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Pandit for Kamladevi Puja and Yagna: Cost, Vidhi & Benefits

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Last Updated:October 11, 2023

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Kamladevi Puja and Yagna are performed to worship Goddess Kamala who is the last Goddess among the other ten Mahavidyas. The Devi is known by the names Kamala or Kamalatmika when she is at her most graceful. She is known as a tantric version of the goddess Laxmi and sits on a lotus. The name of Goddess explains the meaning that she is of the Lotus as she is seated on Lotus. 

Kamala is a bringer of prosperity, fertility, and luck. She is the goddess Adi Parashakti’s incarnation. Maa Kamala is related to both the inner and outer worlds’ prosperity and beauty. She embodies Lord Shiva’s pleasure. One is set free from bills, poverty, stress, illness, issues, and dangers by worshipping Goddess Kamla Devi. 

Additionally, it provides followers with nourishment, assistance, and a surplus of material wealth, love, and joy. Venus or Shukra is invoked at the Goddess Kamala Puja to counteract its negative effects.

Pandit for Kamladevi Puja and Yagna

Devotees organize Kamladevi Puja to get a wealthy life and also to perform some tantric activities. Will Pandit perform Kamladevi puja and Yagna at our home or is it required to perform puja at the temple only? What are the benefits of Kamladevi yagna and how is it performed?




How to Book a Pandit for Kamladevi puja and yagna and what puja materials will be required for the Kamladevi puja? To answer these questions let’s go read the article in detail. 

Significance Of Kamladevi Puja & Yagna

Among others, the mahavidyas Goddess Kamla is the tenth one. She is seated on the lotus flower and is depicted as a very beautiful woman. Similarly, She is characterized by a pleasant & beautiful face, and four hands in which two hands hold lotus flowers and the other two represent giving boons and blessings. 

She stands for Innocence, Divinity, Riches, and Fertility. She is shown to be a beautiful woman with the highest levels of emotional and intellectual intelligence. Also She has a glossy complexion. She is crowned, dressed in silk, and surrounded by four snow-white elephants who are each carrying golden pots filled with gold cash.

She is viewed as Lord Vishnu’s physical manifestation of energy, accompanying him in all of his divine actions. Dusmahavidya Kamala Jayanti puja, which includes guru Vandana & Poojan, Gau Puja, and Special Kamala, is performed on the auspicious day of Kamala jayanti spiritually. Along with Ganapathy, Navagraha, Homam, and Avhan Pooja, Mata Abhishek, Pushp (flower) arpan, and Mata Shringar were also present. 

Samput Path, Maha poojan Yagya, and Sri Kamala Mool Mantra are all included in it as well. 99Pandit completes this Kamladevi Puja with Purnahuti, Deep Daan, and Prasad Distribution while conducting everything with the utmost spiritual correctness. Nine girls must be under the age of 10 to do this Puja, as they are thought to represent Goddess Kamala

Along with other holy objects, devotees serve them. A donation or Daan made on this day enables you to obtain complete comfort and fulfillment. The donation also performs one of the most important functions in our lives. 

Kamla Devi Mantra: Om Aim Shreem Hreem Kamalvaasinyei Namah

Importance of Kamladevi Puja & Yagna

It is said that one of the ten Mahavidya, Goddess Kamala, descended to earth on the day of Kamala Mahavidya Jayanti. It is honoured on Diwali. Mahavidya Kamala is supposed to be Srihari Vishnu’s best friend and strongest asset.

Goddess Lakshmi, the deity of success, riches, and wealth, shares a form with Goddess Kamala. They are revered for fertility and the good development of offspring as well as for wealth and prosperity. Goddess Kamala Devi is the embodiment of luck, integrity, honour, and philanthropy.

All ten of Mother’s powers are worshipped on this day, and Tantric Devotion is significant. The girls’ feast is prepared on this day and those who are less than 10 years old are fed and given pleasure. 

Kamladevi Puja And Yagna Vidhi

Before going to perform Kamladevi yagna contact a knowledgeable pandit to execute the puja successfully. Organizing the Kamladevi puja and Yagna under the guidance of reliable and experienced pandits gives spiritual benefits. Pandit knows the right vidhi to perform the puja with recitation of mantras. 

Pandit for Kamladevi Puja and Yagna

According to the pandit, the puja vidhi of Kamladevi Puja and Yagna are as follows:

  • Guru Vandana
  • Guru Pooja
  • Cow worship
  • Pandit then abhishek to Maa Kamladevi to finish the worship. During the worship of the Goddess offered by devotees, the entire makeup is with Kumkum, Turmeric, Akshat, Sindoor, etc.
  • Goddess kamladevi was offered by Flowers.
  • After that Lord Ganesh, navagraha, and invoking God are worshiped.
  • Yagna is performed
  • Pandit recites Shri Kamala Mool Mantra, the entire text, Maha Pujan Yagya
  • Purnahuti is offered to havan kund.

Rituals Performed During Kamladevi Puja

These powerful ceremonies are performed during Kamladevi puja and yagna as pandits perform the ceremonies with mantra chanting.

1. Padmapriya Mantra Parayanam

Sri Suktam’s part is Padma Priya parayanam mantra chants to attain wealth, success, and a better life. The effect of this mantra helps to resolve money-related problems whereas the recitation of the mantra invokes the god of wealth Goddess Padmapriya or Lakshmi. The other advantages of this parayanam helps to get rid of water-related issues, bad dreams, and augury.

2. Ardha Nareshwar Puja

The name Ardha Narishvara refers to a half-woman lord. It serves as a reminder that these two interdependent forms are the forces of creation. Without the other, the one does not exist. Purusha and Prakriti are this hermaphrodite form, and they must coexist peacefully for the good of the creation. 

It may be interesting to note that the man is connected with courage, valor, and logical wisdom, while the feminine on the left side stands for intuition and creativity. The Pradosham is seen as being extremely favorable for atoning for sins and achieving Moksha. It is also stated that on this day, gods visit us to participate in worship.




Devotees can eliminate all forms of mangalya dosha, resolve family issues, and enrich themselves through this ceremony.

3. Amrutheswari Puja

Goddess Amrutheswari is the mother of this whole world and also the goddess of Shri Suktam Mantra. Puja dedicated to Goddess Amrutheswari blesses the devotees with progeny, grants knowledge, relief from disease, material prosperity and salvation, etc. 

Puja Materials Used For Kamladevi Puja & Yagna

The list of puja materials used to conduct Kamladevi puja & yagna is Lotus, Red & yellow cloth, Oti Saman, Durva, Bilva leaves, Sindur, Pancha Pallav (any 5 fruits or flower leaves), and Tulsi leaves, Cardamom, Saffron, Sapta Dhanya, Cloves, and Batashe, etc. 

Benefits Of Kamladevi Puja

For your unique needs, 99Pandit performs Mata Kamala Jayanti Puja. We perform a special Mata Kamala Puja so that the devotees can receive the greatest benefits in the most spiritual way possible. We offer both online and offline options for the Dusmahavidya Kamala Jayanti Puja, and you can choose whichever you choose. 

Both Puja Conduction methods are guaranteed to be accurate and transparent. Dusmahavidya Kamladevi Puja has several advantages, including:

  • Goddess Kamala’s worship results in victory, money, fulfilment, and comfort.
  • Like Mata Lakshmi, Ma Kamala is a goddess of fortune, fortune, and renown. 
  • She bestows benefits for fertility and childbirth as well as every material fulfilment on those who adore her.
  • Every year, according to the Lunar Calendar, Ma Kamala’s birthday falls on the day of Amavasya in the month of Margashirsha, and it is commemorated as Dusmahavidya Kamala Jayanti.
  • The Ma Kamala Jayanti Puja satisfies every desire of devotees.
  • Ma Kamala bestows unbreakable wealth, enormous property, and financial security.

Donation Important Part Of Kamladevi Puja

Donations are really important. Devotees sacrifice their possessions on this day. The house is made happier by this donation. On the festival of Kamladevi puja and yagna, Bhandare is held. Grain and clothing are donated on this day.

The value of giving to the underprivileged and Brahmins has been stressed on this day. On this day, people give to atone for their sins and to free their deeds. If someone gives to the needy on Kamala Jayanti, all of their sins are forgiven.




15 Days before the birth anniversary, Kamladevi Puja begins, and seven mothers are worshipped following the law. Tantric devotion is of utmost significance. People who practice tantra lore nowadays engage in a variety of worship practices and study tantra lore.

Since Kamaladevi is a manifestation of Mother Shakti, it is crucial to worship this Tantra Shakti, as has been mentioned. Adi Shakti is the name of this goddess, and she is thought to be Lord Shiva’s half-moon.

Adi Shakti holds both the world’s positive and negative forces. On the day of Kamala Jayanti, all the powers are worshipped because Mother Kamala is the Adi Shakti form. Worship, havan, Bhandari, and giving are of utmost importance on this day.

Sum Up

The goddess increases Venus in your chart and opens your Suktha Amritha chakra. The associated pineal gland also becomes active after the Bindu chakra is activated. This is also the location of the Suktha Amritha chakra, which releases a hormone known as the “Elixir of Youth.” It is also known as “Sanjivini Bhuti” and possesses the ability of immortality. 

Our ability to produce this nectar allows us to live longer and be in excellent health. The ancient sages, or rishis, did this to extend their lives, and some of them are claimed to still be alive now. 

The elixir of life is secreted by the Sukta Amrita chakra, and Vedic specialists attribute this to Paramatma. Lord Krishna’s residence is located in the chakra that is located at the highest point above the Bindu chakra. His beautiful flute playing facilitates the flow of amritha, a nectar that empowers the atma or awakens our prana shakti.   

The universe and life both depend on this energy to function. The most pure of all is Lord Krishna, a manifestation of Lord Vishnu, and his spouse, Goddess Kamala Devi, a manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi, also resides in the Sukta Amrita chakra. As a result, the Kamala Devi ceremony opens the chakra, giving all manner of material wealth and divine favours to her devotees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Who is Goddess Kamladevi?

A.Kamala is a bringer of prosperity, fertility, and luck. She is the goddess Adi Parashakti’s incarnation. Maa Kamala is related to both the inner and outer worlds’ prosperity and beauty. She embodies Lord Shiva’s pleasure.

Q.What is the benefit of Kamladevi puja?

A.It is observed in hopes of receiving Maa Kamala Devi’s heavenly favour and blessings, as well as success, wealth, and prosperity, as well as protection, good health, and luck.

Q.Who can perform Kamladevi puja and Yagna?

A.The people who go through Misfortune and miseries, Lack of material possessions, Business failure, Childlessness, Disease, Poverty, and Malefic Venus can perform Kamladevi yagna.

Q.Whom Ardha Nareshwar Puja is dedicated to?

A.Purusha and Prakriti are this hermaphrodite form, and they must coexist peacefully for the good of the creation. The name Ardha Narishvara refers to a half-woman lord.

Q.How is Goddess Kamladevi recognized?

A.She is seated on the lotus flower and is depicted as a very beautiful woman. She is characterized by a pleasant & beautiful face, and four hands in which two hands hold lotus flowers and the other two represent giving boons and blessings.



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