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Birthday Puja Ceremony: Cost, Vidhi, And Benefits

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Last Updated:April 9, 2024

The Birthday Puja Ceremony includes the rituals that are performed by the birthday person. Birthdays and Janamdin are the most important days in everyone’s life. The Birthday Puja Ceremony is performed on the day of birth and is recommended for one’s happy long life. 

Birthday Puja Ceremony or Janamdin puja is celebrated to mark a person’s birthday and to receive blessings from parents, God, and Kul Devta. The birthday is considered the day when people are born, and the timing to decide the future is based on the Rashi and Nakshatra. 

Birthday Puja Ceremony

On the Birthday Puja Ceremony, it is essential to perform the Graha shanti and Ayush havan to neglect the harmful effects of the planet’s position in a person’s horoscope and bless the people with a happy life.

On the Birthday Puja Ceremony, Hindu pandits perform the Gauri Ganesh Kalasha Nava graha puja and perform the Homam. 

Key Insights Of Birthday Puja Ceremony

  • The suitable time to perform the Birthday puja ceremony is on Birth date.
  • This ceremony brings blessings from the lord and elders.
  • The rituals performed for this puja are Graha Shanti Puja and havan.
  • Main Deity: Ganesh, Lakshmi, Navgraha.

For everyone, birthdays are a special day to celebrate their birth. We celebrate our birthday every year and we are a year older, successfully lived another year and they take the blessings of elders and god for another prosperous year. 

Performing the Birthday puja ceremony on the day of the birthday not only brings prosperity and good fortune. But this ceremony is the medium to thank God for giving you such a beautiful life. The pandits chant the mantras for the Birthday puja ceremony, an excellent method to start the birthday. 

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What Is Birthday Puja Ceremony

The birthday puja ceremony is performed to seek blessings and thank God or Ishta Dev for giving such a beautiful life. The Birthday puja ceremony helps the native who performs the puja to remove the obstacles and to get a prosperous life ahead.




Birthday puja ceremony also can be referred to as Janamdin puja generally scheduled on the date of birth. This puja is recommended as believed to increase one’s life. It is believed that whenever people schedule the pooja, prosperity is coming their way and happiness fills in their life. 

Birthday puja ceremonies make growth in terms of career and education likely to happen. 

Why Performing Puja On a Birthday Is Required?

Performing a birthday puja ceremony is necessary because the birthday holds great significance in each of our lives. Puja is the medium to exhibit our devotion and thank God throughout the year. 

This Birthday puja ceremony helps us to get love and happiness in our lives by neglecting all obstacles coming in the native’s life. Birthday puja ceremony paves the way for growth and a healthy and prosperous year ahead.

Birthday Puja Ceremony

Birthday Puja ceremony rituals are also considered to be similar to other puja rituals. Performing this puja is recommended as it increases one’s life Ayushya (Age).

Whether someone is sixty years old or six years old, everyone eagerly anticipates their birthday, as it is the most important day of the year. We all enjoy throwing parties and eating delicious birthday cakes to mark our special days, but we must never forget to include God in the celebration.

We organize a birthday puja ceremony with great devotion because we revere and value this day. Without a puja, our celebrations would not be complete, and since our loved ones are celebrating our birthday on this day, it is very festive to perform a puja. The timing of this day is symbolic of how the Nakshatras also determine our future.

Who Can Perform The Birthday Puja

The one whose birthday it is and groups can directly perform the Birthday puja ceremony with the help of a pandit to pray for the native. The rituals and pooja of the birthday puja ceremony are based on the traditional offerings made by the family to God and receiving blessings in return. 

Procedure Of Birthday Puja Ceremony

Similar to other puja rituals, the Birthday Puja ceremony is easy to process. Either the individual or the Pandit may offer the prayers on the devotee’s behalf. To receive all the benefits of puja, one can also perform the Satyanarayan Puja

Puja can be tailored depending on the occasion, using a variety of rites and traditions. Begin by chanting the Navagraha and several other mantras before doing the Ganesh Puja. Following that, they organize a Havan with mantras.




As stated, you can chant the mantra of any of your deities, and since the Ganesh mantra is universal, you can recite it to have all of your wishes come true.

|| Gajananam bhutganadhi sevitam
Kapithjambufalcharu bhakshanam
Uma sutam shokvinashkarakam
Namami vigneshwara pudupakkam ||

You can perform this puja in the Birthday puja ceremony – 

  • With Gangajal Abhishek – to Lord Shiva, you can perform Abhishek using water mixed with gangajal.
  • With Milk Abhishek – using milk you can do the Abhishek.
  • With Sugarcane Juice Abhishek – using sugarcane juice pandits perform the Abhishek.

However, next time when your birthday comes you should not forget to offer prayers to God and seek blessings from them. It’s all because of God we are living our life without any hassle and we should be thankful to him for his kindness and great creation. 

Birthday Puja Ceremony Samagri

The puja materials used for the Birthday puja ceremony are Dakshina for Brahmin, Aarti, Deep Prajjawlit, Kalash Sthapns, Navagraha Sthapna, Ganpati Staphna, Purnahuti, Sandalwood powder, Ayush Mantra Japa, Shivlinga of any size, Laxmi, Sankalpa, Swasti Vachan, Shetrapal pujan, 64 yogini pujan, Shodash Matrika, Asthagandh, Til, Sugar, Ghee, Homam with honey, Punyavachan, all under the Panchang Sthapana and Kalash Sthapana.

Special Pooja Done On Birthday

To receive blessings from God and live a healthy and prosperous life, you can perform a special birthday puja on your birthday. On the birthday you can perform some specific poojas and homam to appease God and the planets.

Birthday Puja Ceremony

If you are going through any problems and difficulties in your life, you can perform puja and havan according to that. Some of the poojas you can do on your birthday are Mritunjaya homam, Navagraha havan, Gandmool Nakshatra Shanti Puja, Buddha shanti puja, and Nakshatra shanti puja.

Puja Perform For The First Birthday

On your first birthday to celebrate it, you can organize Ayush Homa as per the Janam nakshatra of your child. In this homam, the child will get the blessings of God Ayur Devatha who is the God of life. 

Performing Ayush homam brings good health, positivity, wealth, and a long life in your life. As per the Bodhanyana sutras, you can perform this homam regularly in case your child suffers from any disease and falls ill often until he does not get better. 

During the child’s naming ceremony, the pandit performs Ayushya homam wishes for the child’s wellness and happiness. 

Ashthachirinjivi Puja

Since Ashtha means “eight” and Chiranjivi means “deathless,” they both refer to eight sacred gods and saints who are without death.

This puja worships the following eight deities—Hanuman, Kripacharya, Vibhishan, Parashuram, Ashwathama, Daityaraaj Bali, Markandeya Rishi, and Ved Vyasji—since people consider them immortal. By performing this puja, you increase your life’s prosperity, health, and longevity.




This puja’s benefits also enhance financial stability and academic performance. If you want to protect the person and your family from bad luck and misfortunes, this puja is beneficial. To execute this puja and conduct the Ashthachiranjivi Ceremony, our pandits will require the host to provide the following information:

Native’s name:
Gotra, or native:
Father’s name:
Date of Birth and Place:

Satyanarayana Puja On Birthday

To worship Lord Satyanarayan, who is a manifestation of Shri Vishnu, one performs the Satyanarayan Puja. By performing this puja on your birthday, you can find happiness and get rid of all your problems. During the Satyanarayana puja, Pandit ji chants the Katha during this puja. The person must fast fervently while performing this puja to be free of all problems.

Birthday Puja Ceremony Benefits

  • Performing the Birthday puja ceremony helps reduce the harmful and malefic effects on the planet.
  • The benefit of the Birthday Puja Ceremony is the eradication of Negative energy and the evil eye.
  • Performing this puja increases the Ayushya (age of the person).
  • You can enter the positive omen in your life with the aid of Janamdin Puja.

Birthday Puja Ceremony

  • Puja helps one achieve tranquillity all year long and purges negativity.
  • Within a year, we eliminate any bad planetary alignments, enabling you to fully enjoy their favourable effects.
  • The Birthday puja ceremony brings joy and harmony into one’s life.
  • Native people experience good fortune and prosperity all year round.
  • We will eliminate any poor combination that causes loss at work, and you will experience name recognition, respect, and celebrity at work.
  • Performing a Birthday puja ceremony according to the correct rites and procedures will heal your Kundali, as it will no longer cast its evil spell on you due to an unfavourable planet in your birth chart.
  • The growth of the person Growth that was once an elusive concept in your life comes back.

Cost Of Birthday Puja Ceremony

The cost of a Birthday puja ceremony depends on the client’s requirements. The Birthday puja ceremony cost starts from 5,000/- INR to 15,000/- INR including pandit Dakshina, food, accommodation, and required puja materials.

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Any Pooja (Birthday puja ceremony) that invokes the gods must be sacred, performed by Acharya Pandits, and follow the protocols outlined in the Vedic scriptures. You can receive the greatest benefits from this yanja with complete commitment and knowledgeable priests. 

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Birthday Puja is one of the most important pujas in Hinduism. People perform birthday puja to appease the deities on the occasion of their birthday. They perform pujas such as Rudra Abhishek Puja and Hanuman Homam to appease the deities.

It is important to perform Birthday Puja as per the authentic vidhi. Performing this puja as per the authentic vidhi can have many benefits for the devotees. Pandit for Birthday Puja can help the devotees in performing the rituals of this puja as per the authentic vidhi.

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Frequently Asked Question

Q. Why is the Birthday puja ceremony performed?

A.Birthday Puja Ceremony or Janamdin puja is celebrated to mark a person’s birthday and to receive blessings from parents, God, and Kul Devta. The birthday is considered the day when people are born, and the timing to decide the future is based on the Rashi and Nakshatra.

Q. What is a Birthday puja ceremony?

A.The birthday puja ceremony is performed to seek blessings and thank God for giving such a beautiful life. The Birthday puja ceremony helps the native who performs the puja to get a prosperous life ahead.

Q. How do Hindus celebrate birthdays?

A.Hindus celebrate the birthday as per the Hindu dharma shastras by organizing a special Yagya because performing Yagya at home cleanses one’s soul and purifies in a specific manner. The value of a birthday further increases as being born into human life.

Q. What is the special puja that can be done on a birthday?

A.On the birthday some of the poojas you can do are Mritunjaya Homam, Ayush homam, Ashthachirinjvi puja, Satyanarayana puja, Navagraha havan, Gandmool nakshatra shanti puja, Buddha shanti puja, and Nakshatra shanti puja.

Q. Which mantra is recited during the Birthday puja ceremony?

A.The following mantra is chanted by the pandit during the birthday puja ceremony.
|| Gajananam bhutganadhi sevitam
Kapithjambufalcharu bhakshanam
Uma sutam shokvinashkarakam
Namami vigneshwara padupankaiam ||




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