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Telugu Purohits in Chennai: Cost, Vidhi & Benefits

99Pandit Ji
Last Updated:September 26, 2023

Whether you are searching for Telugu Purohits in Chennai to organize pujas like Aksharbhyasam, Vivaham, Namkaran, or Annaprashan who knows the complete South Indian ritual while performing the ritual? You’ve arrived at the appropriate place. 

Yes, you hear it right, the only platform where you can find a suitable, knowledgeable, and experienced pandit for any location and in any language. 

If you are one of those who need Telugu Purohits in Chennai, we can take you through the entire process of booking Telugu Purohits in Chennai to fulfil your pujas and ceremonies. 

Telugu Purohits In Chennai

99Pandit gets you what you are looking for, a highly proficient and experienced Purohits who has experience in accomplishing the pujas in Telugu language as per your requirement. Our pandits are completely trained and versatile to perform any kind of South Indian ritual. 

However, apart from puja, Havan, Ceremonies, Marriage Puja, and last rites service, 99Pandit provides E-puja service in case you are not available to perform the puja physically. These Telugu Purohits in Chennai are experts in vedic principles for performing religious rituals. 99Pandit helps you to find highly experienced and reliable Telugu Purohits in Chennai. 




We provide our online pandit booking in Bangalore, Hyderabad Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Kolkata, and other parts. 

Best Telugu Purohits in Chennai For Rituals

The best Telugu Purohits in Chennai for pujas get from 99Pandit. Our Telugu Purohit will help you to perform pujas to attain prosperity, wealth, education, health, money-related problems, a good married life, and rid of child-related issues. 

We have even the best experts in South Indian Telugu Purohits in Chennai to perform homams, pujas, and ceremonies to get over difficult situations in life. We are popularly known for excellent Telugu Purohits in Chennai for vrat pujas to be scheduled at your home, office, and business places. 

Book Telugu Purohits in Chennai

With our Telugu Purohits in Chennai, you can be sure to get the greatest pandits who have undertaken the rigorous education and training required for performing these holy Pujas and homams at the esteemed Veda Paathshaala. By getting in touch with our Support team, you can choose among the best Telugu Purohits in Chennai. After having discussions with us, you can learn more about the conventional requirements.

You can talk about your desire for tradition. You can talk about the requirements of your tradition, such as Telugu-based, as well as any other South Indian rites or customs. Also, you can talk about the Puja Hour

By phoning our Support team at the number provided on the website or by going into the chat feature on the website, you can also talk about the time allocation to be used for the Puja services.

For any puja, such as Griha Pravesh Puja, Durga Lakshmi Puja, Saraswathi Puja, etc., 99Pandit can arrange for the best Telugu Purohit in Chennai. For Ayudha Puja, Durga Puja, Havans, and Homas in workplaces, Office Pujas, Vahan Pujas, Office Opening Ceremonies, and other occasions, we can arrange the top Telugu Purohits in Chennai. 

Before you schedule a puja, 99Pandit may set up a call with the purohit to discuss your needs for the puja, the ideal muhurat dates for the puja, and the necessary puja samagri.

Our Telugu Purohits in Chennai are qualified academics who are well-versed in Vedic texts and South Indian traditions. The Telugu Purohits at 99Pandit have all had extensive training from Vedic Pathashala masters and have a wealth of expertise. Our Telugu purohits are knowledgeable about the detailed ritual of pujas, homam, last rites, marriage, Birthday Puja, and many more. 

Avail Best Telugu Purohits In Chennai

Hire the Best Telugu Purohits in Chennai for all of your rituals, ceremonies, and Pujas. For Bhoomi puja (the ground-breaking ceremony), Office Inaugurations, Griha Pravesham, Brahmopadesam or Upanayanam,  Sreemantham, marriage ceremonies, Punyahvaachanam, Namkaran Puja, Nischitartham Or Engagement, and numerous Hindu festivals, ceremonies, and Vratam Pujas, we have scheduled the services of excellent Telugu Purohits in Chennai.

1. Astrology Services

With the suggestion of our Astrology Services, you can schedule the events on auspicious muhurat such as marriage, Upanayanam, Sashtiabdam (60th Birthday), Vijayarathna (70th Birthday) Namakarana, Srimantham, and UgrarathaShanthi (80th Birthday), homams such as Pratyangira Homam, Lakshmi Kubera Homam, Ganapati Homam, Chandi Homam, Swayamvara ParvatiHomam, Sudarshana Homam, Navagraha Homam, and Japas among many other pujas. Apart from these pujas we also offer homam for new or existing offices, as well as office and corporate pujas.

2. Telugu Purohit For Satyanarayan Puja

Request the services of our top Vedic Telugu Purohit to perform Sri Satyanaryana Pooja Vratam at your home, an apartment block, an office, a factory, or a place of business.

When doing the Sri Satyanarayana Pooja Vratham, one makes a Sankalpam (Resolve) to Lord Vishnu in the persona of Sri Satya Narayana Swamy, asking for his goodwill to remove all barriers and evil forces and bring about success in all endeavours. 




With Puja offerings, the Sri Satyanarayan Vrat or Katha is done, and the Satyanarayan Katha is recited. This Vrat is also observed following significant occasions like the Griha Pravesham Puja, the launch of new businesses, marriage, or the triumphant conclusion of significant occasions.

3. Telugu Purohit For Griha Pravesh Puja

For celebrating Griha Pravesh Puja totally following your traditions in the easiest possible way and at the most reasonable price, 99Pandit delivers the best Telugu Purohit in Chennai.

From the moment you start making your own nest, you and your family will anxiously prepare and anticipate participating in the auspicious Griha Pravesh Puja. You will have the ultimate GrihaPravesham experience if our Telugu priest performs the housewarming ceremony for your ideal residence.

Telugu Purohits In Chennai

The home itself is viewed as a living entity in our Vaastu Shastra. The purpose of Griha Pravesh is to invite the Gods and Goddesses into your home and ask them to stay there to protect the occupants and shower kindness. It is stated that the presence of gods and goddesses brings in a flow of good health, peace, positive energy, and harmony in your home to all the family members.

4. Telugu Purohit For Chandi Homam

For the greatest results, perform the Chandi Homa with our best Telugu Purohit while adhering to all customs.

One of the most effective homas for gaining total success in all endeavours and for getting rid of all doshas and impediments in life is Chandi Homam. The main deity of this homam is MaaDurga, who takes the shape of Devi Chandi. All of your obstacles and difficulties standing in the way of success and fame will vanish with her blessings.

A person is freed from all types of evil eyes, obstacles, negative energies, black magic, and evil deeds against him after performing a Maha Chandi Homam | Chandi Path, and they are also rewarded with permanent wealth, health, and prosperity.

5. Book the best Telugu Purohit for Aksharabhyasam

For executing Aksharabhyasam or Barsala Vidyarambh Sanskar, 99Pandit can offer the Best Telugu Purohit in Chennai. You can choose to do Aksharabhyasam in the secure environment of your home, offices, or temples, which are kept to the best standards of hygiene. 

For doing Aksharabhyasam in the Telugu Vedic tradition, book Telugu Purohits in Chennai. For your home, business, and office Puja requirements, 99Pandit provides the best Purohit in Chennai services. Similarly, for all kinds of Pujas and Homas in Chennai, we have the best Vedic Telugu Pandits, Purohits, and Panthulu.

Online puja and hassle-free Purohit services are available from 99Pandit in Chennai.

Why Is It Difficult To Find Telugu Purohits in Chennai?

Searching for the best Telugu Purohits in Chennai to get authentic results of Telugu Purohits near me is quite a tough task nowadays because of their demands, busy schedules, and some years of experience. It has become very difficult for people to arrange pooja samagris in between their busy life schedules. 

Hence, if you feel exhausted from the Telugu Purohits in Chennai booking, sit back and relax. 99Pandit will be there to conduct your puja following all rituals and customs. 99Pandit guides you to get highly experienced and well-versed Telugu Purohits in Chennai. 

How To Book Telugu Purohits in Chennai?

Well, not anymore you have to worry about Telugu Purohits in Chennai with 99Pandit. All you just have to do is open our website link 99Pandit click on “book a pandit” and fill in the required details. Choose the puja from the list of whatever you want to perform in the preferred language puja to be performed. 

Leave your worries about arrangements of puja on 99Pandit as they have the best of highly experienced Telugu Purohits in Chennai. Choose the pandit according to your scheduled date and time of puja. Basic puja materials will be provided by us as well, you just need to arrange utensils, sweets, and other materials. 




The next process is to wait for your puja day and emerge yourself into the divine and prosperous experience of puja and get the blessings of the Lord. 99Pandit assures you to have a blissful and divine experience in your house and family. 

While providing Telugu Purohits in Chennai 99Pandit also gives some mutual benefits to the devotees:

99Pandit first benefit that devotees will get is completely highly experienced and knowledgeable Telugu Purohits in Chennai. Having experienced and knowledgeable pandits will give you the best result of puja as they will perform with complete devotion and dedication.

99Pandit provides Purohits who can fulfil Your Customs and rituals as well as perform the puja in your native Languages. For your specific requirements, 99Pandit gets you a pandit who will look after the rituals to be completed properly. 

Only after consulting your specific requirements like religious specifications and language preference with 99Pandit, you can book a Telugu Purohits in Chennai.

The booking process for Telugu Purohit from 99Pandit is highly hassle-free. You do not need to make extra effort to book Pandit from 99Pandit.  We take care of everything from muhurat to samagri etc. based on your specific requirements. 

You just have to share your details with us to connect with your desired pandit in Chennai.

Sum Up

Hence 99Pandit makes it very easy for those who are not able to find Telugu Purohits in Chennai. For all your problems, getting the blessing of God is very important. That is why the experience and blessings of the Lord connect with us today!

The best thing about our service is if you are working or living anywhere in this world, you can conduct E-Puja service as well. Depending on the time and day you like, the highly skilled pandits and purohits perform the rituals you can see and participate in via a webcam while relaxing at home.

You may also see client success stories to see how pleased they are with 99Pandit’s services. 

With more than 1,000 pandits who are extremely skilled and competent, 99Pandit has helped more than 20,000 consumers. In addition, if you hold a pandit or astrologer license, you can apply to join their website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How much do Telugu Purohits in Chennai charge?

A.The cost for Telugu Purohits in Chennai by 99Pandit offers budget-friendly prices for all kinds of Puja Services. To know in detail about the quotation visit the official website.

Q.Will Telugu Purohits translate the puja mantras in hindi?

A.Yes, 99Pandit will assist you in a very professional manner with a trained Telugu Purohit who guides you through the entire journey of performing rituals and translating the mantra into English and Hindi for easy understanding.

Q.How to book Telugu Purohits in Chennai online?

A.All you just have to do is open our website link 99Pandit click on “book a pandit” and fill in the required details. Choose the puja from the list of whatever you want to perform in the preferred language puja to be performed.

Q.Why 99Pandit is considered to be the best portal for pandit booking?

A.The best Telugu Purohits in Chennai for pujas get from 99Pandit. Our Telugu purohit will help you to perform pujas to attain prosperity, wealth, education, health, money-related problems, a good married life, and rid of child-related issues.

Q.What are the other locations 99Pandit serves?

A.We provide our online purohit booking in Bangalore, Hyderabad Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Kolkata, and other parts.



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