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Navaratri means “Nine nights” which means the nine days to dedicate the Goddess of power to “Shakti”. Navaratri puja is specially celebrated to offer worship and dedication to Goddess Durga. Each day represents different forms of Goddess Durga with their significance. 

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Among the Hindu festivals, Navaratri puja is the most important puja ceremony. This festival is celebrated with joy and devotion towards the Goddess. People celebrate the festival with lots of preparations. That means in some states of India Garba, pandal, and special traditional events are organized to feel the divine presence of the Goddess. 

The nine forms of Goddess Durga, Saraswati, and Lakshmi are honoured and worshipped during these nine days of Navarati puja. The festival is celebrated with fanfare in states of India such as West Bengal, Gujarat, and Mumbai. 

Pandit for Navaratri puja is an important element that executes the puja correctly with full dedication. 99Pandit provides the experienced, verified, and skilled pandit for Navaratri puja. 

To inherit all our customs and rituals Navratri puja is organized in our country by the Hindu people.  This is important to know the right vidhi to perform the Navaratri puja. Only Pandit knows the detailed steps of puja.

Before starting the Navaratri puja, 99Pandit’s team will give you the required items for the Navaratri puja. And also some of the puja items will be brought by Pandit.

What Are The Nine Days Dedicated To?

The nine days of Navaratri puja have special significance and are dedicated to different forms of Shakti. The power of Goddess Durga is honoured these nine days regarding seeking blessings and protection from negative energy, fear, and threats. 

When pandits for Navaratri puja perform the puja and pray for peace, happiness, and prosperity for the family, Goddess Durga has supreme power over the destruction, creation, and preservation of the universe. 

The processes are suggested by and followed by Pandit for the Navaratri puja of all nine days as:

Day 1 Shailaputri: Welcome!

The first day of Navaratri puja is dedicated to Goddess Shailputri and it is advised to wear grey colour to represent activity and strength. 

Day 2 Brahmacharini

Goddess Parvati’s other form Goddess Brahmacharini is worshiped on the second day of Navaratri. An orange colour is advised to wear to represent peace and good energy flow.

Day 3 Chandraghanta 

White is the colour of the third day of Navaratri and the worship of Goddess Chandraghanta. This form of Goddess is derived after marrying Lord Shiva. 

Day 4 Kushmanda 

Goddess Kushmanda is the deity of the fourth day of Navaratri puja. As pandits for Navaratri puja perform and wear red cloth to symbolize the puja. 

Day 5 Skandamata 

Skandamata is the goddess of Panchami and is worshipped by the devotees. The royal blue colour is advised to wear on this day. 

Day 6 Katyayani 

Goddess Katyayani is the other form of Durga and is worshipped on the sixth day. The yellow color refers to the Goddess which shows having great courage. 

Day 7 Kaalaratri (Festival of Lights)

Sapatami is referred to as the most violent Goddess Kalaratri. The red colour is the favourite of Kalaratri and should be worn on this day. 

Day 8 Mahagauri 

Ashtami is the day of Mahagauri who is a hindu deity of intellect and serenity. The peacock green colour symbolizes the day.  

Day 9 Siddhidatri

The last day of Navaratri puja is Navami which is dedicated to Goddess Siddhidhatri. Devotees do kanya pujan and havan to complete the puja. And the color of this day is purple hue represents awe and respect.

Navratri Puja




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