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Griha Pravesh Puja In North Indian Style (Housewarming)

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Last Updated:January 30, 2024

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Are you looking for Griha Pravesh Puja at your place? We are the team of 99Pandit providing the services of the housewarming ceremony.

In Hinduism, people have continued the tradition of House Warming for decades. 99Pandit provides all variants of puja and activities of Hinduism that will meet all your requirements.

Griha Pravesh Puja

House Warming is one of the possessions that everyone needs when they buy a house for themselves. To perform puja of Griha Pravesh or any of the sacred things is good when you do not blasphemy all such things. So, having excellent knowledge and experience of Pandit Ji is one of the important things that everyone expects.

Seeing all the things in mind and providing you with the best service of sacred things is our goal. 99Pandit is working on things and has enough experience to provide the best service all the time. 

What is Housewarming or Griha Pravesh Puja?

In Hinduism, people have continued the tradition of house warming for decades. However, this is not a new thing in India or any other part of the world. If you would have experienced Indian culture in Hindu families they do such things as normal. In India whoever buys a new house for their family, the first thing they do first is Griah Pravesh (housewarming). 


Housewarming is not only done in India but also in other parts of the world. NRIs and other people living there celebrate the thing. So that they can avoid the negative wives and all such other things in their new adobe. People do the same process to be grateful to the almighty God for the gift of a house for them. 99Pandit provides the best and most experienced pandits to perform housewarming puja/ceremonies. You can hire North Indian Pandit In Bangalore for all the activities related to Hinduism.   

Griha Pravesh Puja has become easy and simple by hiring an online pandit in India and every single part of the country. 

There is a big list of things that people should do at a housewarming. Pandit Ji will ask you for the milk. We have told you things behind the boiling of milk. 

What Rituals Are Performed During Housewarming or Griha Pravesh?

During this time of Griha Pravesh or housewarming, certain rituals are performed. One must look for all these things before starting the puja for their Griha Pravesh. Below we have mentioned all the rituals that you must be performing. 

Griha Pravesh Puja

  • Breaking of coconuts.
  • Hawan.
  • Vastu Puja. 
  • Worship of Lord Ganesh. 
  • Griha Shanti Puja.
  • Mango leaves and sprinkling.
  • Boiling of milk ( Described Below )

These are the important rituals that are performed during the Griha Pravesh puja. For more information like this, you can ask 99Pandit to perform the puja are your place. We have everything planned for you that will help you to perform the activity for you. This is so easy with 99Pandit and you do not have to do anything and the team of 99Pandit made it effortless.

Why Is Milk Boiled on Griha Pravesh/ Housewarming?

In Hinduism, Boiling milk during Griha Pravesh Puja serves as a ritualistic expression of purification, auspiciousness and blessings for the new home and its inhabitants. Entering a new living space symbolizes embarking on a journey brimming with success and happiness, a journey that is spiritually and culturally enriched.




People boil milk for several reasons during the Griha Pravesh Puja.

  • Purification: People see boiling milk as a way to purify the environment of the new home. They believe boiling cleanses the surroundings of any negative energies or impurities, symbolizing a fresh start for the family moving into the house.
  • Auspiciousness: In Hinduism, Devotees consider milk a symbol of prosperity, purity, and auspiciousness. Boiling milk during Griha Pravesh, they believe the home will be blessed with abundance, prosperity, and good fortune.
  • Customary Blessings: While Boiling milk specific prayers or mantras are recited by family members or the conducting priest. These blessings invoke divine grace and protection for the household and its occupants.


Griha Pravesh or house warming is one of the most important activities that is performed in Indian Hindu families. The activity is performed when individuals buy a new home. So, to remove the negative obstacles or energy from that newly bought home the activity is performed.

99Pandit is working to make things easy for all. You can book the services of Hinduism related for all your puja activities or other such things. 99Pandit has made the thighs easy and effortless for all, now you can book a pandit for Griha Pravesh at your home. So, what are you looking for? Just hire a pandit for puja to be performed at your respected place.   



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