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Pandit for Kuber Upasana Puja: Cost, Vidhi & Benefits

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Last Updated:July 3, 2024

Kuber Upasana Puja is a revered Hindu ritual dedicated to Lord Kuber the go of wealth and prosperity. This puja is performed to seek blessings for financial stability abundance and the overall well-being of the family. In today’s world where financial security is a priority for many users, Upsdana Puja holds significance and brings prosperity to one life.

For those who wish to perform this puja hiking a knowledgeable pandit is essential. A pandit can guide you through the entire process ensuring that the rituals are performed correctly and with utmost devotion.

 Kuber Upasana Puja

In this blog, we will delve into the details of Kuber Upasana Puja including its significance the benefits it offers the step-by-step procedure and how to book Pandit for the puja.

Whether you are planning to conduct the puja at home or in a temple understanding its intricacies will help you perform it with the right intention and devotion. Let’s explore the world of kuber upasana puja and discover how it can bring prosperity and wealth into your life.

What is Kuber Upasana Puja?

Kuber Upasana Puja is a Hindu ritual dedicated to Lord Kuber the treasurer of the gods and the ruler of wealth. According to Hindu mythology, Kuber is a yaksha who was blessed by lord Shiva with the responsibility of guarding the wealth of the gods. He is often depicted as a plump happy man adorned with jewels symbolizing abundance and prosperity.

The puja is performed to invoke the blessing of Lord Kuber for monetary stability and prosperity. It is believed that worshipping Kubr with devotion and the right ritual can attract wealth remove financial obstacles and bring success in business and personal endeavors.




During the puja specific mantras and rituals are followed to please Lord Kuber. Offering such as flowers fruits sweets and coins are made to symbolize the wealth one wishes to receive. The rituals are performed with utmost precision as it is believed that any mistake in the procedure can diminish the benefits of the puja.

You can perform Kuber Upasana Puja on various occasions such as during Diwali, Akshaya Tritya, or any auspicious day as suggested by a pandit. Centuries of practitioners have upheld this powerful ritual, which remains a significant part of Hindu culture.

Key Information

  • Deity: Lord Kuber the god of wealth and prosperity.
  • Purpose: To seek blessings for financial stability, remove financial obstacles and attract wealth.
  • Offerings: Flowers fruits sweets coins, and other items symbolizing wealth.
  • Occasions: Diwali Akshaya Tritiya, or any auspicious day recommended by a pandit.
  • Duration: The puja can vary, usually taking a few hours to complete.

Benefits of Kuber Upasana Puja

Performing Kuber Upasana Puja brings numerous benefits especially related to financial well-being and prosperity. Here are some benefits.

1. Financial Stability: One of the primary benefits of the puja is financial stability. By invoking the blessing of lord kuber individuals can attract wealth and ensure a steady flow of income.

 Kuber Upasana Puja

2. Removal of Financial Obstacles: The puja helps in removing any financial obstacles or debts that may hinder one progress. Many believe that Lord Kuber’s blessings can clear the path to financial success.

3. Prosperity and Abundance: Worshipping Kuber brings prosperity and abundance into one life this includes success in business profitable investment and overall financial growth.

4. Peace of Mind: Financial Worries can lead to stress and anxiety. Performing the puja brings peace of mind by ensuring financial security and stability.

5. Blessing for Future Generations: The blessings of Lord Kuber are not just limited to the individual performing the puja but extend to their future generation. It helps in creating a prosperous future for the family.

6. Enhanced Business Opportunities: For those involved in business Kuber Upasana Puja can open new avenues and opportunities leading to business growth and success.

Importance of Kuber Upasana Puja

The importance of Kuber Upasana Puja lies in its ability to attract wealth and ensure financial stability. In a world where financial security is crucial this puja provides a spiritual means to achieve and maintain it. Here are some reasons why Kuber Upasana Puja is significant:

1. Cultural Significance: In Hindu culture, wealth is not just about material possessions but also about overall well-being and happiness. Kuber Upasana Puja reflects this cultural belief emphasizing the importance of prosperity in all aspects of life.

2. Spiritual Connection: The puja helps in establishing a spiritual connection with Lord Kuber fostering a sense of devotion and faith. This spiritual connection can bring inner peace and contentment.

3. Traditional Practice: Kuber Upasana Puja has been a part of Hindu rituals for centuries. Generations have passed down this time-tested ritual, maintaining its relevance and significance.




4. Holistic Well-being: The puja is not just about financial gains but also about holistic well-being. It promotes overall prosperity including mental and emotional well-being.

5. Community Bonding: Performing the puja often involves family members and the community fostering a sense of unity and collective well-being. People need to come together and seek blessings for mutual prosperity.

6. Faith and Belief: The faith and belief in the power of Lord Kuber’s blessings play a crucial role in the puja’s significance. This faith can bring positive energy and motivation to overcome financial challenges.

Kuber Upasana Puja Vidhi

The vidhi (procedure) of Kuber Upasana Puja involves several steps and rituals performed with devotion and precision. Here is a step-by-step guide to the vidhi:

1. Preparation:

  • Choose an auspicious day for the puja preferably with the guidance of a pandit.
  • Clean the puja area and decorate it with flowers, rangoli (decorative patterns), and other auspicious items.
  • Gather all the necessary puja items including idols or images of Lord Kuber flowers fruits sweets coins incense sticks and lamps.

2. Invocation:

  • Begin the puja by lighting a lamp and incense sticks.
  • Invoke Lord Ganesha by chanting the Ganesh mantra to remove any obstacles and ensure the smooth conduct of the puja.
  • Invoke Lord Kuber by chanting the Kuber mantra and offering flowers fruits and sweets.

 Kuber Upasana Puja

3. Sankalp (Vow):

Take a vow (sankalp) to perform the puja with devotion and sincerity, stating your name, the date, and the purpose of the puja.

4. Main Puja:

  • Perform the abhishek (ritual bathing) of Lord Kuber’s idol or image with water, milk, honey, and other auspicious items.
  • Offer flowers, fruits, sweets, and coins to Lord Kuber while chanting the Kuber mantra.
  • Light the lamp and incense sticks and perform Kuber ji ki Aarti (ritual waving of the lamp) to Lord Kuber, singing devotional songs or mantras.

5. Mantra Chanting:

  • Chant the Kuber mantra 108 times or as advised by the pandit to seek the blessings of Lord Kuber.

“ॐ यक्षाय कुबेराय वैश्रवणाय धनधान्याधिपतये
धनधान्यसमृद्धिं मे देहि दापय स्वाहा॥”

  • Meditate on Lord Kuber visualizing his blessings and abundance in your life.

6. Prasad Distribution:

  • Distribute the prasad (blessed offerings) among family members and devotees present.
  • Share the blessings of the puja with everyone, fostering a sense of community and togetherness.

How to Book a Pandit for Kuber Upasana Puja

Booking a pandit for Kuber Upasana Puja through 99Pandit is simple:

  • Go to the 99Pandit website or use their app.
  • Fill out the booking form with details like the ceremony name date and location.
  • 99 Pandit will assign a Pandit who speaks your language and knows the rituals.
  • If you need help their customer service is available.
  • Confirm your booking and review the service details. 99Pandit ensures clear pricing and smooth arrangements for Kuber Upasana Puja so you can focus on honouring your loved ones.


The Kuber Upasana Puja is a special Hindu ritual that people perform to honour Lord Kuber, the god of wealth. This puja seeks blessings for financial stability and prosperity. In today’s world, where economic security is crucial, Kuber Upasana Puja is very important. People believe that worshipping Lord Kuber removes financial obstacles and brings wealth.

To perform this puja correctly, hiring a knowledgeable pandit is essential. A pandit guides you through the rituals with devotion. This blog will cover the significant benefits, procedure (vidhi), and how to Book a Pandit for Kuber Upasana Puja.

Whether you do the puja at home or in a temple, understanding its details will help you perform it with the right intentions. Let’s explore how Kuber Upasana Puja can bring prosperity into your life.

Kuber Upasana Puja involves chanting mantras and offering items like flowers fruits and sweets to Lord Kuber. People perform it on auspicious days like Diwali or Akshaya Tritiya. The puja brings financial stability removes financial obstacles and offers peace of mind. It also ensures blessings for future generations.

For a smooth experience, you can book a pandit through 99Pandit, which provides easy and clear arrangements for the puja.



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