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Teja Dashmi 2024: Date, History And Significance

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Last Updated:April 19, 2024

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Teja Dashmi 2024 is a traditional day in the Indian state of Rajasthan on the 10th day of Bhadrapada, the Hindu month occurring in August or September in the Gregorian calendar. It is also recognized as a holiday for the youth entirely dedicated to Veer Teja, considered a targeted incarnation of Lord Shiva, who is highly recognized as one of the three principal Hindu deities, along with Brahma and Vishnu.

In the mid-13th century, the village of Karnal, situated in The State of Rajasthan, was Veer Teja’s birthplace. Dayaluya Jats were considered as his parents. Only a few details regarding Teja’s life and history are provided. After his brutal death in a war while saving a herd of cows from Mer raiders. 

Teja Dashi 2024

Apart from succumbing to his wounds, Tejaji permitted the snake to bite his tongue, the only corner of his body that was not hurt. In the back, the snake said that no other creature who sought Tejaj ‘s blessings would die through a snake bite. 

Significance of Teja Dashmi 2024.

Teja Dashmi 2024 is celebrated as a festival in Hinduism dedicated to loving the folk deity of the Rajasthan State. He was recognized as King Bakshaj’s son in the Rajasthan State region.  

Veer Tejaji is encountered as one of the incarnations of Lord Shiva. The death ceremony is celebrated as Teja Dashmi on Bhadra Prasad Dashami every year. On this particular day, everybody visits the temples and prays for his peace of soul. A large group of people devotes raw milk and milky coconut packs to the holy temples with added churma in the packets. 

How Devotees will Celebrate Teja Dashmi 2024 and Where?

Teja Dashmi 2024 occurs on fanfare in several parts of Rajasthan State, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh. Tejaji has a teaching of cure and protection to people from all kinds of snake bites and all snake venoms.

Devotees visit several shrines where the deity is located and present churma, raw milk, and milky coconuts to them, seek their blessings, and pray for their good fortune. They also hold a tradition or ritual of bringing colourful umbrellas to provide to the deity. Several destinations and their period are listed below, briefly explaining the details for better readers’ knowledge. 

1. Malwa 

The people of Malwa City are well known for their extreme celebration of the Teja Dashmi 2024 festival. They celebrate numerous fairs in different shrines dedicated to the Tejaji deity. Devotees gather large numbers to worship and fetch blessings for a healthy and prosperous life. Malwa has the oldest and finest temple to celebrate Teja Dashmi 2024, named Tejaji Temple, where a large group of people come together and pray obeisance. 

Teja Dashmi 2024

2.  Ujjain

This city is well-known for its beautiful celebration of Teja Dashmi 2024. Various devotees visit the Lord Teja temples to celebrate the occasion. Devotees also offer bright-coloured umbrellas and bring out the procession through dancing and singing the chats on drum beats. 

3. Jaipur

Jaipur conducts many fairs in all the temples and holy places in the rural city and Pink City. Various communities pray in temples and fetch blessings for a healthy and peaceful life. People whose snakes have been beaten also visit the temple and get cured of the snake’s venom. 

4. Ajmer

Ajmer has numerous events and locations that celebrate the festival. Many temples are recognized as Tejaji’s temples and provide fairs to organize temple fairs and donations.

History of Teja Dashmi 2024

On Teja Dashmi 2024, devotees across the country pray to Veer Teja. Devotees recognise him as the famous folk deity of Rajasthan state. History predicts his death occurred while he was protecting a group of castles from the hunters. His tongue was the only part not injured, as it was destroyed while saving the herd of castles.




The snake showered his blessings on Veer Teja and benedict him with a blessing that anyone who worships him will never die from a snake bite in their entire life. All his devotees believe that if they pray to Veer Teja well, he will always bless them. Hence, devotees celebrate the festival of Teja Dashmi with many prayers and fairs.

Teja Dashmi 2024: Legends Associated With The Festival

Teja Ji Maharaj is recognised as a nobleman. Maharaj considers the day as his greatness and practices it to highlight his teachings and words. According to the Gregorian period, he was chaotic in the year 1074 to Tahar Ji, a recognized Jat, and his beloved wife Ramkumari on the occasion of Chaturdashi Tithi occurring in the month of Magha, Shukla, and Paksha.

He was chaotic after his guardians practised amends to delight Lord Shiva and his beloved wife, Goddess Parvati. However, his parents were completely aware of his short life and divine qualities.

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Main clause:

According to one of the closest legends of Teja Ji, some thieves had once robbed cattle from his sister’ martial shelter, and with no delay, he went there with his friends to save the cows. This is also one of the warm practices of his tales of history. People there believed that Teja ji Maharaj wanted to rescue a herd of cows which vanished after some time by a group.

Final clause:

Through marching towards the robber’s dwellings, he came to the far side of a snake that held a desire to bite him. Still, Teja Ji Maharaj appealed to the snake to let him march forward to save the herd of cows stuck inside due to robbery after saying to come back and allow him to give a dreadful bite.

The snake convinced him and allowed him to move and come soon. Teja Jii Maharaj fought bravely and sustained injuries. Ultimately, after rescuing the herd of cows, he went back to the snake; rather than running back, he chose to take a bite from the snake as he gave him his words. He galvanized the viper with his honesty and words.




However, the snake was suspiciously finding a place to bite him as he was bleeding from every side. Therefore, Teja Ji questioned Teja Ji Maharaj to bite him on his tongue as it was the only part not bleeding.

However, just before a few seconds of biting him, the snake turns himself into the god of snakes, also pronounced as “Nag Devta,” and blurts out his true identity. He blessed Teja ji; anyone who worships him will never die from a snake bite or come under any kind of “Shaarp dosh.”

Therefore, people mostly watch devotees praying to Teja Jii and binding threads to protect themselves from any snake bite.

When Devotees Celebrate Teja Dashmi?

Devotees will celebrate Teja Dashmi 2024 on the birthday anniversary of Tejaji, which invades on the same day as Bhadrapad Shukla Dashmi or the 10th day of Shukla paksha, according to the regular calendar of the Hindu religion.

Teja Dashmi

Furthermore, people celebrate Teja Dashmi 2024 with even more joy and happiness every year. Last year, in 2023, the date was 23rd September on which devotees celebrated Teja Dashmi.

Teja Dashmi 2024

In many rural parts of Rajasthan State, as well as in many parts of Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana, people consider Teja Dashmi 2024 as the celebration of Veer Teja, a folk deity. On this magnificent day known as Teja Dashmi, people celebrate Veer Teja, acknowledging him as one of the brilliant incarnations and personalities of Lord Shiva. Devotees visit nearby temples and holy places on this day to offer prayers and chants.


Teja Dashmi 2024 is an exceptional day for the devotees of Lord Shiva and snakes. This day brings belief and trust to the devotees and a motive that they are still kind and helping people. People who are afraid of snakes or have any issues with snakes come and witness the prayers of TejaJi Maharaj temple and their holy places. People from different states also visit temples in Rajasthan to worship in the TejaJi Maharaj temples. Many people believe that a few temples are the most sacred places for praying.

Teja Ji Maharaj was a man of his word, and that sparked the devotees of his kindness, risk-taking qualities, and strong points for animals. Lord Shiva and the Naag Devta highly bless him for his king dongs and presence of mind. His parents knew he had a short life with divine powers and abilities, making him way more different from ordinary people.   

Worshipping him will never lead his devotee to die from a snake bite or any venom produced by snakes. After bleeding from every piece of his body, he returned to the snake because of his words, which made him more truthful and trustworthy for the snake, which further changed into a Naag devta.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is Teja Dashmi?

A.Teja Dashmi is celebrated as a Hindu festival. It occurs on the Bhadrapada Shuk Dashmi.

Q.Why devotees celebrate Teja Dashi?

A.Teja dashi is celebrated because of Teja’s martyrdom. Scholars study that he saved a herd of cows from a snake, gained intelligence, and received a blessing from the PST mythology. If anyone in the future follows his teachings, they will never die through a snake bite.

Q.Who celebrates Teja Dashmi?

A.The people of Rajasthan celebrate Teja Dashmi gracefully.

Q.Where do we celebrate Teja Dashmi?

A.The festival is not only celebrated in Rajasthan but also across the country by Teja Ji’s devotees.



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