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Last Updated:May 12, 2024

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Free Pandit Registration Website: The world is going through a digital revolution. More and more devotees are turning to online platforms to connect with Pandit Ji for pujas, jaaps, and homams.

Pandits have a good opportunity to expand their reach and connect with a wide audience base. 99Pandit has emerged as a leading free Pandit registration website.

Pandit Registration Website

This platform is designed to bridge the gap between the devotees seeking guidance for pujas and pandits performing Hindu pujas and rituals. Connect with a wide network of devotees with the help of 99Pandit.

Free Pandit Registration Process

Pandit Registration Through Website

  • Visit the Pandit registration webpage of 99Pandit. ie: 
  • Enter basic details such as name, address, contact number, and email. 
  • After that, click on the Create Account Button.


  • You will receive OTP on your number. Enter it and Click the Verify Button.


  • After that, the below dialog box will appear.

Pandit registration webportal

  • Call 8005663275 to verify your Pandit Profile Account to get leads.
  • Below is the screenshot of your webpage that you can view after the registration process is completed with your new URL.

Free Pandit Registration Website

Pandit Registration Through Mobile Application

  • First, Download 99Pandit for Pandits App.

  • Open the application and click on the register button, as shown in the image below.


  • Enter basic details such as name, address, contact number, and email. 


  • After that, click on the Register Button.
  • You will receive OTP on your number. Enter it and Click the Confirm Button.


  • After you confirm OTP now you can add your Profile picture, the Puja that you perform and your Aadhar card to verify your Pandit Webpage account.


On receiving the approval, easily access the benefits of 99Pandit.

Pandits can easily get access to a large community of devotees. They can easily connect with the devotees, share their knowledge, and make progress in their religious journey. Join 99Pandit today to get access to a large base of devotees.

Why select 99Pandit?

99Pandit offers a seamless platform for the registration of pandits. It is an ideal choice for the pandits to register on 99Pandit. Important points highlighting the registration of pandits are listed.

Free Pandit Registration Website

Free Registration

Pandits can register on 99Pandit for free. They can easily create a profile depicting their qualifications, and experience, and add key areas of expertise. They can also modify these details as per requirement.

Wide Reach

By registering on 99Pandit, it is easy to transcend geographical limitations and connect with a wide base of devotees. 99Pandit allows you to expand your reach and serve a wider audience.

Managing Profile

Easily manage your profile on 99Pandit. Easily update your qualifications, experience, and availability on the website or mobile application of 99Pandit. Devotees can easily connect with Pandit Ji based on their requirements.

Seamless Payment Gateway

99Pandit offers secure payment facilities to ensure hassle-free payments between the pandits and the devotees. Pandits can easily receive payments directly in their bank accounts.

Marketing & Promotion

99Pandit is the right marketing platform for pandits. By using the 99Pandit Pandit Registration web page, Pandit Ji can increase their visibility. Pandits can easily increase traffic on their profile by registering on 99Pandit.


The dedicated customer support team of 99Pandit is always there to assist Pandit Ji. Pandit Ji can easily reach out to 99Pandit for any queries or technical issues on the toll-free number of 99Pandit.


99Pandit offers several features to enhance the experience of the users. Important benefits of registering on 99Pandit are listed.

Pandit Registration Webpage

Expanding Reach
Easily overcome geographical limitations by registering as a Pandit on 99Pandit. Connect with devotees seeking religious and astrological guidance.

99Pandit offers complete flexibility in managing puja bookings. Pandit Ji can easily select bookings that fit with the schedule and preferences.

Build Trust
99Pandit focuses on trust and authenticity. Get only verified puja booking leads on 99Pandit.

Financial Independence
Get access to devotees willing to pay for religious practices. Register on 99Pandit to get access to repeat puja bookings.

Final Thoughts

The Pandit Registration Webpage of 99Pandit has transformed the way Pandit Ji can connect with devotees. Pandits can easily register on the 99Pandit platform for free.

They can expand their reach and connect with a wide base of devotees by registering on 99Pandit. It is easy to register on 99Pandit. Visit the website or mobile application of 99Pandit for Pandit registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Which platform is suitable for registering as a Pandit?

A.99Pandit is the best platform to register as a Pandit. Pandit Ji can easily visit the website or mobile application of 99Pandit to register as a Pandit.

Q.How to register as a Pandit on 99Pandit?

A.It is easy to register as a Pandit on 99Pandit. Visit the website or mobile application of 99Pandit and click on Free Pandit Registration.



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