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Telugu Purohit in Hyderabad: Costs & Benefits

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Last Updated:June 24, 2024

Whether you are looking to book a Telugu Purohit In Hyderabad for marriage puja, Lakshmi kuber homam, Sathabhishekam, Namkaran, annaprashan ceremony, and other ceremonies in Hyderabad.

The Telugu Purohit in Hyderabad knows the South Indian ritual very well while performing the puja. You are at the very right place to get the Telugu Purohit In Hyderabad.

99Pandit offers you highly experienced and proficient Purohits to perform the south Indian poojas and homams as per your wish and religion. Telugu Purohits in Hyderabad also command high training and certification in South Indian rituals.

Telgu Purohit in Hyderabad

These Telugu Purohit in Hyderabad are professionally trained in Vedic activities to perform the pujas, homams, and ceremonies to give you a blissful experience. 99Pandit helps you to find a reliable Telugu Purohit In Hyderabad with a lot of experience in different kinds of south Indian pujas. 

We provide services in different parts of Hyderabad, such as Hi-Tech City, Gachibowli, Begumpet, Banjara Hills, Gandipet, Film City, and a lot more. Although you can find the Telugu Purohit In Hyderabad near me| Pandit Near Me.

However, we also help users to get online pandit booking and E-puja services in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Gujrat, Kolkata, Pune, and other cities. You can call us at our registered number 8005663275 to get more details. 

Best Telugu Purohit In Hyderabad: 99Pandit

To book the Telugu Purohit In Hyderabad with 99Pandit, they have collaborated with various kinds of Purohit and Pandit who understand the Telugu traditions and customs in-depth.

The users can visit our website and make their choice of service booked. The customers can get in touch with us through an email or registered phone call at 8005663275 and WhatsApp with their information.

You will also get the other benefits of booking the services through our website for Telugu Purohit In Hyderabad. 99Pandit provides the services of best south Indian pandit and puja services all over Hyderabad including areas like –  Miyapur, Begumpet, Uppal, Ameerpet, Kukatpally, Lingampally, Banjara Hills, Jubilee Hills, Hitech City, Gachibowli, Manikonda, Kondapur, Abids, Somajiguda, SR Nagar, etc.

However, if you want to perform the puja which is not listed on the website, you can call 8005663275, email, or WhatsApp our customer service and tell them your requirements, and we will make that possible for you. 

How To Book Telugu Purohit In Hyderabad With 99Pandit

To book a Telugu Purohit In Hyderabad, you have to choose the puja service and enter your details with us: Full Name, E-mail Address, Mobile Number, Date of Puja, Type of puja & Location Address.

We have made the booking process easier as compared to other online booking portals. The user just needs to come to the website and has to click on the “Book a Pandit” button

Key Facts Of Booking the Telugu Purohit in Hyderabad with 99Pandit:

  • Select the puja
  • Book A pandit
  • Get your puja confirmation
  • Get frequent updates for the pandit for puja

Once you submit the details for the service on the website, you will get notified of the pandit and puja through mail or SMS with the complete details of the Purohit. You will also get the payment link for an advance payment of 30%. When we receive the advance payment we will acknowledge your online bookings.




Apart from these, we’ll also provide you with the list of materials required for the puja and utensils you need to arrange before starting the puja like a Kalash, spoon, bowls, and others. After the booking 99Pandit will take responsibility for handling all the procedures. Here you go!

Sit back and relax to experience the wonder of pujas and get the blessings of the Lord in a way done in your region and take god’s blessings. When the puja and homam are completed by the Telugu Purohit In Hyderabad, you will have to pay the remaining 70% of the amount in cash or online.

Why It Is Hard To Get The Telugu Purohit In Hyderabad 

Looking for a Telugu Purohit In Hyderabad or searching for the authentic results of a Telugu Purohit near me could be difficult due to their high demands, busy schedules, and some years of experience. Also, it is very difficult to arrange the puja samagri for residents between their personal and professional busy schedules. 

Therefore, if you find it impossible to get a Telugu Purohit In Hyderabad well-versed and knowledgeable and can perform the puja following all rituals and traditions. 99Pandit is the option that gets you the solution by offering the verified, experienced, well-versed Telugu pandit in Hyderabad.

Various Pujas Performed By The Telugu Purohit In Hyderabad

You can achieve a good work-life balance, long life, good health, money, and decent education for children with the aid of Telugu Purohit In Hyderabad. All of these pandits are capable of doing Parihara Homas, which can support you during trying times.

Telgu Purohit in Hyderabad

To perform Vrat pujas at your place of business, residence, or workplace, 99Pandit can connect you with the top pandits and pujaris in Hyderabad. The following are some of the well-known Pujas that Pandits do in Hyderabad:

1. Satyanarayan Puja

During Satyanarayan Puja, the Katha to appease the lord Vishnu is recited by the Purohit ji. The famous puja is mostly performed before starting something like before marriage, a new venture, and after a task is completed. If you are looking for a Telugu Purohit near me to perform such pujas at home or the office. 

99Pandit will guide you to get the expert Telugu Purohit In Hyderabad.

2. Gruhapravesam Puja

99Pandit helps you to feel the wonder of the experience of Griha Pravesh puja. As per your traditions and most effective price Telugu Purohit In Hyderabad will help you to do it. Griha Pravesh Puja is performed when you move into your new home. As it is the most essential and promising event ever.

3. Chandi Homam

To help the performer achieve total success in all areas of life by removing their doshas and impediments in life, Chandi Homa is a crucial and one of the most effective Pujas. Maa Durga in this Puja and worshipped as Chandi, who removes all obstacles from your path and paves the way for your success in all endeavours.

When one performs Chandi Homam, it blesses the person with good health, money, and prosperity, as well as freedom from all forms of evil eyes, negative energy, and evil acts.

Use 99Pandit’s top-notch online purohit booking services in Hyderabad to perform this Puja for prosperity.

4. Aksharabhyasam

An essential Puja at the beginning of a child’s education is Aksharabhyasam. People revere Saraswati, a goddess, during this Puja. Aksharabhyasam includes the pre-writing abilities of children as young as 2. So, if you want to hire a purohit in Hyderabad to joyfully lead your child’s first learning blessing, get a Telugu-speaking purohit from online Puja now.




The Purohits assigned to 99Pandit’s purohit services in Hyderabad adhere to all customs and perform pujas in the most equable and hygienic manner at your residences and places of business.

To obtain the blessings of the mighty Devis, you might also look at the options for Saraswati Puja, Durga Lakshmi Saraswati Homa, and Gayatri Homam.

Benefits And Cost Of Telugu Purohit In Hyderabad With 99Pandit

Well, searching for a Telugu Purohit In Hyderabad is not very difficult now with the service of 99Pandit. All you have to do is enter your basic information on the website and select the puja which you want to perform. You can also select the language of puja you want to perform. 

You can leave the rest of the things on 99Pandit, they will handle all the processes. The highly-experienced Purohits will give you the best date and shubh muhurat. For the puja, Telugu Purohit will give you the list of items you need to arrange before the puja. Pandit Ji will bring the basic items.

Telgu Purohit in Hyderabad

The Telugu Purohit in Hyderabad listed the cost for puja services on the website, you can go to the price list page and select the package as per your requirement.

The next step is waiting for the auspicious day and getting the blessings of the lord to immerse yourself in the divine and soulful God. Also, 99Pandit gives more hassle-free and divine experiences to you so you can opt for the facilities of 99Pandit. Another advantage you will get from 99Pandit for Telugu Purohit In Hyderabad follows.

1. Get Highly Experienced and Knowledgeable Telugu Purohits

99Pandit offers a list of verified professionals, and knowledgeable Telugu Purohits or Purohit to give you the most blissful experience of your life and blessings of God.

2. 99Pandit Fulfills Customs, Languages, and Rituals Requirements

99Pandit is a solution that works to fulfil your customs, puja in your language and proper rituals. You can get a Telugu Pandit or Purohit from 99Pandit, who will conduct the rituals based on the right muhurat only after consulting your specific requirements like religious specifications and language preference.

3. The Process Of Booking Telugu Purohit is Highly Hassle-Free

For getting the Telugu Purohit In Hyderabad, all you need to do is after booking the pandit sit back and relax. We will take care of everything from the date of the puja till the completion of the puja.




You just need to give your details to know about the details clearly and have proper communication regarding your requirements with Purohit.


God’s blessings are significant for all of your circumstances and difficulties in getting the Telugu Purohit In Hyderabad. By providing you with the most skilled and qualified pandits for all of your special occasions, 99Pandit makes things a little easier.

The best aspect is that the application also enables you to conduct E-Puja if you are a working person or are unable to conduct in-person Puja for other reasons. The highly skilled pandits and purohits perform the rituals you can see and participate in through a webcam while you sit back and unwind from home, depending on the time and day you like.

Additionally, you may see client success stories and learn how satisfied they are with 99Pandit’s services. 

“The best aspect is that if you are a working person or, for other reasons, cannot conduct in-person Puja, the application also allows you to perform E-Puja. The highly skilled Purohits and purohits perform the rites you can enjoy and take part in through a webcam while you sit back and relax at home, depending on the time and day you like.”

More than 1200 highly skilled and qualified Purohits work with 99Pandit, which has helped more than 25,000 clients. Additionally, you can apply to join their site if you are a licensed pandit or astrologer.

Visit our official website at for more details about their offerings and various pujas. You may also make bookings over email, WhatsApp, and by phone call 8005663275 to our customer service for the Telugu Purohit In Hyderabad. 

Frequently Asked Question

Q. What would be the cost to book a Telugu Purohit In Hyderabad?

A.99Pandit gives affordable and budget-friendly prices for any kind of puja. You can check the price list on the website to know more in detail.

Q. Do I need to bring the puja samagri for the Hindu puja?

A.A Purohitji who has earned the 99Pandit certification will give you a list of every item you need to gather, including samagri and cooking equipment. All you have to do is place your orders from a nearby retailer, then take pleasure in the enjoyable puja ritual.

Q. Can a Telugu Purohit in Hyderabad translate the puja shlokas into hindi?

A. 99Pandit always assists the users with professionally trained Telugu Purohits who will also be able to help with the translation of puja shlokas into English and Hindi of the mantra for easy understanding.

Q. What pooja materials will be brought by the Telugu Purohit?

A. We shall make preparations for our Purohits to obtain the Pooja supplies needed for any Pooja services you might want from us. On the other hand, a Pooja Samagri List will be made available at the time the Puja service is booked if you do not want this assistance.

Q. Do I need to pay extra for Dakshina to the Telugu Purohit after pooja?

A. No, you do not need to pay the extra Dakshina to Purohit Ji as you have already booked the puja with the selected package.



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