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Pandit for Chandi Homam in Bangalore: Cost, Vidhi & Benefits

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Last Updated:October 4, 2023

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Pandit for Chandi Homam in Bangalore you can book from 99Pandit. Chandi homam in Bangalore is performed to worship three Goddesses Kali, Saraswati, and Lakshmi. This homam is specially organized to get relief from black magic, evil eyes, negative energy, and imparted evil forces from various environments. 

Along with the native, all family members perform Chandi homam in Bangalore for the well-being of the family. Goddess Kali blesses the one and produces positive energy within you and around you, Goddess Lakshmi blesses with prosperity, and Goddess Saraswati for education. 

Hence to attain professional success, health, and wealth conducting Chandi homam in Bangalore is the best option. To live our lives peacefully, this is required to have positive energy within us. Reciting the right mantras during the homam with the fire lab creates positive energy. 

Pandit for Chandi Homam in Bangalore

Durga Saptashati is recited in Chandi homam as it contains 700 Slokas. According to the Markandeya Puran chant of these mantras, the right skilled pandit always gives the best results and satisfaction. 

But the main challenge is to get a reliable and verified pandit for Chandi homam in Bangalore. How to book the pandit for Chandi homam in Bangalore without any hassle? If you want to contact a qualified and experienced pandit for Chandi homam in Bangalore, you must connect with a reliable pandit service. 

Chandi Homam In Bangalore Description

Chandi Homam in Bangalore is completely devoted to Goddess Durga. The fierce form of Goddess Durga is Mata Kali, a very powerful goddess. The Chandi homam in Bangalore is scheduled to that powerful divine to attain a trouble-free life clearing hurdles and difficulties coming to your path of success. 




The Chandi homam is performed to invoke Goddess Kali by chanting Durga Saptashati and later on the homam is performed according to shastras. Goddess chandi is a very powerful and fierce deity. The effect of this homam is to protect people from all difficulties and hurdles in life. Everyone will be blessed and happy in life. 

Key Insights:

  • Removes evil or negative energies from life.
  • In the ritual of chandi homam, all Nava Grahas are invoked.
  • The auspicious days to perform on Fridays, Ashtami and Navami.
  • Main Deity Worshiped in homam: Goddess Chandi.
  • During chanting of 13 chapters of Saptashati 13 unique ingredients are used.

Puja Materials For Chandi Homam In Bangalore

Agarbathi, Camphor, Coconuts, Cotton wicks, cups, Betel Leaves, Kumkum, Kanya Pooja cloth, nuts, Coins, cloth, Deepa Oil, Ghee, Honey, Kalasha, Dried Half Coconut, Flowers, Fruits, Kundam, Sandalwood Powder, Sari, Trays, Matchbox, Rice, Turmeric powder etc.

Chandi Homam In Bangalore Vidhi

Because Chandi Homam is a powerful Homam, it must be conducted by skilled pandits who can handle such a complex and amazing homam. If not done correctly, the results generally won’t be what you’re hoping for.

We at 99Pandit have master-qualified vedic pandits in every state as well as in the Devi Kshetras who can do the Chandi Homam by chanting Slokas containing the 13 Sections of Durga Saptashati and also perform the Homam with other poojas, including:

  1. Ganesh Puja: Before starting any ritual, Ganpati Puja is performed to clear the way for success and to remove any hindrances.
  2. Kanya Pooja: Six to ten girls who have not reached puberty are worshipped in this pooja to obtain the blessings of the gods.
  3. Punyahavachanam– In this stage, holy water is sprinkled with mango leaves to purify the body and the mind. 
  4. Kalash Sthapna: Water is poured into a metal pot as religious chants are chanted. 
  5. Saptashi Parayanam: In this stage, we worship various Durga forms by chanting 700 poems and shlokas. 
  6. Dampathi Pooja: In this stage, prayers are conducted for an elderly couple. 
  7. Brahmachari Pooja – In this phase, we pray for an illustrious unmarried man to seek blessings from Goddess Kali.
  8. Sumangala Dravya Ahuti – God is presented with some auspicious items, such as turmeric, sarees, kumkum, etc. 
  9. In the ninth stage, Maha Deeparadhna, we give prayers to the goddess Chandi by lighting camphor and a Diya. It is also Chandi Homam’s final step. 

Benefits Of Chandi Homam In Bangalore

Chandi Homam in Bangalore is the most distinguished and successful homam. It assists in getting rid of all doshas and barriers in your life. Devi Chandi, a representation of Goddess Durga, accepts our offerings, and with the help of her graces, all of your wishes will be granted. 

They are rewarded with enduring health, wealth, and prosperity after completing the Maha Chandi Homam, which removes all forms of black magic, evil eyes, restrictions, poor energies, and evil actions against them. 

Pandit for Chandi Homam in Bangalore

To fulfil all of your goals, you must prevail in court. A person can always receive support from Chandi Homam/Yagam. During this Chandi Homam in Bangalore, adoration is offered to all of Goddess Durga’s other manifestations. 

  • The miseries inflicted by hostile elements are eradicated through Chandi homa. By performing this homam, all harmful substances are eliminated. 
  • Chandi Homam is conducted to improve well-being, longevity, health, riches, descendants, notoriety, achievement, quality, and other factors. Chandi Homam aids in overcoming challenges and limitations in daily life. 
  • causes you to fulfil your goals and defeat your enemies. 
  • inspires and brings joy to one’s existence. 
  • frees one from curses and bad deeds

Pandit For Chandi Homam In Bangalore

This is the process. By submitting your details along with the Puja name and language preference on 99Pandit, you may reserve a pandit for Chandi homam in Bangalore. You are now prepared to leave! The 99Pandit crew then makes all the necessary preparations. 

We take care of everything, from designating the appropriate purohit Ji to sharing the auspicious muhurats to offering the necessary Puja resources and materials, like Flowers, Leaves, and other stuff. 

Therefore, take time to unwind as your family enjoys this special ceremony and the Lord’s blessings. You can also reserve this service by calling WhatsApp or sending an email.




A trouble-free ritual from the time the Puja is planned until it is finished is what 99Pandit guarantees. All of this could be done without draining your bank account or making you rush to buy what you require. Call us if you’d want us to arrange any Pujas that aren’t on the list as well. Just for you and your loved ones whenever you need it!

  • On 99Pandit, make a Kannada Pandit booking.
  • Pay the reservation fee.
  • Enjoy this divine and lovely experience.

Cost Of Chandi Homam In Bangalore

The Chandi homam in Bangalore can be completed in no more than 5–6 hours with the help of the pandit’s proper techniques. The number of pandits and samagri needed for the Chandi homam in Bangalore would determine how much it would cost.

Depending on the number of Jaap and mantras used, such as a mala of 21000 Jaap or a jaap of 51000 Mantras, etc., the pandit’s fee for the Chandi homam in Bangalore varies.

The average expenditure on the Chandi homam in Bangalore is between INR 11000 and INR 25000. A ritual called Jaap Chandi homam in Bangalore is performed. Two pandits can be used to accomplish homam.

Find a pandit nearby and book a pandit for Chandi Homam in Bangalore with 99Pandit.

Steps To Book Pandit For Chandi Homam In Bangalore

It could be difficult to find a Pandit for Chandi Homam in Bangalore. However, you can also book the pandit to do havan, puja, and other religious ceremonies at your Bangalore home. There is a chance that there will be situations when you try to book a pandit for a puja, homam, or marriage but the pandits are not available on the days you desire.

With the use of our 99Pandit online services in Bangalore and the nearby areas, we therefore help you schedule the best Pandit service throughout Bangalore. By just pressing the “Book a Pandit” button, you may hire a Pandit for Chandi Homam in Bangalore.

A member of our staff will get in touch with you once you submit your request to set up a puja appointment with a competent pandit, purohit, or guruji. Additionally, you’re welcome to get in touch with us by phone, email, or inquiry form.

You can employ our top pandits in Bangalore for any type of havan vidhi, including Ayushya Homam, Dhanvantri Havan, Laxmi Mrityunjaya Havan, Navagraha Havan, Ganapathi Havan, Kubera Havan, Laxmi Narasimha Havan, Saraswati Havan, Rudra Havan, and Sudarshana Homam.

From the basic Agnihotra to the Ashwamedha Yajna, the Vedas describe hundreds of unique yajna variants. When the Yajman makes such a request, it is the Acharya’s responsibility to select the mantras for the Yajna. The rite of the Yajna is decided by the wish of the Yajman.

When someone recommends that we participate in the Chandi Homam in Bangalore, or whenever the concept first enters our minds, we initially consider performing the Gayatri Yagya. However, many people are unaware that the Vedas state that you must always consult your teacher before performing a yagna.

Final Thoughts

Amazing Chandi Path or Durga Saptashati mantras are part of the unique conciliatory ceremony known as the Chandi Homam in Bangalore. The 13 Sections of the Markandeya Purana contain 700 Mantras. Presenting the Chandi approach is claimed to expel all harmful influences from the pursuer’s life. There are three portions made up of these sections. 

Goddess Mahalakshmi is honoured in the second, third, and fourth sections, while the first half is devoted to Goddess Durga. The remaining parts of the book are devoted to Saraswathi, the goddess of learning. 

Ancient Vedic literature describes Chandi Homam as an extreme offering to Goddess Durga that can be incredibly beneficial to us for removing all forms of obstacles and helping us to achieve our goals in life by resolving all of our problems in daily life. Chandi Homam in Bangalore has the same significance for Devi Durga as Rudrabhishekam does for Lord Shiva.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Who can perform Chandi Homam in Bangalore?

A.Despite our best efforts, every one of us experiences difficulties or inconveniences in life.  When faced with such challenging circumstances, we seek divine assistance. A Chandi Homa is currently a very popular puja or homam.

Q.What is the auspicious day to perform Chandi Homam in Bangalore?

A.The most fortunate time to do Chandika Homam is during Navratri, the nine days dedicated to the worship of the goddess Chandi.

Q.What do you understand about the Nava Chandi homam?

A.A highly strong Vedic ceremony known as the Nava Chandi Homam is done as an individual homam to negate and erase any difficulties in one’s life brought on by the Evil Eye, Black Magic, etc.

Q.Why do people in Bangalore perform Chandi homam?

A.The Durga Mata Saptashati is another name for the Chandi Homam route. It contains all 13 of the Markandeya Purana’s chapters. The reader will get the strength to overcome all problems in life if they diligently and completely recite all 700 of the sacred verses of the Chandi Path.

Q.Is it possible to perform Chandi homam at home in Bangalore?

A.In Bangalore at home Chandi homam ceremonies are possible.  A very potent pooja, chandi homam should be conducted with the utmost devotion, attention, and accurate recitation of vedic mantras.  99Pandit may make arrangements for skilled Vedic Pandits or priests with Chandi Homa experience.



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