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Father’s Day 2024: Date, Celebrations, History & Gifts Ideas

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Last Updated:May 30, 2024

Father’s Day 2024: Every year, people observe Father’s Day on the third Sunday in June. Father’s Day will be celebrated on 16 June 2024 this year. However, as a mother gives birth to a child a father gives his entire life to give and care for his family. Whereas we all determine and respect the efforts of mothers, we might avoid showing our gratitude to our fathers.

Father’s Day celebrates fatherhood, paternal relationships, and the dedication of fathers in general. Observers around the world study the effects that fathers and father figures have on their children’s lives.

In some countries, on the third Sunday of June, Father’s Day is celebrated by the people. There are many different dates for Father’s Day to celebrate worldwide.

Father's Day 2024

This is the best opportunity to show our love, gratitude, and respect for our fathers and how much they mean to us. This is not only a usual day but a special occasion to honour the love, efforts, and influence of fathers worldwide.

In the next sections, we will discuss the Father’s Day 2024 dates, celebrations, history, and gift ideas.

What is Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is considered to be a special day to show love and gratitude to our fathers and their influence in our lives. You do not exclusively honour your biological father on the day but also celebrate with grandfathers, stepfathers, adoptive fathers, and other father figures in your life.

History of Father’s Day

Early back 20th century, the history of Father’s Day was described. The reasons behind the origination of Father’s Day in the United States was dedicated to Sonora Smart Dodd, who wanted to show gratitude to her father, a Civil War soldier, and single parent for his six children who raised them alone.

In 1909, inspired by the birth of Mother’s Day, Dodd presented the concept of a Father’s Day. The inaugural Father’s Day was held on June 19, 1910, in Spokane, Washington. Father’s Day became popular throughout time, and in 1972, President Richard Nixon formally designated it a national holiday in the United States.

It is said that Dodd first proposed that fathers should be honoured every day or on a special day, similar to Mother’s Day. So she started to celebrate Father’s Day every year on the third Saturday of June month to honour fathers worldwide. The rest, as they state, is history. It was finally agreed to observe the day to celebrate the day of a father.

Famous Father in History

Mahatma Gandhi:– Mahatma Gandhi is called ‘Bapu’ by Indian people. He was the one whose life and tactics influenced people. Mahatma Gandhi is the one who achieved greatness by motivating others to develop a positive change in the world throughout his entire life.

The well-known freedom fighter and activist with a strong political mind played an essential role in India’s struggle for freedom from the British government. The nation regarded Mahatma Gandhi as the national father. Apart from being a father to the nation, he had a son to whom he made an example of honesty, determination, and integrity.

Significance of Father’s Day 2024

Father’s Day has special importance as it offers a possibility to show gratitude and respect for the father and father figures. We observe the day to celebrate the special role of the father as a hero in our lives and society.

Father's Day 2024

Father’s Day appreciates their devotion, dedication, and sacrifices for their family, seeing them as protectors, givers, and role models. The day strengthens the bond between father and children and reminds us of the important lessons and love that fathers convey.

1. Celebrating fathers as guides

In children’s lives, fathers are role models and excellent educators. He is the one who guides their family and shows them how to do tasks like jobs, housework, and caring. Father has the long ritual of conveying knowledge.

2. Celebrating the light-heartedness of the fathers

Even at their most ludicrous, fathers can make us chuckle. The jokes that used to make us cringe are now unforgettable and humorous stories

3. Celebrate the spirit of dads

Fathers accept a wide range of behaviours, including role-playing and adjusting to new animals. They are always tolerant and caring, even if they appear doddery at first. We are quite appreciative of this.

Father’s Day is ultimately more than just a date on the calendar. It’s time to express thanks to the special individuals we name fathers. That is why we should utilize today to honour, create memories, and remember the heroes in our lives.

When is Father’s Day 2024?

This year, people will celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday, June 16th. Hence, if you have forgotten to make some plans, or gift ideas for this special day, plan a brunch, a backyard barbecue, or a timeout on the fairway.

And yes, also send him a sincere wish written in a greeting card via message or social media on the day. Father’s Day 2024 falls on:

Date Day
June 16, 2024 Sunday

For the next five years, we will celebrate Father’s Day on the following dates.

Year Date Day
2024 June 16th Sunday
2025 June 15th Sunday
2026 June 21st Sunday
2027 June 20th Sunday
2028 June 18th Sunday


How to Celebrate Father’s Day?

Now that you know when Father’s Day is celebrated, let’s discuss ways to make it more memorable. Diverse ways all across the world reflect cultural variations and personal preferences. Common festivities include family gatherings, special dinners, and father-friendly activities.

Many individuals demonstrate their love for Father’s Day by giving bespoke gifts, gadgets, or handcrafted crafts. There are several ways to commemorate this wonderful day and make dad the happiest.

Children can also compose poignant cards with Father’s Day quotations, wishes, or messages, or they can conduct acts of service, such as making breakfast in bed or doing household tasks, to make the day more memorable for their fathers. Comments, images, and tributes to dads also crowd social media sites.

Celebrating Father’s Day tasks could be challenging. Let’s check some of the following advice if you do not understand what to get your dad on Father’s Day or what tasks he will enjoy.

1. Find the family tree

You can check out your father’s family’s history and cultural background by exploring his family tree. Feeling closer to your living and dead forebears would deeply appreciate this.

2. Play around with a jigsaw puzzle

On Father’s Day, get a new jigsaw puzzle as a gift for him and mix the gift with an activity. A customized jigsaw puzzle of family pictures would make the whole thing more corny. You could even keep and hang up the puzzle in your living room.

3. Praise memories of your father

You can keep the best memories of your father and father figures alive in your memory by storing and sharing them.

4. Organize a family competition

Create a series of competitive games for the whole family to play. You can also check for simple festival games or play games at the time. It can have extra points if there are prizes.

5. Make a handmade gift

If you made the gift by yourself, it would have more meaning. If your father likes crafting, you can involve the whole family.

6. Take a short trip

You might just explore new areas in your city or plan a weekend excursion to a distant location. Have you ever considered historical tourism? Whatever you pick, it will be a terrific opportunity for you both to experience new things.

Father’s Day Quotes & Wishes

Father’s Day is like an occasion for children to show their respect and gratitude to their fathers and father figures who supported, loved, and instructed them along the way. Below are some heartfelt quotes and wishes to show your gratitude, as this is the best way.

  • “Fathers are a medium of arranging everything concurrently.” — Erika Cosby
  • “After every great daughter, there is a truly wonderful father.” — Unknown
  • “The name of father is another name of love for a daughter” — Fanny Fern
  • “My father seems to get smarter, The older I get.” — Tim Russert
  • “That word father is more satisfying to my ears than music.” — Lydia Maria Child
  • “A father takes pictures where his money used to be.” — Steve Martin
  • “My father had my back when he did not have my hand.” — Linda Poindexter
  • “A father is the person you look up to no matter how tall you grow.” — Unknown

Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2024

This Father’s Day, you can do above usual activities and make memories that last. We help you to know the best gift ideas for Father’s Day that will come with a personal touch your dad will adore. Here are some gift ideas to describe and ensure you make his favourite.

Father's Day 2024

1. Customized Office Folder: A simple and personalized office folder would be a perfect gift for your father. Upgrade his personal life with a customized office folder and file, to make it most cultivated on Father’s Day. You can decorate this simple, stylish, and practical item with his initials, making every day more special.

2. Personalized Laptop Bag: This is another idea for your father or Father figure as this is not just a bad but a remark. This perfect gift blends enlightenment and utility, assuring he always keeps his assets safely and stylishly.

3. Coffee Mugs: Gifting a coffee mug on the occasion of Father’s Day is a perfect idea, especially if your father likes to drink tea and coffee. You can use this practical gift regularly.

In the morning, your dad will love to drink tea & coffee, and it will remind him of your thoughtful gesture every time. Coffee mugs are cost-friendly to fit in your budget and easily available.

4. Desk Organizer/Pen holder: A desk organizer or pen holder might be a great Father’s Day present, especially if your father works at a desk or likes to be organized.

A desk organizer keeps your father’s workstation nice and tidy by designating sections for pens, pencils, paper clips, sticky notes, and other office items. It helps him discover what he needs fast and stay productive throughout the day.

5. Ceramic Planters: Giving your father a ceramic planter for Father’s Day is a great gift, especially if he likes gardening or prefers to have plants in his house or outside area. A ceramic planter represents growth and nurturing, which is consistent with a father’s responsibility of guiding and supporting his children’s development.

6. Specs Stand: A wooden specs stand can also be a good gift idea for Father’s Day. If your father wears specs or glasses or sunglasses daily, it is nice to give this. The stand will give a stylish and convenient option for your father to arrange and show his eyewear collection. This gift will help them avoid getting lost or misplaced and protect them from scratches, dust, or other damage.

7. Salad Bowls: Salad bowls are a meaningful and practical Father’s Day present that promotes healthy eating, improves dining experiences, and stimulates quality time with family.

Choose ceramic salad bowls because they come in a range of forms, sizes, and colours, making them an adaptable option for any kitchen. Look for bowls with hand-painted or textured surfaces to enhance visual appeal.


Father’s Day is an occasion to honour the men in our lives. This is a day when children honour and show gratitude to their father or father figures. On this day grown-ups express their respect and determination to their husbands and fathers for their hard work.

The day is a heartfelt celebration that represents the contributions and sacrifices of fathers and father figures. This is the most appreciative day to create lasting memories with those who have recreated a special role in their lives.

Celebrate Father’s Day on 16 June 2024 and explore several ways to make it special, highlighting the importance of the day.

Whether this is about thoughtful gifts, quality time, or simple motion of love, ensure to show your gratitude and appreciation for moments spent with your father.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is the history of celebrating Father’s Day 2024?

A.Father’s Day was first introduced in the United States in 1910 by Sonora Smart Dodd, a woman from Arkansas at the YMCA in Spokane, Washington. The day was first observed on 19 June 1910 at the Spokane YMCA. Her father was a soldier in the Civil War, William Jackson Smart, who brought up his six children as a single parent.

Q.What is the date of Father’s Day 2024?

A.Father’s Day 2024 is observed on the third Sunday in June every year. This year, Father’s Day will be celebrated on 16 June 2024.

Q.What are the ideas to celebrate Father’s Day 2024?

A.There are some celebration ideas you can do on Father’s Day like organizing a family outing, cooking breakfast for your father, going trekking with him, writing an emotional thank you note, or planning a family movie night, etc.

Q.Why is Father’s Day important?

A.We consider Father’s Day a special day to show love and gratitude to our fathers and their influence in our lives.

Q.Is Father’s Day celebrated every year?

A.Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June month, as it does not always occur on a particular date yearly.



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