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Pandit For Durga Puja In Bangalore: Cost, Vidhi & Benefits

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Last Updated:June 9, 2024

Pandit for Durga puja in Bangalore organizes the whole puja and completes it with the right methods. Looking for a pandit for Durga puja in Bangalore through an online service called 99Pandit is the easiest way to connect devotees with their requirements. 

In Bangalore, this is the time of year when the city lights like heaven and witnesses the sprouting of ornate pandals,  crowded by a swarm of people wearing traditional dresses. The people in Bangalore during the Durga puja exchange lip-smacking milk sweets and savouries.

Durga Puja in Bangalore

The various Bengali associations in Bangalore prepare pandals for Durga puja so that devotees can seek the darshan of Goddess Durga and take her blessings. To manage the Durga puja in the right way, people book Pandit for the Durga puja in Bangalore.

The word “Maha” means “great,” “Mrityu” means “death,” and “Jaya” means “victory,” suggesting that by doing this jaap, the mantra grants the practitioner victory over death. Durga Puja in Bangalore brings back money and grants happiness, prosperity, health, and long life.

Book a pandit for the Durga puja in Bangalore with 99Pandit at a very low cost. The pandit will come to perform the puja with very experienced professionals who studied at Vedic schools. 

We have a team of knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced pandits who do pujas following the specifics of your neighbourhood, language, and geographic location. We handle the entire cycle, starting with booking and assigning the appropriate Pandit and including the best Muhurat, Puja Samagri, Flowers, and so on. 

What Is Durga Puja In Bangalore

Generally, people in Bangalore celebrate Durga Puja on favourable days like Mondays, Kartik, and Shravan, as well as other favourable times depending on their nakshatra. When someone has Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja in Bangalore, a Pandit for Durga Puja is quite successful in removing its negative effects.

The event starts on the Maha Panchami and continues through the Maha Shashti, Maha Saptami, Maha Ashtami, Maha Nabami, and the Bijaya Dashami when the idols of the goddess Durga will be submerged. When the Durga idols are delivered to the various pandals on the day of Durga puja, the celebrations will begin throughout the city.

Durga puja in Bangalore is one of the religious celebrations that are actively embraced throughout India. Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, gives special homage to Goddess Durga’s unfathomable might.




Throughout the whole Navratri season, this festival is commemorated for a total of 10 days. Tourists can observe the enormous pandals of the goddess Durga beginning on the sixth day of Navaratri and lasting until the ninth day. On Dashami, people submerge the Durga idols in water on the tenth day of Navaratri. This ritual is known as Visarjan.

In Hindu mythology, Goddess Durga—also known as an embodiment of Shakti or a symbol of feminine power—appeared as a collection of forces to combat the demon Mahishasura, who had received the blessing not to be vanquished by either God or Man.

Significance Of Durga Puja In Bangalore

With 99Pandit, finding a pandit for the Durga pooja in Bangalore may be simple. In Bangalore, people venerate Maa Durga as Durgatanashini because Durga Puja honours her victory over the evil monster Mahishasura, who was the protector of the devotees. In Bengal, Assam, and Odisha, people frequently refer to the puja simply as Puja.

The festival officially starts on Mahalaya, which is also the day that work on the idols starts. People consider Maha Shashthi, Maha Saptami, Maha Ashtami, Maha Navami, and Vijayadashami as proper dates for puja. To celebrate the completion of the Durga Pooja in Bangalore, devotees immerse the Maa Durga idol on the day of Dussehra.

In Bangalore, the importance of Durga Puja symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. Bangalore observes Durga Puja for ten days. because Mahishasura and Maa Durga fought for ten days. The tenth day is remembered as Vijaya Dashami, which symbolizes the victory of good over evil and marks the day when Goddess Durga killed the demon king.

The festival celebrates the divine feminine (Shakti) and honours Goddess Durga as a symbol of power and strength. Maa Durga devotees believe that by praying to her, they can overcome challenges and protect themselves from evil.

Procedure Of Durga Puja In Bangalore

Durga puja is conducted similar to how Navratri puja is conducted. During these sacred days, you must observe a fast and recite mantras. Also known as Basanta Navratra, Rama Navratri, and Chaitra Navratri, VasantraNav Durga Puja is a nine-day festival.

Durga Puja in Bangalore

The Durga Puja instructions are provided below –

The vidhi begins with performing the Ghatasthapana ritual, where devotees place the statue of the goddess Durga on a chowki alongside clay and barley pots. Observe the appropriate Muhurat when doing Ghatasthapana.

In the second part, known as Kalash Sthapana, the devotee fills the Kalash with holy water before placing objects inside of it, including coins, flowers, Ashoka, and five mango leaves. Then, someone placed a coconut covered with red cloth and filled it with rice on top of the lid that had covered the top half of the Kalash.

In the third stage, they light the Diya in front of the deity or goddess statues, and then Panchopachar worships the Kalash or Ghat (which includes Naivedya, Deepak, Flower Dhoop, and Scent).

The devotee installs the Goddess Durga in the fourth step, called Chowki Sthapana. To do this, the devotee should spread a crimson cloth over the chowki. Place Lady Durga’s statue on the chowki and fasten it with the Moli.

Furthermore, The fifth stage entails doing a Durga Pooja, in which the devotee requests illumination for their home from Goddess Durga by chanting the appropriate mantras or prayers. On the nine days of the festival, devotees seek Maa Durga to reside in their homes.

The devotee chants the Aarti while holding a bell and a Pooja thali during the performance of Goddess Durga’s Aarti, which is the sixth stage. Serve homemade Navratri dishes and “blog” (sweets and fruits) to family and friends after the Aarti.

Pandit For Durga Puja In Bangalore

99Pandit is the top right choice for all kinds of pujas for the people who live in Bangalore. The best choice for them is to get a pandit for the Durga pooja in Bangalore. Durga puja in Bangalore also called Navchandi or Durgaashtami puja is performed to attain Good health, wealth, power, prosperity, success, and happiness in life by eliminating hurdles.

Besides, It’s crucial to perform this puja to counter foes and planets’ negative impacts. On Navratri, Navchandi Puja is performed along with the path and Havana to honour the Goddess. You can ask an accomplished Pandit for Durga Puja in Bangalore at your residence with a path and a haven so that you can receive the goddess’ blessings.




99Pandit is the one where you will get good services for the puja, ceremonies, and havan. The pandit will arrange the required puja materials for the Durga puja to ensure the puja proceeds smoothly. Book a pandit for the Durga puja in Bangalore now to get your requirements smoothly done.

Those who live in Bangalore can perform all kinds of pujas at 99Pandit, which is highly beneficial to them. At every Puja, our Pandits are quite professional. To appease Lord Shiva, who is the most forgiving deity, also known as Bholenath, SunderKand Path is conducted. 

All you have to do is reserve our service, then relax while we take care of making sure you have a beautiful Puja experience. 

With 99Pandit, you have the best opportunity and feel free to contact us anytime.

Book Pandit For Durga Puja In Bangalore

A trustworthy one-stop shop where you may ask a Pandit for Durga puja in Bangalore and have it completed properly by adhering to all the rites and vidhans is North Indian Pandit Bangalore.

Without much thought, 99Pandit is giving you the best opportunity. For this Durga pooja in Bangalore, call us or email us, and we will ensure we do everything as you need it.

Durga Puja in Bangalore

Before you engage an online pandit for the Durga pooja in Bangalore, we need to connect you with Pandit Ji. For this, we need some crucial details. The required specifics are

Complete name:
Mobile phone:
Puja type:
Place Name:

Once you provide the required information, we will send you notifications with the reservation information through email and text messages. Together with your reservation confirmation, you will also receive a link for making a payment. After the pandit completes the service, you can pay the remaining money in cash or online.

Make a Pandit reservation on the website by clicking the “Book a Pandit Online” button. The Pandit Ji will bring the puja supplies with them.

Benefits Of Durga Puja In Bangalore

Durga Puja, one of the most well-known Hindu holidays, brings tremendous joy throughout India. Sanskrit words compose the term “Durga puja.” It refers to the worship of the Goddess Durga in her nine different incarnations. People perform the Nav Durga puja over nine sacred nights.

Do you know that Nav Durga Puja takes place five times a year? What benefits may you receive from performing a Durga puja? We shall discuss them in more detail in this blog article.

However, Worshipers can fend against evil spirits, bad vibes, and black magic with the help of the Durga Puja ritual. Strength, tolerance, courage, and fearlessness are gifts from the Durga Puja in Bangalore.




Pandit for Durga Pooja in Bangalore assists in overcoming hurdles in life such as competition.

Goddess Durga bestows wealth and prosperity during the Durga Pooja in Bangalore. The celebration of Durga Puja helps worshippers find happiness, peace, and joy while also helping to banish grief, suffering, and pain.

Durga puja in Bangalore is beneficial for a happy and content marriage life. It encourages health, wellness, and recovery from ailments. People perform Durga puja to obtain Maa Durga’s blessings for spiritual progress.

Similarly, A benefit of Durga pooja in Bangalore is protection from malefic planets’ harmful impacts. Goddess Durga fulfils the participants’ desires and aspirations during the Durga puja.


As Durga puja is the most auspicious festival celebrated in Bangalore, this festival is sometimes referred to as Durgotsava, executed during the nine days of Navaratri. Goddess Durga is the universal mother and characterization of the female dynamic.

Associating with 99Pandit, you do not have to worry about not receiving the blessings of Goddesses if you cannot find a suitable pandit for Durga puja in Bangalore. 99Pandit has made the pandit booking process so simple and efficient for every native and perform the puja in the way you want to.

So why you are waiting for it? Come with us and give us a chance to help in your spiritual journey. No matter what type of puja and date selected to perform, we have top pandits available for you.

Frequently Asked Question

Q.What are the puja materials brought by Pandit for the Durga puja in Bangalore?

A.The list of items brought by Pandit for the Durga pooja in Bangalore is Ghee, Haldi Powder, Dhoop, Supari, Laung, Roli, Match Stick, Red Cloth, Itra, Abheer, Gulal, Kesar, GangaJal, Honey, Srinagar, Samgri, SaptaMatrika, and White Cloth.

Q.What is Durga puja in Bangalore?

A.Durga pooja in Bangalore is also called Navchandi or Durgaashtami puja. It is performed to attain good health, wealth, power, prosperity, success, and happiness in life by eliminating hurdles.

Q.What are the characteristics of Goddess Durga?

A.The Durga Puja ceremony helps devotees fend off evil spirits, bad vibes, and black magic. The attributes of strength, patience, courage, and fearlessness are bestowed by the Bangalore Durga Puja.

Q.What is the history behind Durga puja?

A.According to the legend surrounding the Durga Puja, Goddess Durga vanquished the demon king on the tenth day. As a result, the day is celebrated as Vijaya Dashami and represents the triumph of good over evil. On the last day, the Lady Durga statue is immersed in the revered Ganges river.

Q.What are the details required to book a Pandit for Durga Pooja in Bangalore?

A.Before you may engage an online pandit for the Durga puja in Bangalore, we need to connect you with Pandit Ji. For this, we need some crucial details. The required specifics are:
Complete name:
Mobile phone:
Puja type:
Place Name:

Q.Why do devotees worship Goddess Durga in Durga puja?

A.An annual Hindu festival called Durga puja, also known as Durgoatsava and Sharadotsava, is observed in India to honour and worship the Goddess Durga. The significance of her victory over the demonic Mahishasura is revealed at Durga Puja.



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