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Pooja For Good Health: Cost, Vidhi, And Benefits

99Pandit Ji
Last Updated:April 5, 2023

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Pooja For Good Health: Have you guys ever heard about the pooja for good health? Of course when medicines don’t work then only God can help you protect yourself. When you are suffering from bad health for a long time and any medicine does not work. Remembering God can make your health good. Pooja for good health is to appease God so that you will get blessed with good health and prosperity. 

99Pandit is the best platform for pooja for good health. 99Pandit provides experienced and professional pandits for pooja for good health.

Pooja For good health

But do you know which pooja for good health is performed and who is the God of health? As we all know Lord Dhanwantari is the god of medicine so worshipping him could be the choice for attaining good health. 

The powerful effective pooja for good health safeguards from disease and restoration of good health. To attain good health and wealth, having the blessings of god is necessary. If you have wealth but not good health then what does it mean? Without good health, you would not be able to enjoy that finances and wealth.

Through pooja for good health deities invoked by performers bless them with well-being and good health. Pooja for good health helps the devotee to get blessed to build strong immunity against severe diseases and enhance the positivity in life. Pooja for good health also decreases mental stress, physical illness, and dread.

You can perform Maha Mritunjaya Homam, Dhanwantri pooja, and other online pooja for good health if you are suffering from a long-time disease. The pooja for good health is recommended for those who go through various ailments such as Respiratory Infections, Pulmonary Diseases, Alzheimer, Cirrhosis (Liver damage due to liquor addiction), Depression, Cancer, Heart Attack, Kidney, Paralysis, Diabetes, Migraine, Brain Stroke or Hemorrhage, Tuberculosis and includes Sudden Death, Accidents, and Thefts.

As per the research of medical institutes good health of people is scarce around the world as everyone is tensed to seek good health. For the good health and well-being of people, we 99Pandit advised organizing the pooja for good health and also to get rid of physical and mental health. 

To attain good health devotees should worship goddess kali, Lord Shiva in Mahamrityunjaya, Kala Bhairava Homam, and pratyingira devi. It is said that these are the strong protectors of the good health of devotees. 

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Why Pooja For Good Health Performed




The people who are suffering from long-time severe diseases and not getting improved health, pooja for good health is the best option for them. Pooja for good health is performed to ensure the well-being of you and your loved ones. Along with reducing mental disorders and physical illness, performers also get blessed with good wealth and prosperity. 

It is implied rightly that good health is money. When one is not physically or mentally in perfect condition, one will exert every effort to recover. Those who are ill discover that they are unable to think about anything other than their health problems, and an illness that is difficult to detect or treat can lead to the sufferer being dejected and melancholy. 

Regrettably, the lifestyle that the majority of us lead today can lead to a wide range of health problems, some of which are extremely challenging to treat once they manifest. Whether an ailment is small or severe, whether it has advanced or is still in its early stages, a puja for easing from illness oneself proved to be beneficial, nonetheless.

Best Poojas For Good Health

In our daily life routine, everyone seeks well-being and good health for themselves and their loved ones. This is our priority to get good health along with good wealth, as our health plays a significant role to enjoy finances. 

Our health can be categorized into two parts, mental and physical health. The pursuit of mental well-being is the path to a happy existence. The second person must put in a lot of effort to achieve their goals in life. With the assistance of our staff of effective experts, we conduct Online E-Puja for good Health Issues solutions to ensure your good health. 

In Vedic astrology, each planet is associated with a particular illness or disease. The many zodiac signs and planets influence various parts of our bodies. So, the malefic combination emerging in your birth chart is neutralized with the use of traditional rituals like Puja for Health, and you experience good physical and mental health.

There is a list of pooja for good health performed to ensure the well-being, good health, and prosperity of the family. The consultation of expert pandits from 99Pandit ensures success and happiness and removes the negative effects as well as the harmful consequences. 

Many poojas for good health can be performed with their different effects, please read the pooja for good health.

1. Ganesh Puja




Lord Ganesha is the most worshipped god among all gods and has many worshippers in every religion. He is the one who always worshipped first before starting something new and also his blessings are important to remove the physical illness of the family. 

Pooja For good health

If you organize the Ganesh Pooja for good health with the help of a pandit, he will remove the negative energies, sickness, and ailments from the family. Performing Ganesh Pooja for good health gives happiness, prosperity, success, and good health.

2. Satyanarayan Puja

For good health, Satyanarayan Puja could be the choice. Performing satyanarayan puja at home enhances the health of the entire family. As well as Lord satyanarayan is the manifestation of Lord Vishnu who is the symbol of truth.

Pooja For good health

The auspicious day to conduct the Satyanarayan puja is on the day of the full moon or Poornima because it brings good luck and enhancement of the human body’s health as well as the mind. 

3. Dhanwantari Puja

Lord Dhanwantari is the god of ayurveda and medicine, so Dhanwantari pooja for good health is one of the best pujas. Dhanwantari Homam creates positive effects and safeguards the devotees from various diseases and other health-related issues. Lord Dhanwantri is also the embodiment of Lord Vishnu and he will be the main deity of this puja and divine healer for the sufferings.

Pooja For good health

The auspicious day to conduct Dhanwantri puja on ekadashi, Ashtami, Dhanteras, Mondays, and Ekadasi days, or if a person is not well can be scheduled this puja with pandit. 

At Havan, the priest chants the Purusha Suktam, Dhanvantari moola mantra, and Dhanvantari Gayatri mantras, and medicinal herbs are offered as a means of treating all physical illnesses.

Why is Dhanwantari puja done for good health?

To heal from a chronic illness and alleviate mental and physical problems, Dhanvantari Pooja is conducted. For those with serious or fatal conditions that have no known remedy, Dhanvantari Homam is very beneficial and highly advised. 

By receiving the god Dhanvantari’s benediction, according to the Bhagavad Gita, Bhagavatham, not only are physical and mental illnesses cured, but the soul is also freed from the never-ending cycle of birth and death.

How to perform Dhanwantari pooja for good health




Start with Achamana by taking water with the right hand, then perform Sankalpa and athmashodham (sprinkling oneself with water). Place the statue of Lord Dhanvantari and engage in meditation.

Do panchamrutha abhishekam, offer flowers, gandha, and dhoop, and wash Lord Dhanvantari’s feet. Make Dakshina, Naivedya, and the tombola accessible.

Following the practice of pradakshina, Dhanvantari slokam are chanted.

Mantra for the Dhanwanti pooja for good health:

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaaya Dhanvantaraye Amrita-kalasha Hastaaya Sarva-amaya Vinashaaya Trailokya Naathaya Dhanvantri Maha-vishnave Namaha

Importance of Dhanwantari puja/havan

By doing Dhanvantari puja, those with physical, mental, and psychological problems may get relief. This puja can be performed by people with chronic health issues as well as by parents of sick children. This puja is frequently performed by people to encourage their health, longevity, and rebirth.

4. Maha Mritunjaya Puja

The potent Maha Mrityunjay Puja or Mantra Jaap will give you the courage and strength to face the issue if circumstances get terrible and there is no other option. This Puja is typically performed by those who are seriously ill or by family members who are in a similar situation. 

Pooja For good health

By performing the Puja at home, you can rid your house of negative energy and create a shield of protection for your family. The right time to organize the Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap is during the Shravan month, Mondays, or based on the performer’s horoscope or birth chart can be performed.

Why is maha mritunjaya puja done for good health?

  • Through this puja, detrimental elements are banished along with ill spirits and energy.
  • Reduces dread and anxiety. Puja purges the mind of ignorance, obstacles, and challenges.
  • Defending the mental, emotional, and physical health of the members of your family.
  • for longevity, success, and beauty. for prosperity and pleasure to also enter your life. Restore and nourish your health while purging disease from your body.
  • You can maximize your potential and succeed professionally by performing this Puja.
  • Your health will be better after this pooja. It extends life, prevents catastrophes, and delays early death.

How to perform maha mritunjaya puja



  • Chant the Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap Mantra of Lord Shiva 108 times while wearing a Japa Mala.
  • Rituals include offering flowers to the Shivling and performing the Abhishek with milk and water.
  • When performing Sankalp, one fills a pot with water and prays to Lord Shiva for his blessings.
  • Also, they perform the Havan with five items—light, incense, water, Bel leaves, and fruits—after the Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap Puja.

The mantra chanted by the pandit for Maha mritunjaya pooja for good health:

Oṃ tryaṃbakaṃ Yajāmahe Sugandhiṃ Puṣṭivardhanam Urvārukamiva Bandhanān Mṛtyormukṣīya Mā’mṛtāt

Importance of maha mritunjaya puja

It is said to be a moksha mantra that promotes longevity in life as well as being beneficial for mental, emotional, and physical health. When a person is terminally ill, it is done for them.

Someone who gets sick relatively regularly receives it.

Benefits Of Pooja For Good Health

Instead of blessing with good health and well-being, pooja for good health gives other benefits to the worshippers. Depending on one horoscope of one’s the muhurat for pooja for good health is suggested by the pandit. 

Let’s see what other benefits devotees will get after performing pooja for good health. 

The biggest benefit of pooja for good health is to reduce the negativity of the planets with negative effects in one’s horoscope. Pooja For Good Health is the best choice to manage Mars’ planet impact on Earth which is considered to be very crucial for health.

Participating in a Health Puja becomes the ideal treatment with no drawbacks when the ascendant lord, who is affected by malefic planets in the horoscope, is the reason for the native’s ill health.

It is possible to ensure mental stability and good mental health by strengthening the Moon, the deity of emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Saturn is an elemental lord of long-term disease and mental disorders. Anxiety, depression, and terror are lessened in their harmful effects by this.

Shields against the current transits of unfavourable planets. Doing puja to call forth your good energy will help you increase your energy from the inside out and is another advantage.

You get tougher against any health problems due to unfavourable planets.

Book Pandit For Pooja For Good Health

There you go! Book immediately a pandit for pooja for good health if anyone in your family is not feeling well or suffering from a long-time disease. 99Pandit provides flexible services and experienced pandits for your daily life needs. Similarly, you can also find a pandit near me as you do not need to go anywhere to search the pandit. 

We have listed various pooja for good health which you can schedule at your home or temple as well. The cost for the puja depends on the customer’s requirement and the number of jaaps performed during the havan. 

Besides, the puja samagri will be brought by the pandit. But if an extra item is required for the puja, prices may vary. Contact our support team to know more in detail about the puja, muhurat, and prices. 

Get blessed with 99Pandit!

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Which pooja for good health would be the best?

Lord Dhanwantari is the god of ayurveda and medicine, so Dhanwantari pooja for good health is one of the best pujas. However, Dhanwantari havan creates positive effects and safeguards the devotees from various diseases and other health-related issues.

Q. What is the best healing mantra for good health?

Chanting the Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap Mantra of Lord Shiva 108 times while wearing a Japa Mala is the best healing mantra to attain good health and well-being.

Q. Who is the Ayurveda and medicine god in Hinduism?

A. Lord Dhanwantari is the god of medicine so worshipping him could be the choice for attaining good health.

Q. Who is the Hindu goddess considered for good health?

A. The Hindu goddess Lakshmi, who is associated with fortune, fertility, and health, is also known as the Goddess of Wealth. The energy that powers all of this creation comes from her. She affects our lives in a significant way regardless of how she looks. Her ‘Ashtalakshmi’ character reveals the eight riches gained in life.

Q. What are the methods to achieve good health and well-being?

A. Mantras that can help you feel better physically and mentally. One Aditya Hridayam. Also known as the Heart of the Sun God. Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra No. 3. Dhanvantri Mantra No. 4. 5 Finally, let me extend my gratitude.



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