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We have Pandits that have a good hand in performing all types of Poojas and rituals.

  1. New office/business openings
  2. Homa and Namkaran Pooja
  3. Rudrabhishek Pooja
  4. Grah Pravesh Pooja
  5. Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja or Maa Ganpati Pooja
  6. Satyanarayan Pooja
  7. Vara Mahalakshmi Pooja

Experiencing all these things 99Pandit provides you with its hassle-free services. With its easiest process, you can meet experienced and professional Pandits.

Get well experienced Pandit for the funeral ceremony
Afterlife rituals are an important part of Hindu families and we can not compromise on such types of Poojas. For whom they are doing all these Poojas and everything is only because they love them and want that pure spirit to return back to the almighty God.

Importance of Matras and Prayers
As per the belief of our elderlies/Hinduism having prayers and mantras has a vital role. The person that has left the world, needed to be accepted by God. Therefore, afterlife rituals need to be done.

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