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Mother’s Day 2024: Date, Celebrations, And History

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Last Updated:May 7, 2024

Mother’s Day International 2024 falls on Sunday, May 12th. On this earth, Mother is the best creation of God. She is the one who takes care of every person in our family. We celebrate Mother’s Day 2024 to honour and show gratitude to our mother.

In our lives, we call the mother mom, mamma, and mommy, but you know that everyone sees the role of a mother in the same way. She is the pillar and strength of her family as she takes care of everyone in the family without any condition.

Mother's Day 2024

Each person’s notion of a mother may vary; for some, a mother may be a carer, for others, the closest friend, and for yet others, a mother may just be the best chef. To show our respect and gratitude to all mothers worldwide, we commemorate Mother’s Day. A mother is such a big inspiration that a single day is insufficient to recognize all she does.

Every year, people celebrate Mother’s Day in honour of mothers. We perform this amazing occasion to honour Mother with gifts, flowers, cakes, and brunch to let her know how much she means to us and to appreciate her efforts. But do you know how this Mother’s Day originated?

The second Sunday of May is the day to celebrate Mother’s Day. This is the day of showing gratitude, and honour to our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and grandmothers for their unconditional love and relationships, efforts, and contributions to family and society. 

However, businesses and other stores being open on other days means that Mother’s Day is not considered a federal holiday. Father’s Day also celebrates the efforts of a father to raise the family and fulfil their needs, in addition to Mother’s Day.

Significance Of Mother’s Day

If we talk about the Vedic terms of Mother’s Day the reason for our existence is Matru Devo Bhava who is the mother of the divine. The active power, called Shakti, creates and maintains the world, but the Lord is credited for it. Hence, people call Shakti the divine mother.

However, this is also applicable to all mothers who worship just as the divine mother and are worthy of reverence. Throughout the entire life of the mother, she performs her duty without any reward. We perform Mother’s Day 2024 to show respect and tribute to the mother who greatly contributes to our lives, making our existence in the world possible.




As per Vedic scriptures if we talk about Mahabharat, Kunti who was the mother of the greatest Pandavas accompanied her sons during the first period of their exile. Kunti grew up with her two youngest sons Nakula and Sahadev who were not her sons. She selflessly takes care of them and considers them as her sons.

Another character of Mahabharat is Draupadi the wife of Pandavas and daughter of King Dhrupad. When Ashwathama (the son of Arjun’s mentor Draunacharya) kills Draupadi’s sons, Arjun gets angry to kill him. Dronacharya gave him the skills, that Draupadi reminds him are responsible for making him a great warrior.

Mother is an example of selfless care, love, and the deepest heart and never expects anything in return.

Mother’s Day 2024 Dates Around The World

Do you know how to celebrate Mother’s Day in different countries on different dates? In the United Kingdom, people observe it on the fourth Sunday of Lent, while in Mexico, people annually observe it on May 10th.

Date note and letter or present early if your mother or grandmother resides in a nation where Mother’s Day is observed on a different day than in the United States.

Mother's Day 2024

To ensure you don’t forget, you can look out for the precise Mother’s Day date in their nation and mark it on your calendar. Here is a calendar for Mother’s Day 2024 that includes dates in many nations:

  • Ireland and the UK on March 10
  • Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and other Middle Eastern nations celebrate the Spring Equinox on March 21.
  • May 8th in South Korea is also a day celebrated as Parents’ Day.
  • Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, and other Latin American nations on May 10th
  • May 14: Numerous European nations, the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand
  • Haiti on May 28 (the final Sunday of May)

Countries Celebrating Mother’s Day 2024

Many countries around the world, including India, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan, celebrate Mother’s Day 2024 on the second Monday of May. Apart from this, Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and more celebrate Mother’s Day 2024 on the 21st of March.

In other countries, people celebrate this on the fourth Sunday during Lent, and it’s called Mothering Sunday in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Countries including eastern and southern Russia celebrate Mother’s Day 2024 with the festival International Women’s Day on the 8th of March.




2014 was the 100th year of Mother’s Day. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a bill into law specifying that Mother’s Day would be observed on the second Sunday in May, thereby making it a legal holiday.

In order of popularity, greeting cards, flowers, special outings, clothing and accessories, jewellery, and special outings are the top five Mother’s Day gift options. Numerous mothers also enjoy phone calls, hugs, and kisses.

History Of Mother’s Day

The Greeks and Romans were the first civilizations to celebrate Mother’s Day. However, in the UK, people observed Mothering Sunday as part of the festival. Everywhere, people have modernized Mother’s Day celebrations. However, we use modern methods instead of centuries-old ones to honour them.

During the special occasion of the yearly spring festival, the ancient Greeks extremely devoted themselves to their maternal goddesses. Greek mythology states that they were celebrating the occasion to give tribute to the mother of deities and the wife of Cronus (Rhea).

Ancient Romans also celebrated a spring celebration called Hilaria, honouring Cybele, a mother goddess. People used to make offerings in front of the mother Goddess Cybele in the temple at that period.

Mother's Day 2024

Christians also honour the Virgin Mary, who is the Mother of Christ, by celebrating Mother’s Day on the fourth Sunday of the month. Around the 1600s, in England, Mother’s Day celebrations first began. Christians venerate the Virgin Mary and honour Her with gifts and flowers.

Julia Ward Howe, a poet, activist, and writer, chose to make Mother’s Day an official holiday in the United States in 1872. She had proposed a peace celebration for Mother’s Day to take place on June 2nd.

Anna Jarvis, despite being single and never having children, is credited with founding Mother’s Day in the US. She decided to establish a day to honour moms and symbolize their true love after being greatly impressed by her mother, Mrs Anna Marie Reeves Jarvis, for her care and devotion even after death.

How To Celebrate Mother’s Day 2024

We dedicate Mother’s Day 2024 to all mothers who dedicate 365 days to their children without seeking any appreciation. Mothers do hard work to make their children and family Health so you can celebrate Mother’s Day to appreciate her and make her feel special.

The few ideas we are going to list below to make your mom feel special on Mother’s Day 2024:

  • As our mother always cooks delicious food for us throughout the whole year, so on the occasion of Mother’s Day take her out to a good restaurant for dinner and have a good time.
  • Every mother never demands anything from us in return for their hard work and efforts. You can give her some gifts and take care of her throughout Mother’s Day.
  • To take care of family and children most housewives do not give attention to themselves so make their day special by letting them go out with their friends and asking them to do some self-care.
  • Mothers never take rest so let them take rest and manage the work by themselves as much as possible. Give attention to your mother, cook food for her, and express your love through Mother’s Day.
  • On the occasion of Mother’s Day, you can also organize a small party with your family in the evening.
  • On this important day, let her express her love and feelings for you as well as your thoughts for her. Gratitude is due to her for looking after you.



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International Mother’s Day 2024, celebrated on 12th May, Sunday, is a heartfelt tribute to the incredible women. Mothers are the pillars of strength in our families. On this day, While gifts and gestures are appreciated, the greatest gift we can offer is our love and appreciation, expressed not just on this designated day but throughout the year.

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Frequently Asked Question

Q. What is Mother’s Day?

A.Mother’s Day is celebrated in honour of Mother every year. We celebrate this amazing occasion to honor Mother with gifts, flowers, cakes, and brunch to let her know how much she means to us and to appreciate her efforts.

Q. Why is Mother’s Day celebrated?

A.Each person’s notion of a mother may vary; for some, a mother may be a carer, for others, the closest friend, and for yet others, a mother may just be the best chef. To show our respect and gratitude to all mothers worldwide, we commemorate Mother’s Day.

Q. When will Mother’s Day be celebrated in 2024

A.International Mother’s Day 2024 is held on 12th May, Sunday.

Q. How did Mother’s Day originate?

A.The origination of Mother’s Day by Miss Anna M. Jarvis. Jarvis born on May 1, 1864 – Nov. 24, 1948, she emotionally devoted herself to her mother and expressed great concern about children neglecting their mothers. People celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May.

Q. Is Mother’s Day 2024 considered a public holiday?

A.No, Mother’s Day is not considered a public holiday as this is conducted on the second Sunday in May.



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