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Pandit For Pavamana Suktam Homam: Cost, Vidhi, And Benefits

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Last Updated:June 3, 2023

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What do you want to know about Pavamana Homam cost, vidhi, and benefits? Why is this homam performed and what significant benefits does it have? Which lord is worshipped during this Pavamana Homam? 

Pavamana Homam is performed to get rid of all of the destructive sins and the bad karmas that people accumulate in life. The most powerful mantra for Pavamana Homam is in the 9th mandala of Rigveda. 

Pavamana Homam

The purpose of Pavamana Homam is to purify the soul and obtain relief from the bad karmas or sins accumulated due to various actions such as violence, killing cows, consuming unrecommended food, insulting religious individuals, engaging in extramarital affairs, and forsaking traditional and spiritual ways.


The powerful and famous mantras for the Pavamana Homam are in the 9th mandala of Rigveda. This powerful mantra for Pavamana Homam is well known for Pavamana Pancha suktas. The significance of this homam is that it brings positivity and purity to life. 

The main deities worshipped in this homam are Lord Vishnu, Pavamana, Hanuman, Agni, and Soma. All the deities are invoked into the Kalash and worshipped in the mandala. The four adhyay of Pavamana suktam contain 700 mantras that are chanted and for every mantra, Ahuti will be done.

Purpose Of Pavamana Homam

The purpose behind Pavamana homam in the Hindu religion is regarded to be one of the most powerful and effective homams as it is believed this ritual is performed to wipe away past sins and present life to relieve us from sorts of suffering.

Pavamana Homam

The Hindu ritual Pavamana homa is driven to bring positivity in life and at home to get rid of all evil deeds. Somehow we humans knowingly and unknowingly get involved in violent activities, kill animals and misbehave with people, do not follow customs and rituals, backstab people for our selfishness, etc. 


Therefore, crimes or bad karma will not permit us to progress in life and that is when we start to feel guilty for the deeds we did in the past. Hence, if you feel bad for your deeds and would like to get rid of them, it is advisable to perform Pavamana homa. 

The word Pavamana is nothing but a group of gods who are worshipped together with complete devotion and faith that will devastate the curse and sins. The group of gods includes Lord Vishnu, Goddess Ganga, Lord Hanuman, Lord Soma, Goddess Bharti, and God Agni Dev.

Key Factors Of Pavamana Homam

  • This homam helps to get relief from all the evil sins of previous birth.
  • During this homam, Pavamana suktam is chanted.
  • To perform this homam Ekadashi, Poornima and Saturdays are perfect.
  • For this homam, the deity worshipped is Pavamana Soma, Lord Hanuman, and Vishnu.

Description Of Pavamana Homam 

The main deity worshipped in Pavamana homam and the Pavamana is another name for Soma. The word Pavamana describes the meaning of what flows, which purifies. Therefore, the wind god Vayu is worshipped during this Pavamana homam through the suktam. The pandits recite the Pavamana homam suktam particularly sacred to followers of Shri Madhwacharya of Udipi.

Pavamana Homa

The madhwas consider the Lord Vayu to be jivottama, the best among the jivas. The Pavamana homam is performed by the Hindus by offering the god’s materials which are especially sacred to Lord Vayu, Soma, and Lord Hanuman while the pandits chant the Pavamana suktam.

The question arises here: who is Lord Pavanama?

The word “Pavamana” refers to a spiritual concept in which “Pavam” stands for “Sin” and “Mana” is “Negate.” This mystical cosmic force is thought to be a panacea for malefic planets’ astrological birth charts. The miraculous abilities of a group of gods put an end to all human misdeeds, blessed happiness, and prosperity, and opened the world’s hidden treasures. 

Worshipping the heavenly divinities brings us good fortune and erases all traces of our faults. Reformation of our soul through sacred rituals to atone for our transgressions, offering prayers to Gods and Goddesses through a potent Homam. 

Calling upon the cosmic forces of Lord Vishnu, Lord Hanuman, Goddess Bharati (Goddess Saraswati), Lord Somadeva (Lord Shiva), Lord Agnideva (God of Fire), and other deities give us purification, knowledge, and cleanliness.

When Should We Perform Pavamana Homam?

The perfect auspicious day to perform Pavamana Homam can be scheduled on Ekadashi, Poornima, Saturdays, and any compatible days which will be compatible with the birth nakshatra of the native.

In the ninth mandala of the Rigveda, the Pavamana mantras which are chanted during the Homam are mentioned and there are around 7010 mantras. The mantras of Pavamana are also known as Pavamana Pancha Suktas.

Significance Of Pavamana Gods And Goddess

Lord Vishnu

The first deity of this Pavamana homam is Lord Vishnu, he is the universal god of preserver and protector of the world.  If something is found under evil threats and confusion, Vishnu quickly dives into the earthly plane of existence. Lord Vishnu is the symbol of goodness who helps people to clear plentiful sins and forgive others for their misdeeds.

His first avatar is SahisNuh who forgives our sins to one who worships him.

Lord Hanuman

Worship Lord Hanuman by chanting the Hanuman Chalisa. Hanuman Chalisa gives the pleasure of a fulfilled life and attracts the infinite grace of Lord Hanuman. Because our sins get into the cosmic cycle of birth and death. Hanuman Chalisa is like a medicine to get rid of the sins and bad karmas committed in previous birth.


Goddess Bharti (Goddess Saraswati)

Goddess Saraswati is the wife of Lord Brahma and is also known as Goddess Bharti. She is the goddess of eloquence and existence and the mother of Vedas. In the form of Goddess Bharti, Goddess Saraswati is the daylight dispelling darkness and destroyer of our sins.

Lord Somadeva (Lord Shiva)

Lord Shiva known as Lord somadeva has been imparted with the sacred knowledge of “sarvoktagama”, through Lord Sadasiva. When the devotee repents and promises to not repeat their mistakes, Lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of Lord Somadeva, forgiving all sins.

Lord Agnidev (God Of Fire)

Fire on the earth, lightning in the atmosphere, and the sun in the sky represent Lord Agnideva, the god of fire who protects the Southeast direction. All of the earth’s wealth is under the direction of Lord Agnideva, and heaven calls forth all temporary goodness. He also pardons sins committed out of madness, folly, and foolishness.

Goddess Ganga (Goddess Of Sacred Water)

We wash all of the sins of others, but who will be us? All the gods and devas are supposed to have questioned when the Ganges was brought to the sacred site of Haridwar. As numerous Sadhus and Saints bathe in the Ganges to wash away their sins, Lord Vishnu retorted, “All your sins will be immediately washed away.”

Pavamana Abhisheka Homam Vidhi

Hindu pandits perform the vidhi for Pavamana Homam, commencing with Kalasha sthapana, which involves filling a vessel with water and placing it on the rice platform. The pandits then diligently recite the Pavamana Suktam to invoke gods into the Kalasha. Sprinkle the sacred water from the Kalasha on every puja item to purify them for the ceremony.

Additionally, sprinkle the sacred water from the Kalasha on the performer or the participants to purify their souls and throughout the entire house to dispel negativity. Contribute donations in the form of ghee, milk, fruits, honey, and clothes to the pandit ji and provide them as sustenance to the brahmins to successfully conclude the puja.

During the Pavamana Homam, individuals invoke and call forth individual Pavamana Gods and Goddesses into a Kalasha, a sacred vessel filled with holy essence. Place the Kalasha, typically made of brass, copper, or silver with a large base and a small mouth large enough to contain a coconut during the puja, on top of a pot filled with pure water, cardamom, and clove. Arrange the Kalasha on a tray on the Rice Mandala, and then invite every God and Goddess to take a seat here.

Homam follows that (Agni Prathisthapana). In puja, people make offerings of milk, ghee, honey, and fruits to the Gods and Goddesses. During this Pavamana Homam, participants chant sacred Rig Vedic mantras, Pavamana Pancha Sookthas, and mantras dedicated to Lord VishnuDevotees who are suffering from poor karmas from their past and present lives, which are impairing their growth and stability, perform the Pavamana Homam. 

Pavamana Homam Mantra

Om Asato Maa Sad-Gamaya |
Tamaso Maa Jyotir-Gamaya |
Mrtyor-Maa Amrtam Gamaya |
Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||

Materials Required For Pavamana Homam

For this auspicious Pavamana Homam, you need ghee, milk, honey, and camphor. Participants receive fruits and sweets offered to the god as prasad. Later, the performer gives the ahuti to havan kund and performs the homam as per the instructions given by Pandit.

Pavamana Abhisheka Homam Benefits

Performing this auspicious Pavamana homam the native and his/her family will get many benefits that help them to live their life happily. This Pavamana Homam is a fantastic cure for correcting the planetary displacements in your birth chart so you may feel at ease. 

At this Pavamana Homam, one worships Lord Vishnu, Lord Hanuman, Goddess Bharati (Goddess Saraswati), Lord Somadeva (Lord Shiva), Lord Agnideva (God of Fire), and Goddess Ganga (Goddess of Sacred Water), removing the ill consequences of previous birth, and bringing about overall well-being.


We will describe the benefits below:

  • Pavamana homa gives the benefit of removing the negative effects of a previous life which helps them to overcome obstacles and the overall well-being of the person.
  • To get rid of all the sins Pavamana homa is more significant than other rituals.
  • It helps to bring purity to your soul and life.
  • The performer will be able to overcome the hurdles and obstacles coming in his life. 
  • This homam purifies your home and your soul.
  • Pavamana homam washes away sins and gives you a happy and healthy life.
  • All kinds of negative and evil energies will vanish by performing this homam.
  • An individual’s life will experience a restoration of positivity.
  • Pavamana homa brings peace and prosperity to the home.
  • To walk on the path of spirituality and attain salvation, this homam helps the native.

Pavamana Homam Cost

The cost for the Pavamana homa generally starts from Rs. 5000 which can go up to Rs. 25000. The homam package includes the material required and Dakshina for pandit ji. 

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Frequently Asked Question

Q. Who is Pavamana?

A. The word “Pavamana” refers to a spiritual concept in which “Pavam” stands for “Sin” and “Mana” is “Negate.” People believe that this mystical cosmic force serves as a panacea for astrological birth charts affected by malefic planets.

Q. What is Pavamana Homam?

A. Pavamana Homam is to perform to get rid of all of the destructive sins and the bad karma that people accumulated in life. The most powerful mantra for Pavamana Homam is in the 9th mandala of Rigveda.

Q. Why Devotees perform Pavamana homam

A. In the Hindu religion, people consider Pavamana homam to be one of the most powerful and effective homams. They believe that this ritual serves the purpose of wiping away past sins and relieving individuals from various forms of suffering in their present lives.

Q. When can we perform Pavamana homam?

A. One can schedule the perfect auspicious day to perform Pavamana Homam on Ekadashi, Poornima, Saturdays, or any compatible day that aligns with the birth nakshatra of the native.

Q. Where can we perform Pavamana homam?

A. Generally, we can perform the homam at home, at the temple, or at the organization for more prosperity as this is a very simple process.



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