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Varahi Amman Pooja Vidhanam: Cost, Vidhi, And Benefits

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Last Updated:May 11, 2024

Do you know What is Varahi Amman Pooja Vidhanam and which states people celebrate this ritual? Have you guys heard about the Panchami pooja for Varahi? Who is Goddess Varahi Devi and why is she worshipped by the devotees? What do people do during the ritual of Varahi Amman pooja vidhanam?

This Varahi devi puja is usually celebrated in the southern state of India where people celebrate this ritual full of joy and happiness. There are many procedures followed with the guidance of an expert and professional pandit. The devotee can perform the Varahi Amman pooja at home as well to get in contact with the online service.

Varahi Amman Pooja Vidhanam

According to dhyana shloka, Varahi devi is characterized by the face of a boar (not a pig, a boar face) where she has the power in her nose with sharp eyes. Among the forms, she bears the earth on her nose. 

The Varahi Amman Pooja vidhanam is performed by the devotees as Goddess Varahi is considered to be the supreme protector of devotees and blesses the natives with extreme knowledge. Buffalo is her vehicle and she is holding a staff in her hand.

Worshipping Varahi Amman devi through Varahi Amman pooja vidhanam showers blessings on devotees to destroy their enemies, and helps to get relief from negativity, ill health, evil energies, accidents, and bad karma. 

Devotees can perform the Varahi Amman pooja at home to follow the Varahi Amman pooja vidhanam or the rituals suggested by the Vedic pandit to receive her blessings of safety. When you are going to perform Varahi Amman pooja at home, Varahi Amman pooja vidhanam includes a fairly long list to offer.

Who Is Varahi Devi?

Goddess Varahi devi Amman devi is one of the goddesses among the Matrikas, a group of seven mother goddesses in Hinduism who recognized the power of Shakti.  As we all know Lord Vishnu has ten incarnations and of every incarnation, there is always a purpose.

She was also recognized as the female version of Lord Varaha (3rd incarnation of Lord Vishnu among ten avatars) and is also considered the third incarnation of Bhu Devi. Goddess Varahi Amman Devi also known as the chief commander of Lalithambika (Bhuvaneshwari).

A wild boar is referred to as a “Varahi.” Goddess Varahi was born in the Tamil month of “Aadi” and the star “Ayilyam.” She was said to have come from the chakram of the deity Bhuvaneswari. She assists Varaha Moorthy in rescuing the world. Despite her intense rage, Varahi is fiercely protective of her followers, treating them as though they were her children.

According to the Devi Mahatmya, Goddess Lalithambika produces each avatar to slay each asura, and to fight the asura “Visukran,” She created Goddess Varahi. Goddess Durga Devi produced the 7 Mantrikas from herself to defeat the demon Raktabija in a battle.

Features Of Goddess Varahi Devi

The goddess worshipped in Varahi Amman pooja vidhanam is Sri Varahi Amman Devi, who is typically pictured as having a human body and a boar face. Goddess Varahi Devi also has a third eye on her forehead and a conical basket-shaped crown (Karanda makuta).




She appears in pictures either standing, sitting, or dancing. She is sometimes depicted as bearing the earth on her tusk and donning a crescent moon crown.

Depending on the shapes she has assumed under different circumstances, Goddess Varahi Amman is claimed to have 2, 4, 6, and 8 limbs that she uses to ride in various vehicles and handle a variety of weapons.  The features of Varahi Amman Devi are listed below.

  • A red flower garland, Ghanta-bell, Kamandalu-water vessel for fish
  • Yak’s tail, Chakra Discus, mace, and
  • The Kapala-skull cup
  • Couch: Gada, Shakha
  • Lord Vishnu’s Sharang-bow
  • Hala means plough, and Musula means mortar.
  • Ankush-goad, Iron Club Noose, Rosary Sword Shield
  • Abhaya means “safety” and Varadha means “blessings”

She also rides a variety of animals, the most popular ones being the buffalo, horse, and lion. These animals include the boar, serpent, garuda, and elephant.

When Should We Perform Varahi Amman Pooja Vidhanam?

The shubh muhurat and auspicious time to perform the Varahi Devi Pooja can be decided based on the birth chart of the native. There are the best days to worship Goddess Varahi Amman advised by the expert Pandit.

  • Panchami tithi- performing the puja on this day helps to get the blessings of victory and success.
  • Ashtami tithi- on this day worshipping Varahi devi showers blessings of talent, success, and wealth.

The other days to perform the Varahi Yantra puja to worship goddess Varahi Devi are:

  • Dashami
  • Thuvadasi
  • Amavasya
  • Pournami
  • Sashti

Vidhi To Perform Varahi Amman Pooja Vidhanam

The devotees will receive the following during the vidhi of Varahi Amman pooja vidhanam: Kalash, Stahapana, which includes Gauri Ganesh, Punyavachan, Shadosh, Matrika, and Navgrah; Panchang; 64 yogini Pujans; Shetrapal Pujans; Swasti Vachan; Sankalpa; Ganesh Pujans; Abhishek; NavgrahaPujans; and 108 chants of each planetary mantra. They will also receive Vara.

Worshippers are required to supply this information while organizing a puja since Vedic rites are performed in accordance with birth information.

Varahi Amman Pooja Vidhanam

The named devotee’s close family members should participate in the puja as well. Therefore, the bulk of us will perform this puja to reap the intended benefits. 

  • Varahi Amman pooja should be performed in a distinct location from daily pooja, which should be done in the same location.
  • From the first day until the last, Varahi devi pooja should be performed routinely at the same time without interruption.
  • For Varahi Amman pooja vidhanam in the direction of the North, the Varahi Amman statue, image, or lamp should be positioned over a separate stand.
  • Close to the Varahi Amman devi idol or structure, place a Ganesha statue or picture facing east or north.
  • Observing fasts and performing rituals on the designated auspicious days would satisfy Goddess Varahi Devi and win her blessings.
  • When praying or doing Varahi Amman pooja vidhanam and misting holy water across the area, devotees should face either north or west.
  • During pooja, Diya should be lit separately, and Varahi Amman hymns and songs should be recited in her honour.
  • In conclusion, incense sticks, Arathi, abhishekam, offerings, and a Sangu or bell sound should be made.
  • Dress, any type of fruit (particularly pomegranate and pineapple), sweet potatoes (chakra Valli kizhangu), tapioca, grains, nuts, cereals, sugarcane, curd, milk pudding, honey, tulsi (holy basil), and Vilvam leaves are examples of red, blue, or white flowers.

Mantra For Varahi Amman Pooja Vidhanam

Varahi Devi Gayatri Mantra: Om! Varahyai Vidmahe Rathneswarayai Deemahi Than no Nithya Prachodayath

वरही देवी गायत्री मंत्र: ओम! वरहयै विद्माहे रत्नेश्वरयै धीमही तन्नो नित्य प्रचोदयत

Puja Samagri For Varahi Amman Pooja Vidhanam

  • Turmeric powder 
  • Kumkum 
  • Blouse piece for Kalash
  • Betel leaves and betel nuts
  • Coins, Agarbathies
  • Chandanam powder
  • Kalash thread
  • Raw rice, Coconuts 
  • Plantain leaves 
  • Cotton wicks, camphor, and incense sticks
  • Ghee or oil for lamps
  • Honey, Jaggery, Dried coconut 
  • Rice about 5kg, Rosewater
  • Fruits five different varieties
  • Flowers and garlands
  • Trays and bowls for Puja Samagri
  • Vibhuti, Dry fruits
  • Tender coconut
  • Milk 

Benefits Of Varahi Amman Pooja Vidhanam

This Varahi Amman pooja vidhanam practice is useful for warding off accidents, the evil eye, and other negative energies. Varahi Devi Puja, when performed with complete devotion, brings happiness, triumph over adversaries, and prosperity. The performance of this Varahi Amman pooja vidhanam can also elevate one’s spiritual state.

Anyone desiring Varahi Devi’s blessings and heavenly favour can carry out this Varahi Amman pooja vidhanam. Varahi Devi’s presence always shields us from harm and disaster. Goddess Varahi Devi also demonstrates the correct way and intuition-based advice in all spheres. Varahi Devi worship purifies the mind and increases strength and willpower.




The Panchami pooja for Varahi removes all of the issues and barriers a person encounters in their lives. Varahi Amman pooja vidhanam guards us against negative energy, unforgiven crimes, black magic, and poor vibrations. It broadens the distribution of wealth and material gain and enhances speaking, self-attraction, intelligence, and attention.

This Varahi devi puja supports extended life and lessens the impact of diseases. Prevents one from experiencing mishaps. Please grant us fame, prosperity, goodwill, and word-of-mouth influence. It provides a high level of social acceptance and offers the best employment possibilities and other associated features. 

Varahi Devi Puja improves financial stability and addresses debt issues. It brings confidence, achievement, and victory while removing fear. Boost business expansion and other desired changes, shield against the problems caused by malevolent spirits, and handle all legal issues.

Varahi Pooja At Home

Hindus dedicate the Varahi Pooja ritual to the goddess Varahi, one of the seven Matrikas (divine mothers) associated with power, courage, and victory. Here are the steps to perform Varahi Pooja at Home:

Varahi Amman Pooja Vidhanam

  1. Preparation: Clean the pooja room and take a bath before starting the pooja. Arrange all the necessary items like flowers, incense, camphor, turmeric powder, kumkum, and a picture or idol of Varahi Devi.
  2. Pranayama: Begin with a few rounds of pranayama to calm your mind and body.
  3. Ganapathi Pooja: Offer prayers to Lord Ganesha before starting the Varahi Pooja.
  4. Invocation: Chant the Varahi Mantra to invoke the goddess Varahi. You can also light a lamp and offer flowers and incense.
  5. Pooja: Offer turmeric powder, kumkum, and flowers to the idol or picture of Varahi Devi. You can also recite the Varahi Chalisa or other prayers dedicated to the goddess.
  6. Aarti: Perform the aarti by lighting a camphor and waving it in front of the idol or picture.
  7. Distribution of Prasad: Offer fruits, sweets, or any other favourite food of Varahi Devi as prasad to family members and guests.

It is important to perform the pooja with devotion and faith. You can also consult a priest or an expert in performing poojas if you have any doubts or questions.

Temples Assigned Goddess Varahi Devi

People worship Varahi Devi as the main deity in several temples all over the Indian subcontinent. In addition, a few temples revere Varahi as a component of the Sapta-Matrika. Devotees worship her following tantric ceremonies in the Varahi Chaurasi temple in Orissa, where she serves as the main goddess. Also, people revere her as Patala Bhairavi.

Chennai’s neighbourhood of Mylapore, there is also a Varahi temple. In Thanjavur’s Brihadeeswarar temple, the Goddess has a shrine as well. Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, has another notable temple dedicated to the Goddess.  Gujarat’s Gonda district, there is also a well-known Goddess shrine. Nepal is home to several goddess temples.

Cost Of Varahi Amman Pooja Vidhanam By 99Pandit

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Varahi Amman Pooja Vidhanam is one of the most important pujas in Hinduism. Devotees perform this puja to seek the blessings of the deities for peace, prosperity, and happiness. Varahi Amman Pooja Vidhanam is usually performed in the Southern states of India.

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Frequently Asked Question

Q. Why is Varahi Amman pooja vidhanam performed?

A.Varahi Amman pooja vidhanam can be performed to get rid of anxieties and lack of confidence, defeat adversaries and demonic dark spirits, and succeed financially.

Q. When should we perform the Varahi Amman pooja at home?

A.To perform the Varahi devi puja at home the auspicious day to perform the Varahi Amman pooja vidhanam by the expert pandit are Panchami tithi, Ashtami tithi, Dashami, Thuvadasi, Amavasya, Pournami, and Sashti.

Q. What days of the week are considered auspicious to perform the Varahi yantra puja?

A.Varahi Amman pooja vidhanam is generally performed in the week on the days Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Q. What mantra is recited during the Varahi devi puja at home?

A.The mantra chanted during the Varahi Amman pooja vidhanam is Varahi Devi Gayatri Mantra: Om! Varahyai Vidmahe Rathneswarayai Deemahi Thanno Nithya Prachodayath

वरही देवी गायत्री मंत्र: ओम! वरहयै विद्माहे रत्नेश्वरयै धीमही तन्नो नित्य प्रचोदयत

Q. What is Varahi amman pooja vidhanam?

A.Varahi Amman pooja vidhanam is an extremely potent puja that defends everyone from the bad things that happen in life. Goddess Varahi is the ideal deity to deal with serious issues in life, such as poor health, black magic, the evil eye, unforeseen misfortunes in life, fear when doing any duty, and a lack of riches and social standing. She vanquishes malevolent forces that hinder advancement and paralyze adversaries. According to legend, Varahi transforms into a boar and uses her tusks to battle demons.

Q. Who is Goddess Varahi Amman Devi?

A.Goddess Varahi Devi is the female version of Lord Varaha (3rd incarnation of Lord Vishnu among ten avatars) and is also considered the third incarnation of Bhu Devi. Goddess Varahi Amman Devi also known as the chief commander of Lalithambika (Bhuvaneshwari).



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