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Ratha Sapthami Pooja (Suryanarayana Pooja): Cost, Vidhi, And Benefits

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Last Updated:April 23, 2024

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Ratha Sapthami Pooja (Suryanarayana Pooja) is performed to appease the lord Surya who is the most powerful planet in the universe. Sun gives divine blessings to devotees who complete their puja. 

Suryanarayana pooja and Ratha Sapthami fall on Shukla paksha in the month of Magha. This Surya pooja is mainly performed for Lord Surya as its name defines. Lord Surya is sitting on a chariot with seven white horses. 

It is to be believed that on the day of Saptami in Magha month, Lord Surya enlightened the whole world which means this day is also considered the birthday of Lord Surya. Thus, this is also called Surya Jayanti.

Ratha Saptami Pooja

In Hindu tradition and mentioned in Shastras, for every god, there is a day assigned to them in a week. For Surya dev, Sunday is assigned to him, thus Ratha Sapthami Pooja (Suryanarayana Pooja) is dedicated to Lord Surya in Hinduism. 

If someone is suffering from any dosha-related sun, it can be reduced by performing Ratha Sapthami Pooja (Suryanarayana Pooja). The devotee performs the Ratha Sapthami Pooja (Suryanarayana Pooja) to achieve happiness and desired goals without any hindrances. 

Organizing Ratha Sapthami Pooja (Suryanarayana Pooja) neglects the bad effects of planets, Pitru dosha, and low confidence which creates setbacks in life. 

Key Insights Of Ratha Sapthami Pooja

  • Ratha Sapthami Pooja (Suryanarayana Pooja) is organized to remove all the past sins of the person and make the way to heaven. 
  • Through Suryanarayana Pooja, the native attains success, prosperity, and relief from all disease and miseries.
  • The bad effects of the planets of Shani graha and Surya graha can be negated by performing this puja.

Introduction To Ratha Sapthami Pooja

Hindus celebrate the Ratha Sapthami Pooja (Suryanarayana Pooja) as they honour Lord Surya Narayana (Sun God) on this auspicious holiday. During this time, the Sun moves from the southeast to the northeast in his chariot, which seven horses pull.

Suryanarayana Pooja anticipates the approach of spring and also denotes the steady rise in temperature across South India, which is later signalled by the festival of Ugadi, also known as the Hindu lunar New Year day in the month of Chaitra.

Since Surya is the source of life, people regard Him as a significant deity. He sits in the heart of the Navagrahas because of this (nine planets). The Vedas provide a detailed explanation of the attributes of the sun and each of the nine planets.




Ratha Sapthami also marks the beginning of the harvesting season and the transition from winter to spring. Reports state that Surya was born on this day to the sage Kashyapa and his wife Adithi.

According to the Vishnu Purana, Surya is the manifestation of Vishnu’s power, which blazes in his form. Surya uses this force to protect, nourish, and preserve life on earth while also dispelling illusions and the darkness of ignorance with his light.

Another myth alleges that the almighty Ishwara (Shiva) created the Sun, the source of life, to enlighten souls lost in ignorance and to grant himself the ability to act as the unifying force of the planets, dispelling the initial darkness.

When To Perform Ratha Sapthami Pooja (Suryanarayana Pooja)?

Perform the auspicious Ratha Sapthami pooja (Suryanarayana Pooja) on Sunday or Makar Sankranti day.

History Of Ratha Sapthami Pooja (Suryanarayana Pooja)

According to the oldest of the Vedas, the Rig Veda, the Sage Kashyapa and his wife, Aditi, conceived the Sun God, Surya. The Sacred Puranas describe Surya’s blessing in becoming the Giver of Life and the King of Planets. 

According to Hindu legend, Yashovarma, a king of the Kamboj Empire, was a nobleman without an heir to his throne. After he made some particular petitions to God, God granted him a son. Given that his kid had a prognosis of death, the king’s pledges did not end there. 

A saint who came to see the king suggested that his son do the Ratha Sapthami Pooja (Suryanarayana Pooja) with reverence to atone for his previous transgressions. When the King’s son finished, his health recovered, and he successfully ran his country.

The Shastras also mention that Saint Agastiyar advised Lord Rama to perform the Suryanarayana Pooja to win the war against Ravana. Before the war saint, Agastiyar also gives the Aditya Hrudayam Upadesham to Lord Rama.

Devotees consider worshipping Lord Surya to gain health (Aarogyam) and wealth (Aishwaryam). Thus, worshipping Lord Surya in the early morning one’s energy rejuvenates and purifies the mind and body with fresh sun rays.  

Scientifically proven, we derive many benefits from exposing ourselves to the early morning sun.

Birthday Of Sun God: Ratha Sapthami Pooja (Suryanarayana Pooja)

Suryanarayana Pooja, the Sun God Surya’s birthday, is a potent day for reviving your vitality, reinvigorating your desire to achieve your goals, and reviving your body and mind.

In Vedic astrology, people regard the Sun as the King of Planets, sometimes referred to as Atma Karaka, the Soul Planet. This celestial light can purify, strengthen, and maintain all life on Earth as well as the Devas. It is the Dispeller of Darkness and the Remover of Ignorance (Gods).

Ratha Saptami Pooja

The Sun God turns his Ratha (chariot) on this day from the southeast to the northeast. Seven brilliant, white-footed horses pull it. The Sun’s northward motion floods the Earth’s plane with life-giving energy, promoting prosperous new beginnings, bestowing vigour, inner strength, courage, clear vision, power, and authority, sharpening intelligence and intellect, fostering creativity, and ensuring success in pursuits.

Why Ratha Sapthami Pooja (Suryanarayana Pooja) Is Performed?

In your horoscope, if you have a weak sun, it may cause a problem in your life related to low confidence and obtaining higher status in the community. Society insults the natives because of the weak sun in their horoscope.

Due to pitra dosha an afflicted sun causes conflicts with the father and fatherly figure. Therefore, to overcome the certain areas associated with dosha, health, wealth, and status, to negate the ill effects of sun Ratha Sapthami Pooja (Suryanarayana Pooja).

Legend has it that Lord Suryadev illuminated the globe on this day. This indicates that on the day of Ratha Sapthami, light entered the globe. Consequently, it is also Surya Dev’s birthday. We call this auspicious day Surya Jayanti. There are numerous ritualistic actions taking place today. On this day, his followers fully worship Lord Surya.

Surya Puja For Marriage

You can perform Suryanarayana Pooja for marriage as well. If a person is having obstacles and difficulties in their marriage, Surya Puja for Marriage is an option. To appease the Lord’s sun, a person can offer water to the sun in the early morning. 

While offering water to the lord sun, women should wear clean clothes and should follow certain rules such as they should always tying their hair and offering water to him (Sun). Married women are also believed to give the arghaya only after applying vermilion.




When offering the arghaya to the Lord Sun, avoid wearing black-colored clothes. For married women, vermilion is the symbol of good fortune in their married life. Surya puja for marriage helps remove obstacles coming into their life. 

Procedure To Ratha Sapthami Pooja (Suryanarayana Pooja)

Clean your home well and lay mango leaves on all of the key locations early in the morning or the evening before “puja” day. Begin Ratha Sapthami pooja by lighting a candle and making a brief prayer to God Ganesha after that. If you have a family, invoke the blessings of the gods as well as Lord Ganesha.

Place the flowers and uncooked rice with turmeric mixture close to the Ganesha and deities. The Ratha of Surya is first covered in kumkum and turmeric as part of the “Pooja” of Surya Dev. You can alter both the idol and the image used in “puja.” Keep the uncooked rice, flowers, lentils, and turmeric-mixed jaggery on the Ratha after that (chariot).

Ratha Saptami Pooja

This Pooja presents the Lord with fruits, milk, bananas, coconuts, betel nuts, and betel leaves. By chanting the Gayatri mantra and presenting flowers, one can also execute a straightforward puja. Now perform Arti as usual. After that, you can meditate and recite the Surya or Aditya Hridayam mantras.

Fasting on Surya Jayanti or Ratha Saptami is also believed to benefit your health and success. Keep the fast for the entire day or from sunrise to sunset, depending on your conviction and ability. On Ratha Saptami, there is a tradition of taking a bath with giant milkweed (i.e. also known as Erukku Plant).

Mantra For Surya Pooja

  • Om Hram Hreem Hroum Sah Suryay Namah 

(ॐ ह्रां ह्रीं हौं स: सूर्याय नम:)

  • ॐ ह्रीं ह्रीं सूर्याय सहस्रकिरणराय मनोवांछित फलम् देहि देहि स्वाहा।। / oṃ hrīṃ hrīṃ sūryāya sahasrakiraṇarāya manovāṃchita phalam dehi dehi svāhā।।
  • ॐ सूर्याय नम:।  / oṃ sūryāya nama:। 
  • ॐ भास्कराय नम:। / oṃ bhāskarāya nama:।
  • ॐ रवये नम:।  / oṃ ravaye nama:। 
  • ॐ मित्राय नम:। / oṃ mitrāya nama:।
  • ॐ भानवे नम:। / oṃ bhānave nama:।
  • ॐ खगय नम:। / oṃ khagaya nama:।
  • ॐ मारिचाये नम:। / oṃ māricāye nama:।
  • ॐ आदित्याय नम:।  / oṃ ādityāya nama:। 
  • ॐ सावित्रे  नम: ।  / oṃ sāvitre  nama: । 
  • ॐ आर्काय नम: ।  / oṃ ārkāya nama: । 
  • ॐ हिरण्यगर्भाय नम:।  /oṃ hiraṇyagarbhāya nama:। 
  • ॐ पूष्णे नम:। / oṃ pūṣṇe nama:।

Items Included For Ratha Sapthami Pooja (Suryanarayana Pooja)

The Ratha Sapthami Pooja (Suryanarayana Pooja) requires these essential puja materials.

Idol or image and painting of God Sun, Leaves and fragrant flowers used for regular pooja, Green Bananas, Uncooked Rice, Some other common fruits, Coconut, Sesame seeds, Betel nuts, Betel leaves, Turmeric powder, Sugar (jaggary) & Mango leaves, etc.

Advantages Of Ratha Sapthami Pooja (Suryanarayana Pooja)

  • Ratha Sapthami Pooja (Suryanarayana Pooja) is helpful to counteract the negative impacts of the evil planet Sun.
  • Since the Sun regulates authority and power, Bhaskara puja aids in achieving authority, obtaining promotions, and advancing one’s profession.
  • It is the ideal answer whenever there are problems with education or attention.
  • Bhanu puja resolves health-related ailments, particularly those involving the bones or eyesight.
  • Eliminates the Pitra Dosha that has formed in the birth chart.
  • It is the ideal option for people who lack self-assurance or willpower.
  • People who want to work in the government sector should do this Ratha Sapthami Pooja (Suryanarayana Pooja).
  • It strengthens the relationship with the father or other father figures, and it also benefits the father’s health.
  • It helps to achieve success, reputation, and status in society. 
  • It helps to control and meditate anger, aggressiveness, and dominant behaviour. 

Charges For Ratha Sapthami Pooja (Suryanarayana Pooja)

Book a Pandit Online for Ratha Sapthami Pooja (Suryanarayana pooja) through the one-way solution provider for the Pandit. 99Pandit gives an effective charge for any kind of puja services with professionals.




The cost of Ratha Sapthami Pooja (Suryanarayana Pooja) depends on the client’s requirements and what they are asking. The Ratha Sapthami Pooja (Suryanarayana pooja) costs 7500/- INR. 

This given package does not include any additional charges for the pooja.


Ratha Saptami Puja also known as Satyanarayan Puja is one of the most important pujas in Hinduism. Devotees perform Ratha Saptami Puja to seek the blessings of Lord Sun for peace, prosperity, and happiness.

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Frequently Asked Question

Q. What is Ratha Sapthami Pooja (Suryanarayana Pooja)?

A.Ratha Sapthami Pooja (Suryanarayana Pooja) is performed to appease the lord Surya who is the most powerful planet in the universe. Sun gives divine blessings to devotees who complete their puja.

Q. Why is Ratha Sapthami pooja (Suryanarayana pooja) performed?

A.If someone is suffering from any dosha-related sun, it can be reduced by performing Ratha Sapthami Pooja (Suryanarayana Pooja). The devotee performs the Ratha Sapthami Pooja to achieve happiness and desired goals without any hindrances.

Q. Why is Ratha Sapthami pooja celebrated as the birthday of Lord sun?

A.Ratha Saptami pooja, the Sun God Surya’s birthday, is a potent day for reviving your vitality, reinvigorating your desire to achieve your goals, and reviving your body and mind. It is the Dispeller of Darkness and the Remover of Ignorance.

Q. What should we do on Ratha Sapthami pooja (Suryanarayana pooja)?

A.Devotees rise before dawn on the day of Ratha Sapthami and take a sacred bath. It is thought that having a holy bath at this time can grant good health and deliver one from all diseases and disorders. As a result, the celebration is also known as “Arogya Saptami” in popular culture.

Q. Is Ratha Sapthami pooja (Suryanarayana pooja) considered an auspicious day?

A.For Dan-Punya activities, Ratha Sapthami pooja is seen as being as auspicious as Surya Grahan. It is said that by worshipping Lord Surya on Ratha Saptami, seven different sorts of sins—including those committed consciously, inadvertently, through words, body, and mind—in the current birth and previous births—are cleansed. As a result, this day is called Surya Jayanti.



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