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Pandit For Sunderkand Path: Cost, Vidhi & Benefits

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Last Updated:April 16, 2024

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Pandit for Sunderkand Path book through 99Pandit which is the religious platform. The Sunderkand path is recited to appease Lord Hanuman. Why is a pandit for the Sunderkand path required and can we schedule the Sunderkand path without booking a pandit? 

What is the cost of Pandit for Sunderkand Path and can we negotiate the prices for Pandit booking online? Which method is easy to find a pandit for Sunderkand path online or offline? Does 99Pandit provide the pandit for the Sunderkand path in multiple languages? 

The Sunderkand Path is the fifth chapter of Ramayana which is the most blessed kand of it. The section describes the journey of Shree Hanuman ji to Lanka to find the Maa Sita. Chanting the Sunderkand path daily is considered very auspicious and one of the best methods to worship Lord Hanuman.

Pandit for Sunderkand Path

The path of Sunderkand commences with Jambavant reminding Lord Hanuman about his strength & powers and to start the journey in search of Maa Sita to Lanka. The word Sunderkand describes the meaning where the term Sundar means beautiful and the other name of Hanuman ji.

The Sunderkand indicates the specialities of Lord Hanuman which describes that for Hanuman ji nothing is impossible. Sunderkand path gives the lesson that victory can be won alone. If devotees want to achieve something in their life, hanuman puja is the option to fulfil their wishes. 

Pandit for Sunderkand path chants the whole path along with one or more pandits. In ancient scriptures, the number of steps to be performed to get the blessings of the Lord is the Sunderkand path. Whereas in Ram charit manas it gives importance to Sunderkand. 

Let’s go to read the article in detail to know the importance of the Sunderkand path and the steps to book Pandit for the Sunderkand path. 

About Sunderkand Path

The Sunderkand path is the fifth chapter of the holy book Ramayana and is recited by the Pandit or individuals. The Ramayana chapters are divided into following paths by the saint Tulsidas as per the importance and events of Lord Shri Ram’s life. 

  • Balyakand
  • Ayodhya kand
  • Aranya Kand
  • Kishkindha Kand
  • Sunderkand
  • Lankakand
  • Uttarakand

The fifth chapter of the Great Ramayana, known as the Kand or division, is titled the Sunderkand Path. Hanuman’s voyage to Lanka in the quest for Maa Sita is described in this section. One of the best ways to worship Hanumanji or Hanuman Jayanti is to recite the Sunderkand, which is seen to be extremely fortunate. 

Beginning with Jamba van reminding Hanumanji of his abilities, Sunderkand begins with Hanumanji leaving for Lanka to look for Maa Sita. Sunder, one of Hanuman’s names, also signifies that something is wonderful. Sunderkand mentions attributes of Hanumanji which for Hanumanji nothing is achievable. The Sunderkand Way reminds us that only dharma can prevail.




Everyone who hears it with devotion will be able to traverse the ocean of life without the aid of any other methods. Goswami Tulsidas, a renowned poet, wrote Sunderkand. It is thought that regularly chanting Sunderkand will help fight off evil, eliminate roadblocks, and endow one with happiness and prosperity. 

It emphasizes how Lord Hanuman traversed the seas and overcame difficulties in his quest to find Sita Maa in Lanka. Not only does Sunderkand provide mental serenity, but it also offers one the tenacity and resolve needed to complete their objectives.

Key insights of the Sunderkand path

  • People perform the Sunderkand path to glorify Lord Hanuman.
  • It helps individuals to achieve peace and prosperity.
  • You can chant the Sunderkand path on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
  • The pandit for Sunderkand Path chants it with kirtans.
  • Main Deity: Lord Shri Ram and Bhakt Hanuman.

Significance Of Sunderkand Path

The Sunderkand Way tells tales of Lord Hanuman’s bravery, insight, faith, dedication, and strength in addition to Mahaveer Hanuman’s devotion. Doing this Way at home gives us mental and physical strength and aids in eradicating disease and Daridrata from our lives.

Many believe that Sunderkand is the “Heart” of the Ramayana. The Sunderkand Way describes how Hanumanji overcame all the obstacles to successfully locate Mata Sita. It also talks about how he destroyed Lanka by burning it to the ground.

At home, people practice the Sunderkand route for various purposes, such as overcoming obstacles in life, defeating foes, addressing mental and physical health issues, and experiencing the uplifting kirtans of Lord Shri Ram.

Pandit for Sunderkand Path

Starting with Gauri Ganesh Kalash Puja, the principal pandit ji leads this journey, with a group of pandits supporting him, playing the dholak, Manjeera, and other instruments as they sing Kirtans and Bhajans in praise of Lord Shri Ram and Bhakta Hanuman.

The pandit for Sunderkand path advises performing it on Tuesdays, Saturdays, or any auspicious days.

In all, Sunderkand has seven Dohas. The investigation of Sita by Lord Shri Ram, Hanuman, Jamwant, and the Vanar Sena becomes halted close to a sea that seems hard to traverse. Hanuman uses his ability to fly to traverse the ocean in search of Maa Sita. 

Upon arriving in Lanka, Lord Hanuman receives assistance from Vibhisana, Ravana’s brother, in locating the Ashok Vatika, the site where the demon king of Lanka, Ravana, had imprisoned Sita. After greeting Sita, Hanuman presents her with his identification and announces his connection to Lord Ram.

The Mythology Of Sunderkand Path

That is a line from the classic poem Ramcharitmanas by Goswami Tulsidas. Sunderkand, credited with the ability to ward against evil, is one of the seven Kands (parts) that make up the epic Ramayana. It also facilitates the removal of obstacles in one’s path and promotes happiness and prosperity. Sunderkand is one such example of content that mentions victory.




It details Lord Hanuman’s journey across the sea and his triumph over adversity to locate Sita Maa in Lanka. Lord Hanuman achieved his goal of knowing more about Sita. This portion also emphasizes his strength and intelligence. Sunderkand also makes references to a few important historical occasions.

According to the Lord in Sunderkand,

Nirmal Man Jan So Mohe Paava, Mohe Kapat Chhal Chidra Na Bhaava.

It implies that the Lord, like himself, values those of his followers who are decent and have a pure character.

Samagri List Of Sunderkand Path

Pandit for Sunderkand path gives a list of required puja items to complete the path. The Samagri is Ghee, Lal-kapda(Red-cloth), Supari, Haldi, Kumkum, Moli/Raksha Sutra, Gud(Jaggery), Kapoor(Camphor), Laung(cloves), Janeu(Sacred Thread), Nariyals(Dry Coconut), Ganga Jal(Holy Water), Agarbatti(Incense Stick), Rice, Durva, Aam Patta, Tulsi, Phool/Mala, Sweets, 1 Bowl of Panchamrit(Milk, Curd, Honey, Ghee & sugar), 1 Kalash, 5 Fruits and Photo of Lord Hanuman. 

Benefits Of Sunderkand Path

  • Chanting the Sunderkand path regularly gives many benefits to individuals.
  • It improves health, wealth, and prosperity.
  • If you desire to fulfil your wish, reciting the Sunderkand path is helpful.
  • The effect of Sunderkand’s path protects against dangers, losses, and diseases. 
  • Removes negative energy and negative destiny. 
  • Pandit for Sunderkand path helps to get blessings of lord Hanuman on the family and brings prosperity to the house.
  • It repels adversaries, evil, and negative energy.
  • Following this route facilitates achieving prosperity and money.
  • It aids in developing bravery and self-assurance.
  • It provides tranquil environments and cleanses the spirit and psyche.
  • It can cure diseases.

Pandit For Sunderkand Path

Finding the pandit for the Sunderkand path online makes the process easier to perform the Vedic services at your convenience. You can visit 99Pandit and select the pandit for the Sunderkand path in your preferred language. 99Pandit offers the pandit a reliable package and online support in case of booking the pandit or performing puja.

Pandit for Sunderkand Path

You need to submit your name, type of puja, date of service, city, and location to book a pandit for Sunderkand. The rituals performed by the pandit for the Sunderkand path include the aarti of lord Hanuman, reading the chapters with bhajan kirtan, and at the end prasad distribution.

You will get frequent updates after inquiring about your requirements. Through email or WhatsApp you will have updates regarding pandit arrivals and a list of items required for the puja. 

Book an online Pandit for Sunderkand Path and also you can find a Pandit Near Me. 99Pandit serves clients all over India in their preferred language. 

Get in touch with us to book the pandit!


Pandit for Sunderkand Path can recite all the wordings of the Sunderkand Path as per the authentic vidhi. Sunderkand Path is one of the most powerful paths in Hinduism. Devotees recite the Sunderkand Path to seek the blessings of Lord Hanuman Ji for peace and happiness.

They pray to Lord Hanuman to remove challenges and give them blessings for a smooth life. It is not easy for some devotees to read the wording of the Sunderkand path correctly. They worry about finding the right pandit ji for Sunderkand Path. Not anymore.

Devotees can easily Book a Pandit for Sunderkand Path on 99Pandit. They can visit the website or mobile application of 99Pandit to book Pandit Ji for the Sunderkand path. They can also book pandit ji for pujas such as puja for success in career, Shukra Graha Shanti Puja, and Revati Nakshatra Shanti Puja on 99Pandit.

It is easy to book a Pandit partner on 99Pandit. Devotees enjoy booking Pandit Ji on 99Pandit.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Why Sunderkand path is recommended to organize?

A.Sunderkand path is practised at home for a variety of purposes, including overcoming obstacles in life, defeating foes, addressing mental and physical health issues, and taking in the uplifting kirtans of Lord Shri Ram.

Q. How to organize Sunderkand’s path at home?

A.The outpost with the crimson cloth. Now, position the image of Ram Darbar or Hanuman Ji on the image. Sit down in front of the advertisement. Keep the following items close at hand: In a single container: water, sunlight, lamp, floral, rice, sweet (Prasad), Roli, and Ram Charit Manas.

Q.How much time will it take to complete the Sunderkand path?

A.One should sit silently and recite Sundar Kand with total dedication because the Sundar Kand Path takes roughly 2 hours to finish. Keep meditating at the feet of Lord Shri Ram and Hanuman Ji while chanting.

Q. What is the auspicious time to read Sunderkand’s path?

A.The pandit for Sunderkand path advises performing it on Tuesdays, Saturdays, or any auspicious days.

Q. Where can we find the pandit for the Sunderkand path?

A.Finding the pandit for Sunderkand path online makes the process easier to perform the Vedic services at your convenience. You can visit 99Pandit and select the pandit for the Sunderkand path in your preferred language.



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