What Are Varshika Shraddha Cost, Vidhi, And Benefits?

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Posted On: January 21, 2023
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What are Varshika Shraddha’s costs, vidhi, and benefits, and why is this called Varshika Shraddha? What does it mean by Varshika Shraddha and is there any significance of this shraddha ritual performed for the pitrus?

Varshika Shraddha means “Varsha means yearly” which means this Varshika Shraddha ritual is performed yearly to give salvation to the ancestors and this is also referred to as Barsi. This Varshika Shraddha performs once a year on the mrityu tithi date known as Varsha shraddha. 


Varshika Shraddha

The ritual which is offered to our ancestors annually or yearly for the peace of their souls is called Shraddha to give a faithful offering to them. In forefathers, conscious beings go to existence in higher realms. During the Varshika Shraddha Rituals performed we always need to remember them and offer prayers and food to them. 

The day to perform the Varshika Shraddha can be decided based on the death date as per the Hindu panchang tithi.  Therefore it is referred to as samvatsara abdika and Varsha Shraddha performed annually. The Varshika Shraddha vidhi is usually performed at home or temple or Punya Tirtha Kshetra. 

We can also say the Varshika Shraddha is the “Annual death anniversary” & “Barsi” are organized every year to give peace to departed souls. There are many other names for shraddha puja such as Mritaanna Shraddha, Mrtanna Samvatsarik Sraddha, Samvatsarik Shraddha (or simply Samvatsarikam), or Paarvana Shraddha. 

In Tamil the Varshika Shraddha is called “Srardham and srardham”, in Telugu is referred to as taddinam and in north India, it is called Shraddha Tithi or simply ‘Tithi’. In North India, this is known as Brahman Bhoj or Brahmana Bhojanam as well.

What Do You Mean By Varshika Shraddha

The Varshika Shraddha is an annual appeasement that is advised to perform for departed souls as per the Hindu shastra mentioned. This is a sign of repaying the debts to ancestors and departed souls, remembering them, and soliciting positive and positive energy from them. 

Varshika Shraddha

Varshika Shraddha puja is a kind of responsibility to the descendants of dead people, a symbol of gratitude, honor, and worship which is done in the same manner to god. For the souls of ancestors performing Varshika Shraddha will be appeased and acts like a re-qualification of the descendant to be in the position. 

During this ritual, it ensures that the souls or aatma of the departed one would be in a plane away from hell. It is also believed to say that performing the shraddha rituals is more important than even worshiping the god as duty reigns higher than love for god. 

Hence, the Hindu ritual Varshika Shraddha Puja will be performed by the family members like sons, brothers, sons-in-law, and such immediate family members for the departed soul. Shraddha puja is performed on yearly basis, to get the blessings of ancestors and to date them, favorable and positive influences, as well as to continue to follow this ritual the inherited duty of kith and kin.

At 99Pandit the Varshika Shraddha is considered vital during the first year of death. In case you are not available physically we offer online puja services as well. During the puja, the professionals will be able to perform the rituals on your behalf. The video clip of puja will be sent to the devotee on their mail id. 

Varshika Shraddha / Barsi Ceremony

By participating in the Varshika Shraddha (also known as the Barsi Ritual) or annual death ceremony, which falls on the Thithi, following the Hindu Panchangam on which the parent deceased, “Pitru Runa” can be cleared. Varshika Shraddha ceremony is performed on that specific Chandramaana (lunar calendar) “Tithi.”

Varshika Shraddha

The Devatas (VASU, RUDRA, AND ADITYA) are invoked throughout this ritual, and Pitrus is contacted through them. Varshika Shraddha is the name given to the Pitru Runa rite and ceremonies carried by the surviving son or sons on the “Shraddha Thithi.”

According to the Puranas, doing Varshika shraddha in “Teertha Kshetras” (holy places) has been regarded as extremely meritorious. Gaya-Prayagraj, Haridwar, Kashi (Varanasi), Rameswaram-Sethukarai, Srirangapatna, Trimbakeshwar, and many others are significant Teertha Kshetras.

Differences Among Various Shraddha Types

Different varieties of Shraddha exist. There are five primary divisions in Shraddha. The Matsya Purana describes the first three groups. Yama Smriti does, however, describe five categories of Shraddha, which are given below.

The daily practice of Nitya () – Shraddha is referred to as Nitya Shraddha. Nitya Shraddha is not the time for installing Vishwadeva. Nitya Shraddha can only be performed with water in cases of urgency or emergency.

Naimittika () – Because it is performed only for one individual, it is also known as Ekodishta (). Ekodishta Shraddha is performed after death. Ekodishta Shraddha is performed on the anniversary of each Hindu descendant’s death. Naimittia means unique in Hindi. Varshika Shraddha is another name for Naimittika Shraddha. Naimittika Shraddha is not the time for installing Vishwadev. Ekodishta Shraddha is performed on Bhishma Ashtami for pitamah Bhishma.

Kamya () – Special wishes are fulfilled in this way. It takes place during the Krittika or Rohini Nakshatra.

Vriddhi () – To obtain the ancestors’ blessings on important occasions like marriage or the birth of a boy, Vriddhi Shraddha is performed. Nandi Shraddha is another name for Vriddhi Shraddha.


Parvana () – Shraddha is the term for rituals performed on important holidays like Bhadrapada Purnima and Pitru Paksha (during Mahalaya Paksha). Parvana Shraddha is the time when Vishwadeva is installed.

Why Is Varshika Shraddha Puja Done?

According to the Garuda Purana, the soul begins its journey to Yamapuri when thirteen days have passed after death, and it needs seventeen days to get there.

The soul goes through Yamapuri for an extra eleven months until arriving in Yamaraj’s court in the twelfth month. It goes without food and water for 11 months. According to popular belief, Pinda Pradhan and Tarpan are finished by the son and relatives to sate the soul’s hunger and therefore its thirst while it travels until it reaches the Yamaraj’s court.

Therefore performing Varshika Shraddha gives their soul salvation and energy to reach the yamraj’s court and after twelve months, the relatives appease them by doing barsi and shraddha. 

Hindu Sanatan dharma specifies the number of lifelong rituals that must be performed. These include Shraddha Karma and Shradh Puja.

Men and women are both liable for the three types of debts known as “Devaruna,” “Rishiruna,” and “Pitru Runa,” according to the ancient Hindu Shastras. Among these “runas,” removing “Pitru Runa” (ancestral debt) is crucial since we owe our parents or ancestors because it is only through them that we receive this physical body and all of its material advantages.

Therefore, it is claimed that completing Varshika Shraddha will enable us to receive the Ashirvadam, or goodwill, of the deceased Pitru Devathas.

How To Perform The Varshika Shraddha

The proper vidhi and procedure followed by the vedic pandits for the Varshika Shraddha puja may take time for 2-3 hours. And the rituals involved in Varshika Shraddha are described below. You can perform the puja at home or any holy place near the river with the help of an expert. 

Varshika Shraddha

Following are the steps for performing Varshika Shraddha rituals:

  • Sankalp

The vidhi for Varshika Shraddha followed by the pandit ji from 99Pandit starts with the Sankalp. During this procedure, the pandit recites some mantras and asks the performer to repeat the lines after him. 

  • Kalasha pooja

The deities are invoked to the puja to give blessings and fulfill the devotee’s wish. Prayers are offered to Gods and pandit ji performs the kalasha pooja to invoke the god into it. 

  • Vishnu pooja and Vishnu Deva archane

Brahmins use mantras to call up the Devatas Vasu, Rudra, Aditya, and Pitrus. Through the process of consulting a qualified priest, all the necessary steps are taken with the necessary supplies to carry out the ceremony.

  • Pitru archane 

The family members and the performer doing the puja appease the ancestors to get their blessings and offer salvation to them. Offer prayers to give blessings to their family and protect them from negative energies. 

  • Anna puja

After praying offers to pitrus, the pandit instructs the performer to do the anna puja. The expert recites the mantras and performs homams for the departed soul’s peace. The family god of devotees is also invoked in this Varshika shraddha puja.

  • Brahman aradhane

During this step, Brahmins receive food as a token of appreciation. As this is the most important part of Varshika Shraddha because without feeding brahmin, shraddha puja would not be complete.

  • Pind pradhan

The Pitrus are given food that has been prepared with ingredients including rice, barley, cow milk, honey, ghee, sugar, and many more. This is either supplied in bodies of water like lakes, rivers, or the sea or fed to cows.

  • Tarpan

Along with water, sesame seeds, barley, kusha grass, and white flour, Tarpanam or Tarpan is distributed.

Cost For Varshika Shraddha By 99Pandit

Varshika Shraddha’s cost starts from Rs. 8,000 – Rs. 30,000 offered by the 99Pandit. The price for puja depends on the type of shraddha puja, the days takes to complete the puja, the type of Dakshina, and the number of brahmins, etc. 

The puja samagri will be brought by the pandit ji along with them. The price includes puja samagri, accommodation, and satvik food. 

Through 99Pandit you can book a pandit online for Varshika Shraddha puja and also find a panditji near me. Finding the pandit nearby your location is the most convenient way to get the services at your doorstep. 

Benefits Of Varshika Shraddha

Performing Varshika shraddha by the relatives of the departed soul gives many benefits to them. We are going to discuss some below, please have a look at 

  • Varshika Shraddha’s performance annually or yearly, and by doing this ritual regularly, there will be auspicious events that may happen in your home on time.
  • There will be no obstacles in marriage and will be done at the right time.
  • Varshika Shraddha helps to eliminate the unnatural death chances. 
  • To work in the proper direction and get the blessing of our ancestors, Varshika Shraddha must be performed yearly.
  • Establish a harmonious relationship between the family, couple, and society through Varshika Shraddha performing.
  • This shraddha puja performed every year helps to obtain good health, contentment, education, and career growth, as it is a very important afterlife ritual. 



Frequently Asked Question

Q. What is Varshika Shraddha puja?

Varshika Shraddha means “Varsha means yearly” which means this Varshika Shraddha ritual is performed yearly to give salvation to the ancestors and this is also referred to as Barsi.

The Varshika Shraddha is an annual appeasement that is advised to perform for departed souls as per the Hindu shastra mentioned. This is a sign of repaying the debts to ancestors and departed souls, remembering them, and soliciting positive and positive energy from them.

Q. What is pind daan performed in Shraddha puja?

The pind daan process in Varshika shraddha puja is compulsory for all Hinduism followers. It is said that no task can be complete without the blessings of ancestors and performing pind daan gives the blessings of forefathers.
This ritual was done as per the ancient texts and gave homage to departed ancestors and the dead soul to obtain salvation.

Q. How should we perform the Varshika shraddha?

To perform the Varshika shraddha following proper rituals for the puja will be described by the pandit ji. Start the ritual by waking up early in the morning on the day of puja and taking a bath or wearing clean clothes.
Before doing the brahmin bhojan, the performer should not partake in the food and consume it before eating the brahmin. Later the food is offered to the brahmin, the sacred fire, the crow, and the river.

Q. Why is the shraddha ceremony performed?

It is claimed that completing Varshika Shraddha will enable us to receive the Ashirvadam, or goodwill, of the deceased Pitru Devathas.

Q. Why is pind daan necessary?

The purpose of Pind Daan is to supply nourishment for the Pitrus, whose one day corresponds to a year on earth. We are getting their Asheervadams every day by giving them food.



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