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Destination Wedding in Bangalore: Pandit Booking Services

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Last Updated:May 1, 2024

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There are the best pandits available for Destination Weddings In Bangalore—the ultimate destination for marriage, where pandits can be booked online quickly. You can easily book Pandit for a destination wedding in Bangalore with a few clicks. If you’re wondering here and there to find the best destination for a wedding, then apart from Bangalore, you will not have it. 

Destination Wedding in Bangalore

The 99Pandit platform has a list of skilled and experienced pandits who will guide you to your destination wedding in Bangalore. Encounter the convenience of looking for the best destination in Bangalore for a wedding with us. The customs and rituals would be followed in the destination wedding. 

We provide the best pandit for destination weddings in Bangalore. Bangalore is the best site for destination weddings. Many NRIs, foreigners, and Indian nationals prefer to tie the knot in Bangalore.

Destination Wedding in Bangalore

A destination wedding in Bangalore to take the vows with a stunning view. Assure your list of guests goes fantastic with a feel of fancy—creative and themed decorations and arrangements for all the wedding events. Imagine your dream destination wedding in Bangalore at your preferred location. 

Bangalore is a city of rituals and customs and has multiple beautiful interior-designed wedding resorts in Bangalore. Your search for the perfect wedding location for your big day ends here with a package of fun-filled activities. 

A wedding planner will take care of everything to give you a hassle-free wedding day. 

Wedding Resorts in Bangalore

With its fantastic combination of personal-themed homes, exquisite grand wedding venues, elegant hotels, resorts for marriage in Bangalore, and traditional wedding mandaps, Bangalore is the right place to have every type of wedding resort in Bangalore for all tastes and styles.

If you’re willing to look for a perfect destination wedding in Bangalore to anchor your Bangalore wedding, you’re in fortune. We’ve brought up the best and most beautiful resorts for marriage in Bangalore. One of these 7 favourite wedding resorts is mentioned below to catch your interest:

1. The Tamarind Tree Resort, Bangalore

We believe marriages are made in heaven, and they meet each other accidentally or fortunately. And when you’re planning to have a destination wedding in Bangalore, you must find the best resort, Tamarind Tree, in Bangalore. A pastoral venue and destination produce a sense of romanticism, which is challenging to search for nowadays. 

Destination Wedding in Bangalore

With its unique and beautiful architecture and fascinating heritage attractions, this place is for all those who love the Indian culture experience. This destination is the right choice to take your marriage vows or capture the memories in your cameras.

2. Jayamahal Palace

Another wedding resort in Bangalore for destination weddings is Jayamahal Palace—no need to go out of the country for a fairytale wedding when you have such a location. Jayamahal Palace is the one resort for marriage in Bangalore. 

The land of the palace has spread over 19 acres and has been in working since 1903, with three lawns rented out. There is a pool-side lawn perfect for wedding brunch, whereas the other two are sufficient for a reception party.

They will guide you through venue booking, rituals, and marriage completion. They can also provide a wedding host to make every moment fun and memorable.

3. The Leela Palace

The Leela Palace represents grandeur and magnificence redefined. A fantastic venue, it provides a royal experience that will make your special day even more unforgettable.




If you’ve always imagined a luxury palatial setting for your wedding, this location will exceed your expectations. When the environment is so beautiful, the moments recorded on camera will be nothing short of breathtaking!

4. Royalton Leisure

Royalton Leisure is an elegant resort for marriage in Bangalore with a lavish canopy of eucalyptus trees. This venue has overgrown lawns, swimming pools, semi-covered spaces, and many more things to capture your special moments. The peaceful vibes add calmness to every marriage ritual ever organized here.

5. Leela Palace Bengaluru

Elaborate on your wedding experience at the best wedding resort in Bangalore, Leela Palace Bangalore, a relevant venue with excellence and indulgence. To arrange a grand destination wedding in Bangalore, this place offers luxurious environments and perfect service.

Make your memories for a grand marriage that endures a lifetime, enclosed by an ideal environment to cheer up your memories. 

Destination Wedding in Bangalore

Assuming the destination wedding is in Bangalore at the Leela Palace, this is the background of your celebration. You can engage in this glorious and remarkable venue to feel unforgettable memories.

6. Taj West End

The Taj West End provides the ideal venue for a big, elegant wedding. Here, you will encounter a combination of colonial charm and a distinguished past. Everything about this venue is geared to make your wedding more glorious than you could have dreamed, from the spectacular suites to the wide-planted grounds. If photo possibilities are essential to you, you will enjoy being married in this heaven of a setting! 

7. Ganjanam Mantapa

This significant home exudes warmth and is a beautiful setting for a wedding. With water features welcoming you, a vast reception hall, and a side room for meals, you’ll get the best of old-world charm (it is, after all, the original house of the Ganjam Jewellers family) combined with cutting-edge modern amenities. Decorate it as you see fit, although we recommend keeping it by the mantapa’s aesthetics, which include marigolds.

How to Plan a Destination Wedding?

Here are some tips to help you with the planning procedure:

  1. Fix your wedding budget: Before planning any event or marriage, we must set a budget for a destination wedding in Bangalore. A budget is necessary for any wedding, especially for destination weddings. Assume the maximum amount you can spend on the event or the cost to fix the budget. 
  2. Plan the guest list: Selecting the list of attendees or guests for a destination wedding in Bangalore is crucial as you may know how many guests will attend your wedding. So you can consider who is most likely to become and whom you want to invite. 
  3. Evaluate the destination: You may have a dream location in mind, but you should examine whether it is the best option. For example, what will the weather be like when you visit? Are there any travel restrictions to or from that location? How convenient will it be for guests to get there? Can anyone, whether older or younger, tackle the terrain? What is the exchange rate like?
  4. Apply travel points and miles: If you’ve acquired travel points or miles from one or more rewards credit cards, consider how to maximize their worth. For example, they may be more valuable when booking flights or hotels than renting a car. 
  5. Get the timing right: You may benefit from tying the knot during the off- or shoulder season for a destination wedding. The cost for your wedding resort in Bangalore could be less expensive. 
  6. Consider travel or wedding insurance: If you’re worried about money spent because of some uncontrollable situation above your control, purchasing travel and wedding insurance could give you some peace of mind.

Pandit For Marriage Puja in Bangalore

Marriage puja, or wedding in Bangalore, is one of the purest forms of Hindu ritual when two souls become one. During the marriage puja, the couple follows many traditions and customs.

This is necessary to perform marriage puja rituals as per the Vedic procedure. Furthermore, people can get multiple benefits from performing marriage puja according to authentic vidhi. 




For destination weddings in Bangalore, a platform can help you get a verified pandit for marriage puja. He will help the devotees to execute the puja following the Vedic rituals. So it is essential to book the right pandit for pujas like Marriage Puja

The skilled pandit knows every tiny detail about marriage puja. Hence, he will help you seek the blessings of God and live your married life happily. During the wedding rituals, various pujas are performed to appease the God. For instance, Pandit Ji can help followers perform Shiv Puran Puja, Lord Ganesh Puja, and Goverdhan Puja in the wedding puja.

Now, just with a click of the Book a Pandit button, you can book a Pandit for a destination wedding in Bangalore. However, when planning a destination wedding, pandit is a critical aspect. 99Pandit offers the easiest way to book Panda and perform pujas efficiently. 

Is a Pandit Required for a Destination Wedding in Bangalore?

Pandit is known by many names in different places, such as priest, purohit, pujari, and Guruji. Inviting Pandit to a destination wedding in Bangalore is of great importance.

1. Spiritual guidance

Performing the rituals in the right way and offering prayers to God, which shows the spiritual aspect of their union, can be instructed by a skilled pandit. He is the only person who guides you and gives blessings to confirm that the marriage is arranged according to the religious traditions and beliefs of the specific families. 

2. Cultural preservation

In Indian Hindu culture, people have followed many traditions and customs. Pandit plays an essential role in maintaining and passing on customs from generation to generation. They assure us every tradition will be followed and performed authentically and regarding their cultural legacy.

3. Seeking blessings through mantras

Pandit chants the mantras and helps us seek blessings for the couple. Devotees gain prosperity, longevity, and happiness in their marriage by chanting mantras.




These are vital for invoking divine powers and confirming a successful marriage.

4. Symbolic significance

Multiple marriage rituals have their significance, meaning sticking to cultural and religious traditions. Pandit explains the meaning of every mantra and ritual to the couple and family, helping them to know the importance of every tradition and its character in combining the couple in wedding ceremonies.

5. Legal needs

In some customs, pandit is mandatory to legalize and officiate the marriage. They supervise the exchange of vows and signing of the marriage certificate, confirming the marriage is legally approved.

Destination Wedding in Bangalore Pros & Cons

There are various benefits to consider when planning a destination wedding over a traditional wedding. The most significant advantage is that you have to deal with convenience, cost, and the entire experience that a destination wedding can give.

Pros of destination weddings in Bangalore are:

  • Get married in a dream location
  • Plan a smaller guest list
  • Potentially save money on wedding cost

Cons of destination weddings in Bangalore are:

  • Guests may not attend
  • More planning required
  • There is no guarantee

Is Destination Wedding Costs Less Than Traditional Wedding?

Sometimes, a destination wedding may cost less than a traditional wedding. The wedding cost depends on essential factors like your chosen location and the number of people invited to the wedding. Suppose you select a wedding location far away from your distant relatives and cannot attend. In that case, you will charge less for a destination wedding than a traditional wedding. 

Wrap Up

A destination wedding in Bangalore could be a romantic and memorable option, but this is only the case for some. If everything happens according to plan, you can tie the knot at such a beautiful destination with only those you want while saving money.  

There are many things you need to plan when planning a destination wedding in Bangalore. You need also to research a good pandit for your wedding. However, ultimately, you need to understand that booking a pandit is more challenging than you think.

99Pandit offers hassle-free Vedic ceremonies from beginning to end. We’ll appoint a skilled Pandit from our staff to do the Puja following the Vedic rites based on your preferred language.  Connect with us by dialling: 8005663275 or get in touch with us on WhatsApp.

However, attaining your dream wedding involves more planning, accepting the high chance that something may go wrong, and seeking more from those you wish to invite to your big day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What does a destination wedding in Bangalore mean?

A.Generally, a Destination wedding is a wedding that is held outside of the house or the country. This wedding requires travel to that destination and costs less sometimes as compared to a traditional wedding.

Q.What makes Bangalore the best location for a destination wedding?

A.Bangalore is the right place to arrange a destination wedding because of its stunning venues, additional accommodations, flawless services, capturing environment, and outstanding culinary offerings. All of these things will help you create a memorable destination wedding experience.

Q.How should we book marriage resorts in Bangalore?

A.It is suggested that the marriage bookings in Bangalore at the resort be made 5-6 months before the wedding. During the instant wedding or season, there may be high demand, and you can lose your dream resort if you have yet to book the venue in advance.

Q.What is the cost of a destination wedding in Bangalore?

A.The cost of a destination wedding in Bangalore depends on factors like the number of guests and the wedding venue or pandit.



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