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Puja for Peace of Mind: Guide to Performing Puja

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Last Updated:May 8, 2024

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You can perform Puja for Peace of Mind if you’re experiencing negative energy and powers in your house. In that case, you can also organize puja for peace of mind, moola mantra japa, and yagna to eliminate sorrow and suffering and get protection. At the time of puja, God is invited with the recitation of the mool mantra of sat chit ananda puja.

Many pujas are performed for peace of mind, and Sat chit ananda is one kind of prayer that cherishes the great creator and liberator (who, out of love and compassion, embodies) to save us from the earthly form.

Puja for Peace of Mind

People worldwide who feel harmful and unstable can chat the mantra or even listen to the mool mantra of prayer to get peace and joy. Puja means praying to the god or reverence of the divine power. Puja for peace of mind, can eliminate negative energy or give you the power to live a happy life.

We provide pandits to help you organize puja for peace of mind, which will help you stop your distress. By doing this, you can achieve positivity or bring forth harmony. Our puja for peace of mind can benefit you in other things like your career, finances, health, job, marriage, and wealth.

In the following sections, you will have comprehensive details on benefits, rituals, cost, puja vidhi, and date & time to conduct this puja.

What is Puja for Peace of Mind?

Puja for peace of mind is a way for every person. If you want to perform a puja for peace of mind in your home, office, temple, and in any event, you must perform the puja correctly before consulting an expert.




Arranging the puja for those suffering or going through difficult times, with the support of Mool mantra jaap and Homam, will be helpful. Whenever you experience negative vibes or powers in your house, organizing the puja will help you bring prosperity and peace into your life and achieve positivity.

This puja will also be helpful in other areas such as career, finance, marriage, etc.

Why to Perform Puja for Peace of Mind?

The reason to perform puja is for peace of mind, which helps to elevate yourself from traumatic and stressful conditions that will make you leave your house. Get back the lost harmony of your home by conducting traditional customs.

There could be several reasons that will push tensions, such as malefic planets in your horoscope. This can also happen because of the loss of a deceased soul, but organizing puja under the guidance of an expert helps you to get peace of mind.

Achieving peace of mind in your house or your family is the duty of every homelier, or you should trust a professional pandit to lead you.

Details About the Puja

  • Puja’s objective: It allows the blessing of the Lord Vishnu to be achieved.
  • Puja name: Puja for peace of mind
  • Puja Duration: Individuals need to participate in the puja with complete devotion and dedication; puja takes 3-4 hours, but puja for peace of mind takes 10-12 hours.
  • The Best Time for Puja: Before organizing the puja, one must contact the verified and experienced pandit to know the right muhurat to perform the puja.
  • Ritual activities for puja: The customs followed in puja for peace of mind, according to an auspicious muhurat, puja of Lord Vishnu is necessary, including Ashtottara Namavali Path, Poorva karma, Homa (havan), and Vishnu Sahastranaam path.

Pujas Performed for Peace of Mind

In Hinduism, people perform puja for specific reasons like marriage, health, wealth, finance, career, etc. A puja for peace of mind is also performed to help people to deal with their problems.

Pandit advised to perform puja for peace of mind, and many pujas can be performed by verified and authenticated pandit’s consultation:

Puja for Peace of Mind

1. Sat Chit Ananda Puja

The Sat chit ananda puja, referred to as Sat Chit Ananda puja, intensifies the Sanskrit word of three terms: Sat, Chit, and Ananda. These three terms are regarded as inseparable from nature. And every individual word defines its meaning of Sat chit and Ananda as:

Sat: This word means truth, being, existence, essence, actual being, and existent, which is, in reality, an existence that is stable and permanent.
Chit: comprehension, consciousness, and understanding
Ananda: happiness, pleasure, state of pure joy and bliss

Hence, the term Satchitanada is explained as reality consciousness bliss, truth consciousness bliss, and existence consciousness bliss.

Sat Chit Ananda Moola Mantra:
Om Sat Chit Ananda Parabrahma, Purushothama Paramatma, Sri Bhagavathi Sametha, Sri Bhagavate Namaha

सत चित आनंद मूल मंत्र: ओम सत चित आनंद परब्रह्म, पुरुषोत्तम परमात्मा, श्री भगवती समथा, श्री भगवते नमः
The power of chanting the Sat Chit Ananda Mool Mantra is transporting the mind to the condition of causeless love and unlimited happiness. This mantra’s power can be experienced only, not can be spoken, as this is the power of this mantra.

2. Udaka Shanti Puja

Another puja for peace of mind you can schedule is Udaka Shanti Puja, a profound spiritual ceremony in Hinduism fixated around the central element of puja, which is water, known as sacred or purifying. The puja is performed to seek blessings from God or bring peace, harmony, and positive energy.

Knowing the elaborate information of this ritual, from its roots to its contemporary approach, offers insight into its steady importance and aims for individuals and families looking for spiritual well-being.

The Udaka shanti puja mantra is believed to substantially affect the environment and the individuals present.

  • Om: The primordial sound meaning the galaxy.
  • Shanti Mantra: A mantra chanted for peace, usually recited thrice for clearing obstacles from the body, mind, and surroundings.
  • Pavamana Mantra: Cleansing mantra pursuing clarity and purity of mind.

3. Chandra (Moon) Puja

People perform Chandra puja to attain peace of mind, enhance concentration, manage emotions, and overcome mental depression. It also helps in creating a pleasing personality. This puja for peace of mind conveys calmness, purity of actions, affection, and propagation of life, as well as improving self-esteem and self-confidence.




We organize the puja to appease Lord Chandra (Moon). As per Vedic astrology, Chandra is the planet that rules people’s emotions, minds, and thoughts. The meaning of Chandra in Sanskrit is “bright and shining.”

Vidhi of Puja for Peace of Mind

As per the shastra or Hindu culture, before participating in puja, the devotee must take a bath and then start the puja. This puja for peace of mind includes some basic rituals to get the benefits and executed correctly:

  1. Before starting the puja, one must shower, place the idol of God, and sit on a clean cloth before the deity. 
  2. While meditating on God, offer prayers and concentrate on the deity.
  3. Invoke the deity by chanting the mantras with complete devotion and dedication while offering flowers.
  4. Bring a vow for the customs and a sip of water through the right palm.
  5. Give a bath to the idol of God with a mixture of auspicious liquid items like water, milk, honey, curd, sandals, or other items while chanting mantras.
  6. You can also offer a piece of cloth or Dress to the deity. Decorate the deity by offering tilak and flowers while reciting the deity’s name and mantra.
  7. Light an incense or dhoop stick to offer prayers to God and flare its smoke throughout the altar.
  8. While reciting the mantra, wave a light in a clockwise direction.
  9. Deliver food to the deity, observed by betel leaves, betel nuts, and money.
  10. Once the basic puja is completed, Chant mantras, Shlokas, or Stutis of the deity.
  11. You can also recite the story of a deity.
  12. Distribute the prasad between the devotees and offer food to Brahmins.

Benefits of Puja for Peace of Mind

Performing puja for peace of mind can achieve peace if you’re suffering from mental issues or your life is empty. The benefit of this puja is that it also helps to create harmony in your environment. You can dispel the negative energy or malefic planet effects from home or as an individual with this puja for peace of mind.

Puja for Peace of Mind

Anyone can perform this puja to get divine peace for various reasons. According to Pandit’s consultation, chant the mantra at a specific date and time. You must require the puja samagri or know the process to complete the puja with the recitation of the mantra.

Advantages of Puja for Peace of Mind

Mental Calmness: Puja practices help create mental serenity and relaxation. Worship, meditation, and reciting mantras can help calm the mind and reduce tension and anxiety.

Emotional tranquillity: Pujas frequently include statements of appreciation, blessings, and prayers for emotional well-being. This can provide emotional peace and stability.

Stress reduction: Pujas are a systematic and concentrated approach to direct one’s purpose towards inner serenity. Rituals and devotional practices can help to relieve stress and anxiety.

Spiritual connection: Pujas strengthen the link between the divine and the spiritual realm. Frequently, people connect a deep spiritual connection with inner serenity and fulfilment.

Release of bad energy: Some pujas include rituals or mantras designed to cleanse and release negative energy from one’s life. This can result in a more serene and harmonious inner environment.

Good mindset: Pujas frequently highlights the need to have a good attitude. Worship and dedication may inspire hope and optimism.

Self-reflection and introspection: Doing pujas can foster self-reflection and contemplation, resulting in a better knowledge of oneself and one’s spiritual journey.

Mindfulness and presence: Puja practitioners can enhance mindfulness and present-moment awareness, which can lead to increased inner peace and well-being.

Letting get rid of attachments: Some pujas emphasize the significance of separating from material goods and aspirations. This can lead to inner serenity by lessening the influence of external problems.

Harmony in relationships: You can conduct pujas to promote family harmony, love, and unity. A tranquil and harmonious family atmosphere promotes individual peace of mind.

Social and community connections: Attending pujas may help you develop a feeling of community and social belonging, which can improve your mental and emotional health.

Transcendence of suffering: Pujas frequently recite prayers or mantras that address and seek release from pain. This can provide solace and lead to inner calm.

Cost of Puja for Peace of Mind

It is essential to know that attaining inner peace is a personal and ongoing journey. As puja can contribute to this goal, it is necessary to complement spiritual puja with self-care, mindfulness, and a holistic technique for well-being.

The cost of puja for peace of mind may vary depending on individual beliefs, customs, and the specific deities of the tradition being followed. The Cost of puja for peace of mind at 99Pandit is less bothersome than other platforms.




Any devotee of any category can afford the puja. Sometimes, the puja cost may vary based on many pandits, rituals, havana, mantra chanting, samagri, etc.

To learn more details about pujas or their cost, you can contact the 99Pandit team. You can also send an email or WhatsApp message. You can Book a Pandit for puja by visiting the website for peace of mind.

Wrap Up

We provide puja for peace of mind to help you to achieve blissful living. If we look astrologically, the planet in your horoscope, the Moon, shows peace of mind and stability of thoughts by conducting the puja for peace of mind.

Boosting your mood can give you the utmost peace within the family and help maintain harmony. We devote our 99Pandit puja to helping you feel peace and serenity in your life or house, whether for peace of mind or peace in the family.

The cost you pay by booking the puja is less than the benefits you will get from this. Then, if you are thinking of organizing puja for peace of mind, consult our expert pandit to achieve particular puja recommendations for you, depending on your horoscope study.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is puja for peace of mind?

A.Puja for peace of mind is performed to attain peace in your life or house, as this is the best resource to bring harmony to your life. Such a kind of puja is organized to be performed under religious guidelines offered by the pandit.

Q.Why is 99Pandit puja service better than others?

A.We perform the puja based on the devotee if he is unavailable. We perform the pujas with our skilled and verified pandits who have experience of more than 25+ years in the market.

Q.Why is puja for peace of mind organized?

A.Puja for peace of mind, as it implies, is best for achieving peace in life, or we also provide you it as a remedial measure performed by our experienced pandit to seek the best results.

Q.Does this puja have any special benefit?

A.You will receive peace, harmony, and love by negating the maleficent combination in your horoscope.



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