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Pandit for Satyavinayak Puja: Cost, Vidhi & Benefits

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Last Updated:May 29, 2024

We all need peace and good fortune in our lives to live it well. And Lord Ganesh is the one who removes all obstacles and problems in our lives and blesses us to live our lives happily. But why do we need a pandit for Satyavinayak puja? Can we not perform the puja without the help of a pandit?

First of all, what is Satyavinayak puja, and why is it important to organize? How much time will it take to complete the puja? What are the required Samagris for the puja?

Many questions are arising in your mind and you won’t be able to find the answer to them. Do not worry, we are here with our guide to help you with all the details related to Satyavinayak puja.

Satyavinayak Puja

People organize Satyavinayak puja to seek peace and prosperity in life, dedicating it to Lord Ganesha. Bhagwan Sri Krishna described the superiority of Satyavinayak puja to his friend Kuchela.

It is believed that Kuchela (Sudama) performed the puja to get rid of his poverty, attaining peace and prosperity after following the puja vidhi narrated by Lord Krishna.

In the next section, we will describe what is Satyavinayak puja and vidhi or procedure along with the mantra. This is an easy guide to understand how Satyavinayak puja is ideal to perform at home.

What is Satyavinayak Puja?

Devotees perform Satyavinayak puja to worship Lord Ganesha. People worship prayers to Lord Ganesh before starting a new life and venture. In Hinduism, Lord Ganesh removes obstacles as he is named Vighnaharta, which means he protects from every problem.

The main motive behind performing the puja is to eliminate health and wealth-related problems in the lives of devotees. During the Satyavinayak puja, Pandit asked to take Sankalp as the devotee’s name. The pujari invites Lord Ganesh to the puja by reciting mantras and prayers.




Pandit booked for Satyavinayak puja to execute it in the right manner. Abhishek is performed on the Lord Ganesh with the help of sacred items like milk, Ganga jal panchamrit, etc. Later devotees receive the blessings from Lord.

Importance of Satyavinayak Puja

Satyavinayak puja is performed to achieve bliss, prosperity and happiness. Some people also perform the puja with some preferences in mind to obtain. The time required for the Satyavinayak puja is 1 hour to 2 hours.

The Hindu culture celebrates Lord Ganesha in all of his forms. His head is thought to represent the pure Atma, or the holy, guileless soul, which is the ultimate truth of human life.

His human-like physique represents Maya or humans’ earthy life. Ganesha’s elephant-shaped head symbolizes wisdom and caution, while his elephantine trunk signifies Om, the sacred sound emblem of cosmic truth.

Satyavinayak Puja

Lord Ganesha carries a goad in His upper right hand, which is intended to help Him force humanity toward the everlasting road while also removing impediments in our path. The noose in His left hand is a tool for capturing and disposing of all obstacles, therefore the Vighnaharta.

Ganpati puja has been very popular among Ganesha devotees since ancient times. Like Satyavinayak puja, the fast gives short-term desired results and should be observed on Pushtipati Vinayak Jayanti (Vaishakh Purnima), Chaturthi, Tuesday, Friday, or any other auspicious day.

When to Perform Satyavinayak Puja?

Satyavinayak puja was first narrated by Lord Krishna to his dear friend Sudama. And he performed the puja to get rid of poverty and achieve peace and prosperity in his life. Lord Ganesha is mainly worshiped in Satyavinayak puja.

Perform this puja before embarking on a new journey, event, occasion, or starting a new business. Lord Ganesha is the remover of obstacles and is called “Vighna harta” which means one who safeguards the people from every obstacle.

Performing puja ensures the successful completion of future events, occasions, or pujas without any hindrance. During Ganesh Chaturthi and Vaishak Purnima, people also perform the puja.




The ideal days to organize the puja:

  • The best day to organize the puja on the Full Moon day in a month is Purnima tithi.
  • Performing the puja on Vaishakh Purnima is considered very auspicious and highly commendable.
  • You can perform Puja on any day in a month for the well-being of the family.

Vidhi of Satyavinayak Puja

1. Required materials for Satyavinayak Puja

Pandit for Satyavinayak puja asked to arrange the following items before starting the puja the devotees:

Flower(फूल), Tulsi(तुलसी), Akshat(अक्षत), Betel nuts(सुपारी), Kapoor(कपूर), Fruits(फल), Panchamrit(पंचामृत), water(जल), Milk(दूध), Red Sandalwood(लाल चंदन), Curd(दही), Ghee(घी).

2. Mantra of Satyavinayak puja

||ॐ सत्यविनायकाया नमः|| Om Satyavinayakaya Namah

3. How to perform Satyavinayak puja

Puja starts with the following rituals:

  1. You need to organize pujas early morning or in the evening.
  2. Take a shower, wear a white colour dress, and offer prayers to Lord Ganesh in mind.
  3. Take a steel kalash and fill it with water or cover the mouth of the kalash with raw coconut and mango leaves. 
  4. Make dots with chandan and kumkum on the Kalash.
  5. On the north side of the house place the Kalash on a white color cloth. The priest will perform the puja facing the north side.
  6. Later, light the lamp using pure cow ghee mixed with saffron or also light Kapur and offer white flowers to god.
  7. Offer white sandalwood paste and uncooked rice with Sandalwood Itra.
  8. It offers honey and milk and sweets as well made with Mawa or khoya. 
  9. After completing the puja, distribute the prasad to participants.
  10. During the puja, they chant the mantra “Om Satyavinayakaya Namaha” for 108 times. And keep counting on a white sandalwood mala.
  11. After completing the puja, deposit the water kept in the Kalash under a peepal tree or other tree.
  12. You can use coconut to make sweets.
  13. To remove the problems or hurdles, offer five bottles of honey to Satyavinayak during puja and donate it to poor children.

Benefits of Satyavinayak Puja

Organizing the Satyavinayak puja helps to purify the mind and bodies of the natives. People perform the puja to receive blessings from god for good fortune and wealth.  Pandit for Satyavinayak puja performs this for devotees to help them obtain their goals. Also helps in attaining peace and good health for people and their families.

Satyavinayak Puja

Apart from this, devotees achieve other benefits after performing the puja:

  1. Best puja performed to overcome poverty and hurdles.
  2. The ideal option to solve financial and debt-related problems.
  3. People who suffer from legal issues related to matters will achieve good results after successfully executing the puja.
  4. Devotees who perform the puja will solve matters regarding court-to-wealth and property issues in their favour.
  5. Good for attaining peace and prosperity in the house.

Cost of Satyavinayak Pooja

The cost of the Satyavinayak puja depends on the client’s requirements, like several pandits, havana, mala jaap, and puja samagri. These factors decided the puja cost.

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Pandit for Satyavinayak Puja

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For example, you want to perform a puja at your home, temple, or somewhere else. In such a scenario, 99Pandit gives you access to book a pandit effortlessly by sitting at your home.

The cost of pandit for Satyavinayak pooja depends on the devotee’s budget. Don’t worry about the puja cost. As per needs, costs may vary and we will assure you to get the best results.




99Pandit’s skilled pandits perform several rituals, including Havana, marriage ceremonies, Namkaran ceremonies, Kali puja, engagements, Griha Pravesh Puja, Ganesh puja, vastu shanti puja, Bhagwat Katha, and Vishnu puja.

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You need to provide the puja name, puja date, location, preferred language of the Pandit, city, and mobile number to book a Pandit. This will make the process easier to contact the devotees.


Finally, the description of Satyavinayak puja encourages us to get rid of poverty and attain peace. Lord Ganesha’s broken tusk, which he holds like a pen in his lower right hand, symbolizes sacrifice. Lord Ganesha shattered his tusks to compose the Mahabharata.

He carries a rosary, symbolizing His and humanity’s never-ending search for knowledge. The laddoo (sweet) He bears in His trunk symbolizes the need to seek the sweetness of the soul. His fan-like ears indicate that He is fully attentive to the requests of His disciples.

The serpent encircling Ganesha’s waist signifies energy in all its manifestations. And he’s modest enough to ride a mouse. Knowing all the sacred details about the puja motivates us to perform the puja.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is Satyavinayak pooja?

A.Satyavinayak puja is devoted to Lord Ganesha. People worship prayers to Lord Ganesh before starting a new life and venture and to eliminate health and wealth-related problems in the lives of devotees.

Q.What are the characteristics of Lord Ganesh?

A.Lord Ganesha’s broken tusk, which he holds like a pen in his lower right hand, symbolizes sacrifice. He carries a rosary, symbolizing His and humanity’s never-ending search for knowledge.

Q.What is the suitable day to perform Satyavinayak puja?

A.Ganesh Chaturthi and Vaishak Purnima are considered to be suitable days to organize Satyavinayak puja.

Q.How much time does it take to complete the puja?

A.The time required for the Satyavinayak puja is 1 hour to 2 hours.



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