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Goga Navami 2024 Date: Rituals, Puja, and Fasting Guide

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Last Updated:April 26, 2024

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Goga Navami 2024, also recognised as Goga Navmi, is staunch in venering Lord Goga- the God of snakes. Goga Navami is considered the Navami Tithi of Krishna Paksha and is regarded as a dark moon fortnight in Hinduism. The Hindu calendar lies in the Bhadrapad. In the British calendar, the festival lies between August and September.

In Hindu tradition, Goga Navami 2024 is also recognised as “Jahar Veer Gogga, ” a well-known folk spirit prayed with complete devotion in the northern part of the country. Moreover, it is highly targeted in the cities of Uttar Pradesh state, Rajasthan, and some parts of Punjab.

Goga Navami 2024

There is a higher belief in the eyes of people that Lord Goga arrived on the Bhadrapada Krishna paksha Navami, which becomes a huge and valid reason to be considered a dedication to him. Goga Navami 2024 is celebrated with enormous fanfare and keenness in northern India, mainly in Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, and Haryana.

Huge fairs are organised on the occasion of Goga Navami in Rajasthan. Goga Navami 2024 is celebrated for three days by the devotees.

What is Goga Navami?

Goga Navami 2024, well known as Goga Navmi, is a festival customised to the god of snakes, Gogajii, celebrated on the 9th day of Krishna Paksha, dropping in the month of Bhadrapada. It is a compelling Hindu festival in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan regions.

The festival commemorates three continuous days, from the 9th day of the dark half of Bhadrapada to the 11th day. On Goga Navami 2024, devotees worship Goga Devi on Shravani Purnima and the worship lasts for 9 days. Thousands of devotees across the country honor this festival; they commend lord Gogaji in remembrance of him.




Prominent tales dictate that the Goga, a recognised and strong Rajput prince, has the metaphysical ability to control contaminated snakes. During this distinct festival, people regurgitate several versions of his stories as a traditional ritual.

Rituals during Goga Navami

Goga Navami 2024 specifically worships the great idol of ‘Gogaji.’ He is visibly pivoting a blue-coloured horse and also contains yellow and blue-coloured flags. In some distinct areas, the traditional practice of worshipping lord Gogaj begins with “Shravana Purnima.” Shravana Purnima, also known as Raksha Bandhan day, lasts for nine days until Goga Navami.

Moreover, because of this ritual’s agenda, experts also designate it as Goga Navami.. Devotees replicate Gogaii Kantha and the path at the end of the ceremony. After terminating the puja tradition, devotees circulate ingredients such as rice and chapati on the facade of Prashad.

On this day, Goga Mari Temple practices various pujas and parades. On Giga Navmi, Hindu adherents also tie Rakhi, a thread with pearls and designs placed on it, to their brothers as an occurrence of safety and protection from any injury or negative eye from their brother’s side.

Also, during this period of Goga Navami 2024, there are fairs and functions held in many parts of the country to show respect and seek blessings from Lord Gogaji. Major northern and western parts of the country host these fairs.

Among all the fairs and functions, people consider Goga Navami Mela in the Hamirpur and Himachal Pradesh region as the largest and most famous place.

1. Snake Worship and Healing –

On Goga Navami 2024, devotees primarily revere Goga ji for protecting them from all snakes, their destructive bites, and common illnesses. In Hindu folklore, people regard snakes as holy creatures.

Goga Navami 2024

Gogajii’s ability to maintain and heal snake bites reinforces his bulk in local traditions. Devotees wish to seek his acceptance to gain control of snake-related dangers and bites.

2. Cultural Celebrations –

Goga Navami 2024 focuses on religious obedience, its characteristics, and traditional events. For example, Folk Music, Traditional dance, and practices represent Goga ji’s life and heritage, in addition to the vibrant cultural proportions of the festival.

3. Devotional Offerings –

On Goga Navami 2024, all the devotees offer milk, sweets, and gram flour (besan) to Goga Ji’s icon or picture. The ceremonial offerings represent reverence, and we seek his prayers for security, well-being, and comfort.

4. Spiritual Significance –

Goga Navami 2024 holds the spiritual consequence as a reminder of the courage and empathy paramount to Goga Ji’s personality. It promotes the individuals to display courage, selflessness, and service to society.

5. Law of worship  –

Goga Navami 2024, after sanding it with others on the wall, grinding coal in milk, making a four-side house, and making five servings. Following this, present water, raw milk, roli-rice, millet, and sugar to these snakes, and give alms to the pastors.

Significance of Goga Navami

In honor of Gogaji, Hindus observe Goga Navami 2024, a notable festival. In Hindu religious legends, Goga is an influential Rajput prince who possesses mystic powers to control nasty snakes. Today, people describe various versions of his stories as a result of practice.

Many stories describe his divine birth, marriage, family life, wars, outstanding art of recovery from all kinds of snake bites, and disappearance from Earth. Hindus believe observing him on this day will save them from snakes and other wrong practices.




Moreover, there is also a widespread belief that Lord Goga shields children from all disfavour. Hence, married women perform pujas on Goga Navami and pray to him for their children’s well-being and long life. Women who are not having any children also pray on this day to get a child.

Why is Goga Navami important?

In Goga Navami 2024, people pronounce Lord Goga’s name, and it protects children from all types of dangers. Therefore, married women honor Goga Navami to pray to him for their children’s health and satisfaction. On this day, some married ladies who desire children and pray for them are given children.

How do you celebrate Goga Navami?

People considered Shri Gogaji Maharaj a Rajputana Chouhan soldier who devoted his life to being a revered saint. Certain neat raw powers supported him, and people also believe that he evolved into a Nath. He supervises the consideration of Hindus and Muslims in both religions.

Fasting Guide for Goga Navami

Every year, the Balmiki group of people acknowledges Goga Navami on the occasion of Krishna Paksha. Couples who want children in Gujarat notice this tribute, also known as the Noli month fast of the year, during the festival of Shravan.

Devotees practise this Vrat from morning till evening and end it successfully by taking food at night.

Book Pandit for Goga Navami Puja: Sources

Booking pandits for Goga Navami 2024 Puja is challenging for devotees, as not all pandits can accurately perform all the practices and mantras. It is hard to find the right priest who can perform all the actions in the genuine Vedi directions with all the correct pronunciation of the mantras they chant while practising the puja, jalaps, and humans.

Goga Navami 2024

However, this is not a matter to worry about because nowadays, there are many options and sources through which the devotee can easily book a pandit.

Below are some accessible sources along with brief introductions to help devotees find an authentic Pandit for successfully conducting this puja. Alternatively, they can quickly gain all the necessary information regarding the puja and clear all their doubts by talking to them.

1. Word of Mouth

This method is more truthful than other sources because people once trusted it. Devotees can trust easily and get a good pandit for conducting this puja successfully.

2. Local Temples

There are many local temples in every society around us with reliable pandits and priests who have a good amount of knowledge about the puja and an expert pandit who can conduct this puja efficiently, with good quality, and by chanting mantras with the correct pronunciation.

3. Online applications

Some excellent websites provide appointments with pandits who can help the devotee online and offline. They can guide the devotee through all the doubts and mischiefs the devotee is handling in search of the pandits.




Devotees can easily book a budget-friendly pandit online to perform their puja authentically. The platform contains information about the pandit, such as the contact number and reviews of their past practices, experience, and knowledge.


The conclusion of Goga Navami 2024 involves reciting the alliteration of the Goga Navami Katha. Moreover, it devotes to distributing rice and chapati to the devotees in the form of Prasad.

Devotees who want the safety of their children and women who have no children can perform this puja to gain Gogajii’s blessings and get a child and his safety for a lifetime. In conclusion, the Goga Navami 2024 festival ended soulfully by singing the hymns and chants of Goga Navami Katha.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is Goga Navami 2024?

A.Goga Navami 2024 is a Hindu ritual known as Goga Navami performed to appease the God of the snake, Lord Goga. It is performed on the 9th day of Krishna paksha in the Bhadrapada month.

Q.Why do celebrate Goga Navami?

A.Goga Navami protects children from all types of dangers. Therefore, Goga Navami is honoured by married women who want to pray to him for their children’s health and satisfaction.

Q.What is the history of Goga Navami?

A.According to Hindu religious legends, Goga is known as an influential Rajput prince who carried mystic powers to control nasty snakes. Various variations of his stories are described today as a role of practice.

Q.What are the characteristics of Lord Goga?

A. Lord Goga is visibly pivoting a blue-coloured horse and contains yellow and blue-coloured flags. In some distinct areas, the traditional practice of worshipping lord Gogaj begins with “Shravana Purnima.”



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