us ask us to walk on the same path of humanity/ God so that we do not forget the purpose of our life. We all have to merge to that pure soul from where we all have come.

What do the teachings of the Hindu Goddess and Gods Teach us to do?

The teachings of Hinduism ask all of us to follow the path that our pure Devis and Devtas have created for us. They have given us the scriptures to live our lives in the will of God all the time. However, the Hindu Devis and Devtas remember us to walk on the path that the almighty God asks us to do, in order to bring all the lives to that stage where there are pure lights living in the will of almighty God.

The Hindu Devis and Devtas remember us all to walk on the almighty God and to fulfil the purpose that we have on this earth. And they all let us know that we are a pure soul that has come from Almighty God and by doing good karma (deeds) we all have to go back to that pure spirit of God.

Hinduism believes in karma/ deeds which will let all of us merge in the almighty God.  

Things you Needs to Know about Tilak In Hinduism

Humanity is the only Karma and Dharma for all of us.

Hindu Dharma believes in dees/ Karma. The teachings of God ask us to serve humanity all the time if we do not follow the teachings of God that are not good for any of the people on the earth. This clearly shows us that humanity is from God and God wants all of us to help the human people that need help in their life to come up. 

They spend their whole life getting material things, but when they depart from this world they are unable to take anything with them. All his earnings remain here. If they take anything with them, it is their good deeds and people’s prayers.

Man has only one karma and dharma and that is humanity. We have come into this world as human beings just because we can do human service. In the whole world, God has made all of us the same. The only difference is our appearance, food and lifestyle according to the place and climate. Every human being is equal in spirit. Legends say that despite being a child of a father, how can we grow up and down. We are all made of the same clay. The same elements are within everyone.

All give the same message that service to humanity is service to God in the true sense.

Below are the beliefs that Hinduism has; everyone must be following all these to make their life purpose full and teaching of Hindu Goddess and Gods. However, these teachings have made Hindu Dharma stand out of the box all the time and one must be following all these things so they too can achieve their full potential in their life.   

  • Truth is eternal.
  • Brahman is Truth and Reality.
  • The Vedas are the ultimate authority.
  • Everyone should strive to achieve dharma.
  • Individual souls are immortal.
  • The goal of the individual soul is moksha.

Hindu Goddess


  • Devi Durga 
  • Devi Parvati
  • Devi Laxmi
  • Devi Sarasvati
  • Devi Kali 
  • Devi Ganga
  • Devi Tulsi 
  • Devi Seeta
  • Kam Dhenu Gaay

This is what the Hindu Dharma teaches us to do to meet our purpose to be on this earth. Being the third-largest religion this Dharma has served a lot to humanity on the earth. Still, the teachings of Hindu Dharma have spread all over the world and people are adopting the teachings of Hindu Dharma that our Goddess and Gods have taught us to do. The best thing you would know in Hindu Dharma is that it has given a top place to the women and respect as our Goddesses are females. This clearly shows how much respect the Hindu Dharma gives to women.