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Experienced Pandit for Vishnu Puja: Cost Vidhi, And Benefits

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Last Updated:April 24, 2024

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To appease Lord Vishnu for the well-being and prosperity of life, Vishnu Puja is performed by the devotees. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll guide you to find Pandit for Vishnu Puja online.

This universe is handled and managed by three main deities Lord Brahma (creator of the universe), Lord Vishnu (the caretaker of the world), and Lord Mahesh (the God of death). These three divine deities are considered the most powerful and versatile form. 

In Hinduism, devotees perform the Vishnu Puja, offering prayers and offerings to Lord Vishnu to seek his blessings. In the path of “Dharma” and “Spirituality,” devotees consider Lord Vishnu as a Guruji who guides them. People worship the planet Jupiter on Thursday. With the services of 99Pandit Pandit for Vishnu Puja is the best solution to attain peace and happiness in life.

Vishnu Puja

Vedic astrology identifies the planet Jupiter as “Leader,” signifying Lord Vishnu, among the nine planets in one’s horoscope. To worship the Lord Vishnu devotees keep fasting on Thursday. It is also believed to say that if someone has obstacles coming in marriage, worshipping Lord Vishnu Puja and fasting helps to remove the delay in marriage. 

The world is guarded by Vishnu, whose name means “All-Pervading,” who also restores morality (Dharma). He is tranquil, forgiving, and kind. Vaisnavites view Vishnu as the Supreme Lord. Lord Vishnu is recognized for his dark complexions with all his incarnations. Vishnu is frequently seen lying down or nodding off as he waits for the subsequent destruction and regeneration of the world.

Who Is Lord Vishnu?

Among the three divine forms and deities Lord Vishnu is one of the supreme gods and parmeshwar. he considers himself to be the creator of the world, the destroyer of the universe, and everything mortal that exists on the planet.

People recognize Lord Vishnu as a blue-coloured being with four arms. One arm holds a lotus or Padma, another a shank, a chakra, and the famous Sudarshan in his third hand, while in the fourth hand, he holds a Gada.




Vishnu typically has four arms and is frequently depicted with his consort, Lakshmi (also known as Sri) holds symbols of his divinity – conch, discus, club, and lotus – in each of his hands. His chest has a curl of hair that denotes his immortality, and he wears the Kaustubha diamond around his neck. 

There are ten Dashavatars, or avatars, of Vishnu Bhagawan. According to popular belief, Lord Vishnu has manifested in the universe nine times, with a tenth avatar—also known as the Kalki avatar—yet to appear. Krishna was one of Vishnu’s eight avatars. In the event of the end of the world, Kalki Avatar will manifest. Eagle or Garuda is Vishnu’s chariot. The eagle represents strength and courage.

Description Of Vishnu Puja

The Sanatan dharma mentions the details about Vishnu puja, who is one of the deities among the three deities. lord Vishnu is known as “Palanhar,” and he, like Lord Brahma, is the creator of the universe while Lord Shiva is known as the destroyer of the Trinity.

Like Lord Shiva, people also call Lord Vishnu the upkeep of the souls. For religious references, there are always several incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu, seated in Kshir Sagar, has a wife named Goddess Lakshmi.

Vishnu Puja

And as per the rituals of Vishnu puja performing it will give fruitful results to devotees. Several Puranas mention that worshipping Lord Vishnu through Vishnu puja blesses the devotee with immense wealth, as goddess Lakshmi also does.

Only because of Vishnu puja, do the devotees never have any financial issues in their families. Also, they get the blessings of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi to attain immense wealth, fame, honour, and splendour in life. The Hindu scriptures believe that Lord Vishnu is very dear to yellow and red colours, so the natives should wear red and yellow clothes and apply turmeric tilak on their forehead during Vishnu Puja.

Therefore performing Vishnu Puja to please Lord Vishnu shows blessings and prosperity on natives. One can decide the suitable time for Vishnu puja in the morning and can decide the muhurat based on the native’s birth chart with the help of a qualified pandit. The time it takes for Vishnu puja is usually 5-6 hours.

During the procedure of Vishnu puja, the recitation of traditional Vedic mantras chanted by the Hindu pandits holds great significance for them. 

Why Perform Vishnu Puja?

Ancient texts and scriptures believe that performing Vishnu puja on the Ekadashi or 11th lunar phase is very auspicious. Once Lord Krishna said and according to him doing Vishnu puja on the day of Ekadashi helps the devotee to receive his blessings and salvation. 

Vishnu puja also eliminates negative energies and removes all types of associated sins of the current birth. Apart from that, performing Lord Vishnu puja also provides helpful results during Shukla paksha Ekadashi and Krishna paksha Ekadashi.




The Pandit for Vishnu puja helps one to obtain the path of spirituality and bring positivity to life. As we know Lord Vishnu is the protector of the universe and he plays a significant role in protecting the devotees and always brings the incarnations in different ways to fight evil energies.

The holy mantras chanted to please Lord Vishnu in Vishnu puja help to rejuvenate their mind, soul, and spirit and help to gain mental strength and powers. The Vedic mantras of Vishnu puja bring a sense of peace and calmness around us to develop a positive outlook.

During the Vishnu puja, the mantras recited by the Vedic pandits lead to spiritual awakening, invoking the deities, and helping to appease the Gods and Goddess to get a blissful outcome and blessings.

Vishnu Puja Procedure (Vidhi)

The vidhi of Vishnu Puja involves the following steps performed by the pandit ji. You can perform the puja at the home, office, or temple as well under the guidance of an expert. First, to perform the Vishnu puja at home you need to choose a quiet, peaceful location, particularly in the northeast corner of the house. After cleaning the space, take a bath.

Vishnu Puja

Place an image of Vishnu, an idol, or both on a yellow piece of cloth. Prepare a ghee lamp with just one wick. Add some yellow flowers and Tulsi leaves. Yellow sweets or fruits (bananas) are ready on a platter. 

One should pray to Ganesha before beginning the puja. Spend some time in meditation to get rid of distracting thoughts and improve focus. Now, using only pure cow ghee, fire one wick of the lamp. Pray or meditate to Srihari Vishnu. Offer Tulsi leaves instead of flowers.

You can burn agarbathis or incense sticks (optional). You can ring the bell if necessary while presenting flowers. Make the Om Namo Narayanaya Namah prayer sound. Now present fruits or any other delicious or prepared food for the Lord. Once you have made the offering, you can sprinkle some water.

You can read the Vishnu Sahasranama, Vishnu Suktam, Purusha Suktam, Narayana Upanishad, or other prayers or slokas dedicated to Vishnu during your brief period of meditation.

Remove the fruits after the Puja and give them to others as “prasad.” Spend some time reading the Srimad Bhagavata Purana after the ceremony.

Puja Materials For Vishnu Puja

For the Vishnu puja, the suggested puja materials are:-

  • Shriphal
  • Incense
  • Flower betel leaves
  • Betel nut
  • Hawan Samagri (items required for havan/Yajna)
  • Desi ghee
  • Sweets
  • Gangajal
  • Kaleva
  • Wood for havan/Yajna (Wood from Mango tree)
  • Mango leaves
  • Akshat
  • Roli
  • Janeu/sacred thread
  • Camphor
  • Honey
  • Sugar
  • Turmeric

Mantra To Get The Blessings Of Lord Vishnu

By the way, you can recite any of Lord Vishnu’s straightforward mantras, such as “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya,” “Om Namo Narayan,” or “Shriman Narayan Narayan Hari-Hari,” in adoration.




You can be confident that Lord Vishnu’s blessing will be bestowed upon you if you can recite any one of these three: Narayan Kavach, Vishnu Sahasranama, or Gajendra Moksha. If reciting all of these proves challenging for you, you can listen through someone else or by playing audio.

Cost Of Pandit For Vishnu Puja Online By 99Pandit 

99Pandit is an online pandit service provider that helps devotees get the right pandit to fulfil their requirements. When customers come to the official website of 99Pandit they can check a lot of vedic services available on the website.

As per their requirement, they can choose the service and book the pandit through the portal. To book the pandit online devotees may need to provide their basic details so that our team can coordinate with them.

Find a Panditji Near Me for Vishnu puja and get an affordable price with the service of 99Pandit. The cost for the Pandit For Vishnu puja given by 99Pandit starts from 10,000/- INR to 30,000/- including pandit Dakshina, food & accommodation, and puja materials. 

Advantages Of  Pandit for Vishnu Puja

  • One of the benefits is native liberation.
  • Additionally visible are the improvement in health and riches as well as freedom from any evil eyes.
  • People perform Lord Vishnu puja to acquire all material success and benefits.
  • This puja brings strength to confront life’s many challenges.
  • It aids in achieving Moksha, or salvation, in the hereafter.
  • Your life will be prosperous as a result of worshipping Lord Vishnu. God bless you, everyone, says Vishnu.
  • Conducting Lord Narayan Puja makes one clearer and eliminates all faults from his life.
  • With your concentrated approach and strong mental fortitude, you’ll be able to make the best choice at the correct time.
  • A balanced diet is important for your health.
  • It’s possible to overcome all difficulties and triumph.
  • Peace and harmony are abundant in the life of the native.
  • The participants will settle marital and child-related issues.
  • The devotee finds it easier to connect with spirituality and divine force.
  • Native people would benefit from Lord Vishnu’s blessings by gaining knowledge and esteem in society.
  • Natives will adopt a religious lifestyle and receive encouragement from their families.
  • One’s fortunes continue to grow continuously.


Pandit for Vishnu Puja can help the devotees in performing the Puja as per authentic vidhi. Performing Vishnu Puja as per authentic vidhi can have many benefits for the devotees. Pandit for Vishnu Puja can help the devotees in performing Vishnu Puja as per authentic vidhi. Lord Vishnu is the caretaker of the world. Devotees perform Vishnu Puja to appease Lord Vishnu for well-being and prosperity in life.

With the help of 99Pandit, devotees can book pandit for pujas such as Marriage Puja, and Engagement Puja. Pandit Ji for Vishnu Puja booked on 99Pandit can help the devotees in performing the puja as per authentic vidhi. With the help of 99Pandit Pandit for Vishnu Puja is within the budget of the devotees. Devotees enjoy booking Pandit for pujas on 99Pandit.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Why is Vishnu puja performed?

A.To appease Lord Vishnu for the well-being and prosperity of life, Vishnu puja is performed by the devotees. Three main deities, Lord Brahma (creator of the universe), Lord Vishnu (the caretaker of the world), and Lord Mahesh (the God of death), handle and manage this universe. These three divine deities are considered the most powerful and versatile form.

Q. Is it compulsory to present at the time of puja?

A.No, it is not compulsory to be present during the whole process of Vishnu puja.

Q. What puja materials are used to perform the Vishnu puja?

A.For the Vishnu puja, the suggested puja materials are Shriphal, Incense, flower betel leaves, betel nut, Hawan Samagri, desi ghee, Janeu/sacred thread, camphor, honey, sugar, sweets, Gangajal, Kaleva, wood for havan/Yajna (Wood from Mango tree), mango leaves, Akshat, Roli, turmeric, etc. used in the guidance of expert pandit.

Q. Who will arrange the puja materials?

A.The responsibility of arranging the puja materials will be by the team of 99Pandit. The pandit ji arrives along with the required puja items to perform the puja by 99Pandit.

Q. What details are required to submit for the puja?

A.To book the pandit online from 99Pandit there are few details required to submit on the website. The details are the Full Name Of you and your Family Member, State, country, and city, and Purpose of puja, Date of puja, and time.

Q. What should we do to get the maximum benefit from online puja?

A.At the start of the ritual, you might ask Panditji for the mantra associated with the puja if you’d like. To get the greatest benefits, you can use this to chant the associated mantra simultaneously based on your availability.



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