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Ark Vivah: Rituals, Benefits, And History

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Last Updated:June 28, 2024

Ark Vivah is performed for the manglik male if he is having bad effects or marrying a non-manglik girl. Being a Manglik person can cause many ill effects and bring many challenges. Do you ever wish to marry a non-manglik person but you should know that doing any remedy to remove the manglik dosha, could not help you with a better life? 

In India, people consider Ark vivah an essential ritual performed before marriage to eliminate the aggressive effect of the Mangal planet. The reason for conducting Ark vivah for a manglik male person having manglik dosha in the horoscope. If a male has second marriage yoga in his kundali this Ark vivah can help him to overcome the manglik dosha.

Ark Vivah

Ark vivah leads to living a happy life without any difficulties created by the manglik effects and bad planet effects in the birth chart. During this puja, the manglik boy marries the Ark planet. As this is a non-living thing performing marriage this, nullifies the bad effects of manglik dosha and dosha becomes void.

Our Hindu mythology considers the wedding of a human as their first marriage. However, the Ark plant takes all the dosha and bad effects of boys and makes the after-marriage life happier and healthier. And the dosha of Mangal will no longer affect the manglik boy’s wife. 

After performing Ark vivah, the male can marry a non-manglik girl and they will not have any problems in life after their marriage. The wife will be safe from the boy’s manglik dosha. During the procedure of ark vivah, the native dresses up like his real marriage, wearing a wedding dress. The ritual of Ark vivah puja is the same as real wedding rituals.

What Is Ark Vivah?

Before arranging a marriage, Hindus match the horoscopes of the prospective bride and groom to guarantee compatibility and the absence of Dosha. Perform Ark puja when the horoscope’s combination is unfavourable for marriage and suggests issues with the couple’s health or longevity.

Perform Ark vivah (for the groom) and Kumbh vivah (for the bride) in Vedic astrology if Mars (Mangal), Saturn (Shani), Rahu (Dragons Head), and Ketu (Dragon’s Tail) are in the 7th house in the natal chart of the potential bride or groom.

During the Arkh Vivah, the participants symbolically wed the prospective husband to a mandar tree, while during the Kumbh Vivah, they wed the prospective bride to an earthen pot. If someone has mangal dosh, they must perform this puja to have a good marriage life. Kumbh vivah is a combination of the words “marriage” and “Kumbh,” which both refer to pots.




Manglik Dosh is a type of Horoscope inaccuracy that only manifests itself after the wedding and exhibits its true repercussions then. In our Hindu weddings, there are many rituals performed at every step, and you should know why these rituals are important to perform in Hindu culture.

All over the world, India is a versatile country with so many religions, communities, and cultures. But Hindu weddings contain many things like the kundali match, kanyadaan, gun match, and many other rituals that are important in marriage. 

Only Hindu weddings happened for weeks a few years ago, the Marriage Puja generally lasts for one or two days. Pandits perform Hindu wedding rituals that include a minimum of two days.

The first day of the wedding includes puja and preparations and on the next day, pandits elaborate rituals for marriage successfully blessed by the Hindu god. 

Significance Of Ark Vivah

Mars positions in the ascendant or the seventh house assemble the Manglik dosh to its highest degree. These two locations form the most severe manglik dosh, with the seventh position being the most severe of them.

The mars in the eighth house is the next harsh aspect, followed by the fourth and the twelfth houses. The positioning of the Sun, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu in the aforementioned houses also forms partial Manglik dosh along with Mars.

How did Mars inflict this damage? Mars is said to be the most unfavourable planet when it comes to a person’s marriage. Mars causes Mangalik dosha when it enters certain houses.

The notion of marriage is one of an auspicious ritual. The word manglik means it defines the term readiness. However, manglik dosha causes problems in marriage and counts as an inauspicious event. 

But do you know manglik dosha causes very auspicious events that may lead very changes in your life:

The manglik dosha can legally delay marriages until the age of 34, 38, or even 40 years due to it. In addition, many couples have experienced terrible accidents or deaths that resulted in the lifelong impairment or death of the non-manglik spouse if a manglik boy or girl marries a non-manglik spouse.

The following puja causes the bad dosha in one’s kundli to be replaced with a mandarin tree or an earthen container, resulting in a stable, lengthy, and happy marriage.

Why Ark Vivah Puja Is Performed

For the guy who has Manglik dosh or second marriage yoga in the horoscope, ark Mangal Dosh Nivaran Puja or ark Vivah is performed. This enables individuals to live happy lives free from obstacles brought on by the unfavourable effects of unlucky planets in their birth charts.

This puja helps a man remove the Manglik dosha from his horoscope. By carrying out this ceremony, one can live a happy and contented life free from obstacles brought on by the planet’s unfavourable influences.

Ark Vivah

Mangal or Kuja Graha sits in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house of the horoscope and looks at the 7th house of the Kundali. Mars sits within the 1st house or 7th house showing the highest degree of Manglik dosha.

The seventh house is taken into account because it represents the house of marriage, the life partner, or the spouse. Vedic astrology states that Mars’ influence on the seventh house is bad for marriage and married life. When it comes to a person’s marriage, Mangal Graha is the most malevolent planet or Papi Graha, and its placement in some homes causes Mangalik dosh.

Vedic Astrology holds that each of the nine planets in your horoscope has an impact on several aspects of your life, including your marriage, career, health, and finances. Yogas or doshas are created by the movement of these planets in the horoscope. The Navagraha doshas cause people to experience a variety of challenges and difficulties in life. 


Mantra: Om ang angarkaaya namah
ॐ अंग अंगारकाय नमः

Om Krim Kum Kujaya Namah
ओम क्रिम कुम कुजाय नमः

Om Angarkaya vidmahe, bhoomipalaya dhimahi, tanno Kujah prachodayat
ॐ अंगारकया विद्माहे, भूमिपालय धिमही, तन्नो कुजाह प्रचोदयत

This puja ceremony must be performed to counteract the malefic doshas or malefic impact of these planets. The harmful impacts on the planet are lessened or eliminated by this ceremony. If the devotee conducts this puja correctly, they will be granted success and relief from illness, strife, and obstacles.




If a Manglik boy or girl marries a non-Manglik partner, numerous couples have had fatal accidents or other tragedies that result in the non-Manglik spouse’s death or permanent disability. The Sun, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu influence the incomplete Manglik Dosh in the aforementioned houses.

When To Perform Ark Vivah

A pandit can help you schedule the Ark vivah puja before the marriage. When a native male has manglik dosha present in his birth chart, Ark vivah is advisable to perform. The days to conduct Ark vivah are Saturdays and Sundays, and Hasta Nakshatra is best.

Procedure Of Ark Vivah

The seventh house of the Kundali is visible to Mangal Graha when it is in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth houses of the horoscope. When Mars is in the first and seventh houses, the most Manglik dosha is present. The seventh house is referred to as the marriage house, life partner house, or spouse house.

Vedic astrology states that Mars’ influence over the seventh house is detrimental to marriage and married life. Mangal Graha, the most unfavourable planet for a person’s marriage, is known as Papi Graha, and it causes Mangalik dosh when placed in particular houses. A Manglik person can marry a non-Manglik person.

Ark Vivah

When a Manglik boy or girl marries a non-Manglik person, the non-Manglik person runs the risk of dying, becoming seriously hurt, or becoming permanently disabled. The positioning of the Sun, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu in the aforementioned houses also produces Partial Manglik Dosh.

Indra Ganesh Kalash The Panditji performs Navgraha Shanti Puja.  The priests perform a Havan and recite Vishnu and Mangal Jaaps. The family carries out the Vivah ceremony using an Ark plant, following Shastras. Visarjanam completes once everything has been done.

Advantages Of Ark Vivah

The Ark Vivah is beneficial for a long-lasting, reliable, content, and successful marriage. To avoid second-wedding issues, perform this process. According to ancient texts, the Ark Vivah ceremony eliminates the Mangal Dosha. Participating in the Ark Vivah Puja will bring steadiness to one’s personal and professional life. 

It offers us a variety of the planet Mangal’s negative side effects and also helps us to recognize his blessings. Ganesha, a Hindu god, Shodash Matrika, Punyavachan, Navgraha, Sarvotabhadra, 64 yogini pujas, Shetrapal pujas, Swasti vachans, Sankalpa pujas, 108 repetitions of each planetary mantra are all included in the puja ceremony.




In the Kalash, priests invoke major Gods and Goddesses. They perform the Mangal Yantra Puja, conduct the Ark Vivah ceremony for Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman, chant the Mangal Dosh nivaran mantra, and perform the mangal shanti homam.

  • This Ark vivah aids in the horoscope’s removal of the Mangal Dosha.
  • Favourable for a long, happy, stable, and successful marriage.
  • In addition to helping one obtain his blessings, it offers relief from other unfavourable impacts of the planet Mangal.
  • It helps alleviate issues associated with second marriages.
  • Antahkarna Shuddhi and past karma have ruined it.
  • Aids in achieving mental stability and tranquillity, as well as providing relief from any problems associated with childbirth brought on by mangal.
  • Prevents both physical and emotional illnesses.


Ark Vivah Puja by 99Pandit & Yagna Services includes Kalash Sthapana, Panchang Sthapana(Gauri Ganesh, Punyavachan, Shodash Matrika, Navgraha, Sarvotabhadra), 64 yogini Pujan, Shetrapal Pujan, Swasti Vachan, Sankalpa, Ganesh Pujan and Abhishek, Invocation of major Gods and Goddesses in Kalash, Yantra Puja, Navgraha Pujan and 108 chants of each planetary mantra, chants of Mantra, Havan, Aarti, Pushpaanjali and Brahmin Bhojan.

Ark Vivah Puja is conducted for the male who has Manglik Dosh or Second Marriage Yoga in his horoscope. By carrying out this ceremony, one can live a happy and contented life free from obstacles brought on by the planet’s unfavourable influences. 

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