Things you Needs to Know about Tilak In Hinduism

Tilak is the oldest ritual in Hinduism, tilak is also known as “tika lagana” and there are so many advantages of applying tilak. Whenever you visit a Hindu God or Goddess temple in India or in any corner of the world, a pandit in the temple/ mandir will apply tilak on your forehead. This is the only ritual that is being carried out in Hinduism and in India.

Tilak is applied on the forehead or other parts of the body such as the torso, arms, or neck. You would have seen followers of Hinduism or the pandits that apply tilak on their forehead and other parts of the body. 

Applying tilak/ tika on one’s forehead has so many important and benefits in Hinduism. This ritual of applying tilak is done on all types of occasions such as on puja and other events that are done in the will of almighty God.  

What is the Religious Belief of Tilak in Hinduism?

It is believed that within our forehead, which is also known as the third eye of human beings, is the stay of God Vishnu Ji’s. Whenever we apply tilak on our forehead God Vishnu Ji gets happy and women apply tilak on their forehead to believe in the blessings of the Goddess. 

What is Tilak Made of? 

The tilak in Hinduism is made of various products. These marks are made by hand or with a metal stamp, using ash from a sacrificial fire, sandalwood paste, turmeric, cow dung, clay, charcoal, or red lead. Which has different types and uses to apply. 

What is the scientific reason for applying Tilak?

There are various advantages of applying tilak. The products that are used in the process of making tilak are all from nature and the things that come from nature have great advantages which give so many benefits to a person. When they are in any stray or their mind is violent. Applying tilak will benefit one to prevent the loss of energy, which withhold this to control all levels of concentration. This is how there are so many advantages of applying tilak in Hinduism. 

Applying of Tilak in Hinduism

The tilak is applied to twelve places of a person and these are as follows:

  • Forehead
  • Neck
  • Heart
  • On both the arms
  • On Back (Peeth)
  • Navel (Nabhi)

Including all this and other places of a person are applied with tilak. 

Things to Remember before applying Tilak

  • Tilak must be applied between eyebrows
  • You must be applying tilak by using a middle finger
  • Whenever one applies tilak he/ she must have taken bath before applying because this is applied in the name of almighty God.
  • One must apply tilak look at the north
  • Those who perform Havan in the morning and evening should perform Havan only by applying tilak. There is no fruit without tilak.
  • It is auspicious to do tilak of white sandalwood, red sandalwood, kumkum, turmeric, bhasma, etc.
  • Tilak is always applied to the Lord with the ring finger. Applying tilak with this finger gives peace.
  • Do not apply tilak with thumb
  • In Rishi works or Kanishka tilak is applied with a small finger.
  • In Pitra works you should apply tilak with the middle finger.

These are the things that you should be remembering all the time, which will help you to meet the right path of applying tilak.

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